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you mean, like adding my username like this? @Kokomheart@lemmy.ca

not sure why that would be, seems to be working for me. are you using an app or anything, or just on the website?

i’ve restarted the lemmy services, try it again?

100% agreed. I use it every day. I do understand his frustration though.

the one is local to the lemmygrad instance, and the other is on the lemmy.ml instance. we also have another here on the lemmy.ca instance too. and there may be more on other instances.

I’ve used wealthsimple for the past two tax returns. I agree, it’s works well.

you’re welcome! it’s been pretty easy so far, haha.

same here. i think it was either reddit or hacker news where i read about it. i think i first created an account on lemmy.ml, then lemmy.ca, and now i’m running lemmy.ca!

i believe they typically run as a service on a computer, monitoring the subreddit via the reddit api, the when it finds new stuff, it posts it onto lemmy.

I think their doc’s are decent? and I could be wrong, and maybe it depends on the Linux distribution, but I’m just not 100% sure if it actually does anything without some basic configuration.

to be clear, the only way to access ssh is by connecting through the VPN? yeah, it should be fine, as long as your vpn is secure.

disable root login over ssh, and use public keys auth if possible.

fail2ban is good, but needs to be configured properly.

there’s probably lots more, but that’s a start.

thanks, i appreciate the offer!

this will probably get more visibility if you ask at lemmy support, as this community is specific to lemmy.ca, but the problem seems to be a problem with lemmy itself.

I can’t take any credit for that. I know the lemmy devs added a timeout when fetching the metadata, but it looks like cbc probably fixed whatever was preventing us from fetching the metadata for an article.

since that community is on a different instance, you just need to copy & paste the community url, in this case, https://sopuli.xyz/c/sports, and paste it in the search bar at the top.

it should then give you a result with the link to the community for your instance (https://lemmy.ml/c/sports@sopuli.xyz), which you can then subscribe to using your lemmy.ml account.

hopefully that makes sense!

apparently stat -c %w / will find your install date (i believe it’s the date ‘/’ was created?). anyways, mine is 2014-02-08, so just over 8 years. fun!

is there a way to find out when a server was originally installed? one of my servers has been around maybe 5 years… no where near 20, that’s for sure!

lemmy.ca updated to 0.16.0

this should hopefully fix some more federation issues, along with other fixes. official announcement here: https://lemmy.ca/post/85267

it looks like they created a bunch of accounts prior to adding the registration application. i believe i have banned and removed the content from all the accounts.

lemmy.ca updated to 0.15.4

this should fix some federation issues. more info here: https://lemmy.ca/post/82807

to search for comments you need to get the comment url, and remove the /post/##### part, so it’s basically just https://[lemmy instance]/comment/#####, and search for that.

Should we require a registration application on signup at lemmy.ca?

it was recommended for all instances. it would definitely cut down on spammers, but may discourage actual users from signing up too? just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on the matter. …

new lemmy.ca owner

hello all, …