A collection of Canadian city/towns/villages and others Canadian related communities, matrix/Element chat rooms.
IF you cannot load into to view the rooms, here is a very messy copy pasta of the rooms. has formatting. If someone fixes the formating i'll update OP --- ``` tomesh 528 members · Toronto Mesh Projects -> Join The Community! -> Upcoming Events -> | Virtual Event Coming Up! tcn:governance 30 members · Organizational and Program Governance working group of the Toronto Community Network 📋 Crypto CanadaJoined 93 members · Cryptocurrency room for Canadians! Or people who at least have an interest in Canada. Space of other rooms we're involved with: Forum: Tags: bitcoin Winnipeg 16 members · Local news feeds of Winnipeg , also join for a list of Canadian rooms! OttawaJoined 1967 members · Rules: be polite Forum: We're bridged with Space of other rooms we're involved with: Canadian politicsJoined 2239 members · NEED NON ALTRIGHT MODS if you specifically want to discuss US politics/etc, try other rooms first. We're bridged with Forum: Space of other rooms we're involved with: CBC Canada: feed + chatJoined 19 members · Feed from & Space of other rooms we're involved with: Calgary 30 members · #Calgary - Not A World-Class City Regina 7 members · Plz invite ppl. Saskatchewan closed 28 members · The other rooms are slow and you can't even scroll up to see post history, this room fixes that! Use,, over reddit! Manitoba 4 members · Glorious and Free Vancouver 45 members · Local room of the Greater Vancouver Area in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada CanadaJoined 102 members · Librem, eh? Canada 77 members Gaming CanadaJoined 1170 members · Not limited to Ottawians, but there are a bunch of Ottawians in here. We're bridged with Forum: Space of other rooms we're involved with: ```

With the Reddit API Purge do we expect to be the new city/province discussion spot?
With the planned removal of API access and killing Apollo, and RIF I figured it would be time to check out the alternatives. It looks like covers a lot of the Canada stuff, and BeeHaw is the "general" stuff. Is this the next great big thing? How much load can handle?

What does schedule: “prescription” mean? If a medication is not listed on the Database Prescription Drugs, what does that mean it’s schedule is?
1. What does schedule: "prescription" mean? Like is that schedule 1, 2 etc? 2. If a medication is not listed on the Database Prescription Drugs, what does that mean it's schedule is?

their twitter

legal advice on when you need to show ID to police in canada + summary
Don't generally have to show ID or identify yourself to police, - But have to during regulated activities like crossing boarder, restricted movie, driver's license when driving, restricted movies, show ID to purchase/consume alcohol If police find you commiting an offense, have to ID self or will charge you with obstruction. Ex jay walking, bicycle violation, trespassing. If charged with "obstruct police" but they were simply gonna give you a ticket, now they won't give you just a ticket If arrested, have to identify self, also police won't release you until they figure out who you are. To secure release, tell them name, dob, address Don't lie to police, better to remain silent. Lying to police can be nailed with "obstruct police" is legit and imo cheaper than amazon
2 is legit and imo cheaper than amazon


Now all bargaining units of PSAC have reached a tentative deal, to be detailed and voted on by members. From [](, one notable difference I noticed between this and the other agreements was an increased flexibility in working hours, allowing members to request beginning their work day as early as 6 am.

Simplii’s new debit MasterCard card terms tldr
If you fail to remove your card from a atm, during a deposit, the transaction may be cancelled and the deposit elected from the machine without crediting your acct. If you contribute to someone using your card,.pin or password you are responsible for the losses If you have a dispute with a merchant: first try to resolve the dispute with them, then contact us. We will not assist you with pin authorized transactions. Card cannot be used to receive gains /dividends

As PSAC strike drags on, experts say Canadians should prep for more labour unrest
cross-posted from: >

cross-posted from: > Both CBC and NPR receive government funding. Why are they trying to hide it. > > We have a right to know if we might be reading government propaganda

Since laws/police do a bad job at protecting women from their exbfs who are charged with abuse, does anyone object to allowing those specific women to carry weapons?
cross-posted from: > Canada: pepper spray, knives, baseball bat > s for self defense r illegal. > > Once the exbf is incarcerated, the specific women wouldn't "need" to carry the self defense weapon. > > Could have a permit and training system. Like the specific women could apply for a permit and have to do a training course. >

Han Dong reportedly met with Han Tao, China’s consul-general in Toronto in February 2021 and suggested officials in Beijing delay freeing Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, two Canadians being held by China at the time. He is alleged to have suggested releasing the two men would benefit the rival Conservative party.

OSFI’s new guidelines: A step toward making banks and insurers more conscious of their climate impacts
The OSFI wants more detailed summary information about financial markets and the governance of federally regulated financial institutions. The guidelines, called the B-15, are quite general and emphasize objectivity, reliability and consistency of data reported.

Financial investors own four times more rental units in Montreal than previously thought
Montreal has historically been known as a renter’s paradise with low rents, ample supply, and solid tenant rights. In the first comprehensive analysis of its kind in a North American city, researchers now discovered that financial landlords are taking over the housing market.

Canadian youth attracted to socialism?
♲ […](

Data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds a majority of Canadians say their federal government should approach the Beijing regime either as a threat to its interests (40%) or, worse, an enemy (22%). Among countries surveyed, only Russian government generates a more hostile response due to its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Cities and police services across Ontario are following the federal government's lead in banning TikTok from work and government-owned devices.

Prime minister faces accusations of not taking issue seriously amid reports of 11 candidates receiving Chinese money.

While various federal agencies tasked have acknowledged that "foreign interference has been attempted," the government is taking "concrete steps" to strengthen Canada's institutions and ensure those responsible face consequences, National Security and Intelligence Advisor Jody Thomas says.

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