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hello all, i've taken over [lemmy.ca](https://lemmy.ca), as originally discussed here: https://lemmy.ca/post/49203 with [kinetix's](https://lemmy.ca/u/kinetix) help, it looks like everything has been migrated over. let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues. thanks!

I know, pretty lame announcement, but I figured it might be nice to have an announcement post that wasn't just 'I updated the lemmy code again today'. Heh, enjoy!

Updated lemmy.ca again today
We're on the new release 0.11.0 now - not sure why the frontend is showing "BE: unknown version", but we'll look in to that.

Updated the site today
Howdy all, Updated to lemmy 0.10.3 today, which contains some bugfixes and tweaks. Much has occurred on the back-end so mostly out of sight for regular users. If you notice any issues, please drop me a line!

Updated lemmy.ca code today
Howdy! I've just updated lemmy.ca from lemmy 0.9.6 to 0.9.7. More info on the changes at: https://lemmy.ca/post/2626

Updating complete! (For the moment)
It looks like the Lemmy devs are releasing fast and furiously, as even when I was updating Lemmy.ca to what was the current version this morning (0.9.5), they released 0.9.6! So, a variety of updates later, we're up to date. Along with these updates, the newest versions of the Lemmur mobile client should work here as well. Have a great weekend!

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Hello all, and welcome! We're launching our reddit-like Lemmy-based site today! And, by launch, I guess it means we're just opening the doors, as everything appears to be in place and functional, as far as my testing-so-far has gone. While the platform we're running on, Lemmy, is pretty beta software and has many items to refine, it's been in a very usable state for some time. Recently they were able to add in working federation, so sites can be linked together and not in small, individual silos (unless that's what one wants). So you'll see some communities here that appear to be from elsewhere, and they have a more involved community name, and you'll see a variety of communities that originate here as well. It won't really matter to your experience, you'll be able to make use of either type without any real difference. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or post in the lemmy support forum (which I'll link up here as soon as we have it federated here). Thanks, and enjoy the service!

Happy Holidays!
Howdy all! I know we're a brand new instance, but as we're public and users are joining up, I felt that I should post this. I know we're past Christmas already, but I hope everyone is doing as well as possible, staying safe, and having an enjoyable end of the year. I'm very much looking forward to Lemmy developments and refinements, and lemmy.ca specifically being a fantastic and useful spot for people. Here's hoping the bugs of 2020 take a hike in 2021 and that it's a much merrier year over all. Peace to all!

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