Hot take: men don't know how to not be physically violent. Solutions?
Most men Based on things like [this]( it seems like domestic violence has always been quite common. Similarly, it's pretty much the usual for men (here in my country) to threaten to beat each other up. Even left men (lemmings) are often in favor of violence against rightwingers. what solutions are there? Especially that have been discussed in depth in like a simple to understand article? This is kind of similar to the "man problem" - what does/should it mean to be a man in modern times.

If 2 people spend enough quality time together, do romantic feeling always develop?
cross-posted from: > Assuming both or at least one of of them has a correspond sexuality/gender/etc that works with the other

Looking up a friend on my Facebook friend list is like Russian roulette - half the time they have deleted me as a friend
Specifically people I met a long time ago or people i haven't spoken to as much Overall Facebook's a very dramatic social media. The fact that people's faces r on it calms a bunch of people down. But still, lots of of toxicity in the DMs It's a pretty trashy social media that emphasizes the advantages of being antisocial

Is simp roughly the male equivalent of female dog?
cross-posted from: > the usage seems similar. More similar than ive ever seen, but maybe i missed a social trend? > > Bad example from streamers - dudes say "simp for me" and it sorta has the same vibes as "get on knees B"

Petition zur Streichung bzw. Angleichung der Sondernutzungsgebühren für Carsharing in Leipzig
In der Stadt Leipzig werden derzeit für das Carsharing 4.860,00 € / 4.320,00 € / 3.780,00 € pro Jahr für einen Carsharing-Stellplatz als "Sondernutzungsgebühr" fällig. Da diese Gebühr dem Ansatz einer Verkehrswende ebenso wie der Berücksichtigung des verhängten Klimanotstands entgegensteht, hat []( eine Petition an die Stadt gerichtet, diese Gebühr je Stellplatz abzuschaffen bzw. alternativ die Gebühr für das Anwohnerparken von ~30,70€ pro Jahr auf das Niveau der Carsharing-Stellplätze anzuheben. [Hier geht es zur Zeichnung der Petition]( Petitionsantrag: [Antrag VII-P-06405](

This is a development and a half (if true).
Elon Musk's child wants a legal gender change for reasons of gender identity *and* because he's embarrassed by his father.

It's nice to watch media produced in hk. They have small apartments there too.
It gets sublimely discouraging to have the american dream of big house in the suburbs shoved in your face by every american media. In hk it looks like it costs them an arm and a leg for a small apt, which i totally feel

Getting blocked is seen as an achievement (of sorts): Problem solves itself.
This is why getting blocked is seen as an achievement (of sorts): Problem solves itself.

West energy
count what you have - vantage [5m] Vanishing Twin - destiny child [3m30s] Rhythm Toys [1m1s] big chungus glider [2m43s] Hermit Gang ft. Team S.T.A.R. - The Super Weapon [4m] Upper Brinstar House Cover - Super Metroid [3m10s]