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Important message regarding lemmy.ca Privacy
Hello and thank you for subscribing. For privacy-related posts in Norwegian, we recommend https://nrsk.no/c/privacy. You can [access and subscribe to it through lemmy.ca](https://lemmy.ca/c/personvern@nrsk.no). Users of other instances can search for "https://nrsk.no/c/personvern" and subscribe through their own instance.

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https://lemmy.ca/c/furry post anything there and i’ll give you moderator status there. Also if you discover a furry sub that isnt inactive let me know

Fedizens has now fedixpanded to included fedivangelism and is on lemmy.ca
Also relevant if you desire a non lemmy.ml experience cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/233810 > Insufficient fediactivity across all the fediverse sublemmies >

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