New chat rooms
[Partnered Matrix]( [Partnered Discord, specifically 'Lobby']( The old ones had failure to thrive

cross-posted from: > The political establishment, the mainstream media, and Big Tech have combined efforts to mete out punishments for wrongthink. Systematic deplatforming has become an accepted part of our new media landscape. When banishing political lepers from social media isn’t enough, payment processors, such as PayPal and GoFundMe, have cut off dissenters and activists. > > Anyone paying attention to these developments should be alarmed. Using the banking system to attack the basic essentials of economic life sets a disturbing precedent for the extrajudicial persecution of dissent. It is one thing to make it difficult for supporters of a person or group to receive donated funds. It is quite another to freeze someone out of the financial system entirely, such that the necessities of life become unavailable to those guilty of nothing more than opposing government policies. > > The introduction of central-bank digital currencies, currently being pursued by the United States, Britain, and other governments worldwide, will make such measures even more seamless to implement. It appears that the economic lives of individuals are set to be funneled into ever narrower and ever more surveilled digital alleyways—with no way out.

In 1 year canada took in ~150,000 ukrainian refugees. In ~10 years canada took in ~45,000 syrian refugees
Correct me if i'm wrong and i'll update title To quote cbc, 'Why Ukrainian newcomers are not refugees and why that matters'

cross-posted from: > British Columbia was granted permission by the government to try out the plan for three years, when the drugs will still be illegal but those carrying less than 2.5 grams will not be arrested, charged or have the drugs confiscated. > > Instead, residents carrying the drugs will be offered information on health and social services.

Image of Canadian Icefisherman at the Olympics being disqualified for drinking beer, which we all know is a performance enhancing drug for ice fishing.

cross-posted from: > Our neighbors to the north have the honor of being the nation that has harvested the most organs from patients who committed suicide with the help of the government.

police have a right to continue to question/interrogate the suspects even after the suspect has expressed their right to silence If police ask you to identify yourself, long story short, you probably have to otherwise they can hit you with an objstruction of justice. Don't lie to police, also objstruction of justice, but can use right to remain silent

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2.5 hours of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity Muscle strengthening activities using major muscle groups at least twice a week --- What is moderate aerobic activity? Moderate-intensity aerobic activity makes you breathe harder and your heart beat faster. You should be able to talk, but not sing. Examples of moderate activity include walking quickly, skating and bike riding. --- What is vigorous aerobic activity? Vigorous-intensity aerobic activity makes your heart rate increase quite a bit and you won’t be able to say more than a few words without needing to catch your breath. Examples of vigorous activity include running, basketball, soccer and cross-country skiing. --- What are strengthening activities? Muscle-strengthening activities build up your muscles. With bone-strengthening activities, your muscles push and pull against your bones. This helps make your bones stronger. Examples of muscle-strengthening activities include push-ups and sit-ups, lifting weights, climbing stairs and digging in the garden. Examples of bone-strengthening activities include running, walking and yoga. --- Break up long periods of sitting as often as possible

Pierre Poilievre poses with the head of a group that believes there’s ‘too many Arabs’ in Jerusalem

Some people say Canada is three oil companies wearing a trench coat—but it might be more accurate to say it’s eight oil lobbyists wearing official government badges at the UN climate summit.

> … her surprisingly narrow victory as leader probably gives Rachel Notley’s NDP their best possible chance of winning. But if Smith does manage to win a general election in Alberta, her government will give Canadians a sneak preview over the next few years of what could be in store for the rest of the country if Poilievre prevails in his own contest. One thing is for certain: it won’t be boring.

Where do I buy velcro straps from that won’t keep ripping in half?
The dollar store velcro is very low quality and only sown together with a few strings and keeps ripping

cross-posted from: > Why? > > Surely open discussion would let them expose falsities and get the truth out. > > Unless they are not falsities.

I cant even load into

cross-posted from: > > Last year, more than 10,000 people died by euthanasia in Canada, which accounts for more than 3 percent of the total deaths recorded nationally in 2021.

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