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lemmy.ca updated to 0.16.7
[release notes](https://join-lemmy.org/news/2022-09-14-_Lemmy_Release_v0.16.7_-_Bug_fixes)

lemmy.ca updated to 0.16.6
[Releates Notes](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/main/RELEASES.md#lemmy-v0166-release--bug-fixes-2022-07-19)

lemmy.ca updated to 0.16.4
[release notes](https://join-lemmy.org/news/2022-05-27_-_Lemmy_Release_v0.16.4_-_Peertube_federation,_Rust_API_and_other_improvements)

lemmy.ca updated to 0.16.3
release notes here: https://lemmy.ca/post/110452

lemmy.ca updated to 0.16.1
announcement here: https://lemmy.ca/post/90255

lemmy.ca updated to 0.16.0
this should hopefully fix some more federation issues, along with other fixes. official announcement here: https://lemmy.ca/post/85267

lemmy.ca updated to 0.15.4
this should fix some federation issues. more info here: https://lemmy.ca/post/82807 i also added a registration application, since trolls were bombarding the site and lemmy.ml put us on their blocklist until we either added the registration application, or e-mail verification (which i'm not sure would've stopped the trolls).

Should we require a registration application on signup at lemmy.ca?
it was [recommended](https://lemmy.ca/post/66462) for all instances. it would definitely cut down on spammers, but may discourage actual users from signing up too? just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the matter. if you're wondering who i am, i [previously posted](https://lemmy.ca/post/73688) in the [announcements](https://lemmy.ca/c/announcements) community, but didn't realize that there aren't many subscribers there, i've taken over the hosting of [lemmy.ca](https://lemmy.ca).

Anyone want to take over lemmy.ca?
Hi all, I'm going to be taking on a rather large change of life in the very near future, and I'm having to dump a bunch of responsibilities and hobby-type things. This lemmy instance falls in to that category. I would love to see someone with the technical know-how volunteer to pick up the domain, this database, and host this somewhere, keeping continuity going. Anyone interested? Thanks!

Lemmur app
Is there a min/max password length requirement which is different from lemmur app? Or, is there a version differences? Cannot login via app.

lemmy.ca updated to Lemmy 0.14.5
Hi all, I've updated Lemmy to the current 0.14.5 release today - please let me know if you see any issues. We're aware of federation issues to Pleroma & Mastodon and there's a couple of Lemmy bugs that have been reported regarding the issues. Thanks!

Lemmy.ca updated to 0.14.3 today
Some minor bugfixes

Lemmy.ca updated to 0.14.1
Hi all, Since Lemmy's 0.14.0 release a day or so ago, federation has been broken to other systems that had immediately upgraded (including lemmy.ml). Now that we've upgraded, we should be on a path, according to their release notes, where we won't see this breakage again any time soon. Here's hoping! Enjoy the new release.

lemmy.ca updated to 0.13.5
Hopefully this resolves the federation issues and keeps things flowing.

Some issues with federation still - please bear with us
Hey all, If you've noticed that federated communities have stopped coming through to lemmy.ca, it's apparently due to known federation bugs that the Lemmy team is working on resolving for their 0.14 release. However, after working through some logs today and posting to the Lemmy matrix chat, it sounds like they're going to push a 0.13.4 fix release (we're currently on 0.13.3) right away. Stay tuned!

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Updated to 0.13.1 to resolve federation issue
As mentioned in https://lemmy.ca/post/14086 there were some federation issues noticed recently. There was a fairly significant bug resolved in 0.13.0 so we've updated to that to ensure as good a service as possible. Enjoy!

Only some comments are being federated
Lemmy.ca currently shows 22 comments on [this post](https://lemmy.ca/post/14043), but its native instance, lemmy.ml, [shows 35 comments](https://lemmy.ml/post/84452). It's not (or not only) a matter of only older comments being present, or of comments being from different instances: for example, [this comment from a lemmy.ml user](https://lemmy.ml/post/84452/comment/84632) doesn't appear on lemmy.ca but [this later comment from a different lemmy.ml user](https://lemmy.ml/post/84452/comment/84707) does. Is this a known problem?

Federation question: Why can I subscribe to some lemmy.ml communities but not others?
I noticed that at the [list all communities page](https://lemmy.ca/search/q/crypto/type/Communities/sort/TopAll/listing_type/All/community_id/0/creator_id/0/page/1) I see many communities from lemmy.ml, but not all of them. The two I happened to notice were "covid" and "crypto". I'm new to Lemmy and don't know what would cause this. I found [this earlier question](https://lemmy.ca/post/6845) but the answer implies at least there's a way for a lemmy.ca user to subscribe to the community in question, and I can't figure out how to do even that. I tried going directly to https://lemmy.ca/c/coronavirus@lemmy.ml but I'm taken to a page that says "Couldn't find community.".

Updated the site to the latest Lemmy release - 0.13.0
Howdy all, As per https://lemmy.ml/post/83611 - there's now comment and post reporting enabled. As an admin, I get to figure out where the reports go, but I presume for now it's just to an admin. Enjoy!

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