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Avail of assignment help for flawless answer

Are you looking for secondary option to do something good in your academic session? Well, most probably your academic work lies in pathetic condition and you do not idea to overcome from this problem. All times, students do not stuck in the formalities to show their better performance and does not h…

Updated to 0.13.1 to resolve federation issue

As mentioned in https://lemmy.ca/post/14086 there were some federation issues noticed recently. There was a fairly significant bug resolved in 0.13.0 so we’ve updated to that to ensure as good a service as possible. …

Only some comments are being federated

Lemmy.ca currently shows 22 comments on this post, but its native instance, lemmy.ml, shows 35 comments. …

How long is lemmy.ca going to stay operational?

I want to refer to my older posts sometimes, but wont be able to do so if lemmy.ca is deleted…

lemmy.ca updated to latest Lemmy release - 0.12.2

Happy after-Labour-Day Tuesday! …

@LemmyDev@mastodon.social just told us that it is necessary that the admins of an instance whitelist other instances so that users are able to join their communities. Would you guys please whitelist the german leftist-instance lemmy.161.social? Maybe we can use this thread for other recommendations…

We could do with more admins/moderators on lemmy.ca

The spam stays up for longer than is ideal. …

How does federation on lemmy work?

I cannot see posts from lemmy.ml. I only see a few but not a lot. When I go to https://lemmy.ca/community/2573, for example I don’t see any posts however when I go to https://lemmy.ml/c/embedded_prog, while not logged in because …

Happy International Workers’ Day. Also known May Day…

Happy Holidays!

Howdy all! …

Happy Holidays!

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