Some people say Canada is three oil companies wearing a trench coat—but it might be more accurate to say it’s eight oil lobbyists wearing official government badges at the UN climate summit.

In which Business Genius™ Elon Musk Ox's brilliant Soopah Dupah Business Plan® is documented for future generations to marvel over.

Measure H ties rent hikes to a fraction of inflation and creates an independent board The rent control measure is a first for Pasadena, an expensive city that in recent years has often been at the forefront of the region’s wider tensions over housing affordability and an even broader clash between state and local control over development decisions. Earlier this year, Mayor Victor Gordo was involved in a protracted dispute with the California attorney general related to the city’s response to the state housing law SB 9; after months of legal threats and tense discourse, the state authority ultimately recognized the city’s right to declare certain exemptions to the controversial law. The measure, which takes the form of a new city charter amendment, is likely to apply in full to about 25,000 apartment units in the city, representing a major disruption to its rental landscape. The measure creates a new independent rental board to oversee the program and a registry to keep track of rent-controlled apartments. For qualifying properties, it will restrict annual rent increases to three quarters of the inflation rate and implement just cause eviction protections and relocation assistance mandates. The legislative effort was financially backed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and labor groups and also championed by a wide umbrella of housing and progressive groups, including the ACLU, L.A. County Democratic Party, Abundant Housing LA and the Pasadena Tenants Union.

Advocates are calling on President Joe Biden to sign an executive order that would tie yearly rent increases to inflation. This comes after the Federal Reserve further increased interest rates last week. Brooks-Davis and Gadley joined hundreds of other tenant rights advocates in Washington, D.C. this week to urge President Biden to sign their draft executive order that would force landlords, particularly corporations and private equity firms, to hold the line on rent increases. The proposal would cap annual rent increases at 3% or 1.5 times the rate of inflation, whichever is lower, and also apply the rule to government-backed mortgages. “We’re challenging them on every level,” Gadley said. The White House met with members from the Homes Guarantee Campaign Monday on tenant protections and rental affordability issues. “Renters deserve access to safe and affordable homes that allow them to remain stable,” Bush said. “It’s not enough just to have housing. You need to have stable housing. You need to not worry about tomorrow.”

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Cultivating a SuperTuxKart Community
Fellas, there are few games I enjoy as much as STK. While resources for matchmaking exist, such as #libregaming-matchmaking on, I'd like to develop a stronger social element to the community. It'd also be nice to, more generally speaking, have a community for us fans here on the fediverse. I'd argue that it certainly beats having us all stuck on Reddit. I think an excellent new development would be the use of Jitsi rooms, or some other libre technology, for voice chatting. Maybe one room per server, using a naming convention?