Welcome, new users!
There has been a steady trickle of new users here today, and in the past little while, mostly due to the bad decisions that reddit is currently making. Anyways, welcome! Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions about anything lemmy related, feel free to ask! Also, if you feel up to it, introduce yourself in the comments below!

Bug that counts a new comment on my posts each time I edit an exiting comment
I just replicated it to verify. The unaccurate comments count is incrementing on each modifying, as you can sse there: It makes my posts look like comments are blocked or not shown. (And I checked every setting of languages preventing the showing of comments, just to be sure, it's not related to that) I don't know if this only happening on or if it's all over this version of Lemmy ? Does anyone notice that too ? Can tou try to trigger the bug on your post ?

FEDIRING is a silly game
Dear Lemmings, who said we can't have silly trends like the others ? I created a game, it's the FEDIRING ! To play you must follow the links I started at the bottom of this post, until there are none left, and then comment with a new link to a post you picked from any existing lemmy community, using "FEDIRING" as the text of your link. Below that post you link, someone else will then comment with a "FEDIRING" link to another post from another Lemmy community, and so on... ### This is how it should look : ![]( In this example (pix above), the comment contains the word FEDIRING which should lead to an existing post in another Lemmy community (not a post you created). ​ ### The rules are simple : 1. **Only comment the last post of the ring**. Don't comment on a post link that already has a "FEDIRING" comment, you need to follow the link if you find one. 2. **You can only play once** (this means only one comment from you in the ring) 3. We must reach a **new Lemmy community each time**. You can link to other instances if you want. Use that as a way to tour lemmy. 4. (OPTIONAL) Comment here to let us know if you played ! ​ ------- ## Let's see how far we can go: ​ | | | | | | | | [**FOLLOW THIS FIRST LINK TO START** ]( | | | | | | | | ​

Discussions générales : pour parler actu et tout ce qui n’est pas lié directement aux langages francophones.
### Ici vous pouvez discuter de tout et de rien, en langues francophones, dans les commentaires.

Newbie Questions: 1. Finding topics and 2. does federation imply smallness
I'm assuming this instance will only host some topics, which is all good. (Thank you for doing this at all!) 1. How do I find topics I'm interested in? For example, I liked r/shortcuts but don't know where I'd find that in the fediverse. 2. If topics are hosted at many different instances, then even if technically anyone can participate in ones hosted elsewhere, does that imply that they'll all have their own version of r/funny etc? And they'll never achieve as much scale? (I do realize that reddit also allowed for that redundancy, and it worked just fine... I guess I'm wondering how that challenge/opportunity PLUS some aspect of tribalism would play out...) Cheers!

hey, for some reason i can't see the vancouver community from my beehaw account (eg returns a 404 and it doesn't show up in, but works just fine, any idea why that would be? thanks!
fedilink is overloaded, use other instances instead -
12 is overloaded, use other instances instead -

Did you know that VPL has video games? I made them (somewhat) easier to find!
Hey [vancouver community](! This is a c/p from a thread I made over on reddit, which I think might be of general interest. Did you know the VPL has almost 1,800 video games on offer? (As of writing this) I've never been happy with how difficult it is to find them and how little info is actually shown on the VPL website. And I'm sure many of you either had no idea the library even had any video games available or potentially just gave up on borrowing one because searching is a bit of a pain. All you need is a [library card]( and you can borrow a [maximum of 5 games at a time]( The default loan period is one week and you can renew loans for games which are not in demand (on hold). Enough with the intro, here are [my collections on HowLongToBeat]( I've made collections for each console separately, so that's it's far easier to filter them separately, and searching inside said collections is also mostly instantaneous. And here are direct links to them: - [PS3 games]( - [PS4 games]( - [PS5 games]( - [Switch games]( - [Wii games]( - [Wii U games]( - [Xbox 360 games]( - [Xbox One games]( (including Series X games with Smart Delivery) - [Xbox Series X games]( Once on a specific collection page, it defaults to a "Rating" sort (this is community-driven, same with the "time to beat" shown for each game) and "Card View" (with cover / title / time to beat and notes), but those can be adjusted to your liking. I've included links to the game VPL listing(s) in the notes for each of them, as well as the corresponding search filter on the VPL website. NB: Some games are missing from HLTB, so it's not a 1:1 match, but I'm working on that. And please let me know if you see any issues / wrong links/games or if you have any questions!

Welcome to Victoria!
Welcome to a community for the City of Victoria and the Greater Victoria region! Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and the Greater Victoria Region is comprised of 13 municipalities with a combined population of nearly 400,000. The region measures 2,441 square-kilometers, representing seven per cent of Vancouver Island's landmass but about half its population. (Info was shamelessly copied from the Chamber of Commerce website: Please keep things civil and respectful. Hopefully this can become a great place for local news, events, and questions!

I don't live in Cornwall but I was there for work, afterwhich I went bird watching. One of the places I went to was Avonmore Beach where I spotted this gull. It had a friend with it swimming around and I managed to take a picture of it leaping out of the water and diving to catch a fish.

This fantastic result was achieved by young blood Reddit Liberals fighting the old blood Communists Allegiance of Lemmy inc. No holds barred! With a triple pile driver finisher, the #CommunistAlligance Defeated 3 #RedditLiberals sending them back to the Reddit void of shame!

Bienvenue sur Quebec Finance
Venez discuter de tout ce qui touche la finance personnelle de près ou de loin avec d'autres québécois!

Migration to new server successful!
Sorry for the extended downtime, I messed up when attempting to copy over the media. I should have just rsync'd it to begin with, rather than attempting to compress it first. Anyways, everything looks to be working, but it may take a bit for DNS to be updated for everyone. Let me know if you have any issues!

PopTalk - An instance (and communities) for popheads
If you are a fan of any specific artist that doesn’t have a community yet, my instance is open to create one. While I designed it to be specific for popheads, I welcome all music fans. (I’m still at heart a Zeppelin and Pink Floyd fan) Or if you just want to hang out and talk about Taylor Swift or Britney Spears, I welcome that too :) Instance: PopHeads Community: Taylor Swift: We're small now but growing daily. Swing on by and have a chat!

[] Alberta to drop state of emergency as wildfire situation improves
[] Alberta to drop state of emergency as wildfire situation improves

“Step bro you’ve overloading me( with your user load” moans Nutomic. And other June 5 Lemmyverse news roundup
Disclainwer I wouldn't take me very seriously. If I come across other fedi news/drama for today I'll put it in the comments rather than making more threads, you could still make your own threads. I had to make this post bc I am very proud of the titles 🥰 1 user calls the great centralization of Lemmy around Lemmyml Another user calls for 'single issue instances" (decentralization) Desalination calls for politeness My own comments are not loading, due to step bros? Qualified immunity and certified comrade tm yogthos is sanctioned from world news for a 2nd time: Banned ☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆ from the community World reason: unfriendly behaviour expires: in 7d
“Step bro you’ve overloading me( with your user load” moans Nutomic. And other June 5 Lemmyverse news roundup

To subscribe from another hub, copy the following link and enter it into your hub's search field: [!]( See you

Is there a list of blocked instances somewhere? I was trying to interact with a thread from lemmygrad i found on but could not get it to come up in search. This makes me assume its blocked

What’s the best way to post images on this instance?
I see that Lemmy is creating a new link to images hosted outside of this instance. Are they stored on the server even if I post an outside link ? (Asking as a way to find best practice regarding server load with pix)

Beehaw recruits their first (?) new moderator, who walks off the job a day later.
Also beehaw creates 5 new subs. Tldr: User coldy: can you make it so users can make their own subs not just admins Beehaw admin Gaywallet: no Coldy: I quit

Prepper podcasts?
What re some good podcasts that you follow? Personally, I like [this one](

Bonjour les francophones : c/parlezvousfr
Francophones de toutes les régions du monde, venez parler des spécificités de votre langue, à la façon *dictionnaire urbain*, ou en mode discussion de comptoir. Que vous parliez couramment une langue francophone, ou que vous cherchiez juste à pratiquer, n'hésitez pas à passer dire bonjour : [c/parlezvousfr](/c/parlezvousfr) *est un espace pour les langues francophones, et les gens qui aiment leurs variations.* *Tous les sujets autour de la langue sont valables, même anecdotiques ou humoristiques :* *conventions grammaticales académiques ou argot, langues régionales et dialectes, poésie objectiviste ou Rap FR, discussions autour des écritures inclusives, curiosité et créativité !*

Welcome Windsorites
Hey and welcome. Feel free to post and converse about anything Windsor, ON related. Share news, events, info, or general discussions. Keep it civil and everyone enjoy. Cheers