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Sure, if that’s where it’s from, that makes sense that’s what it would be.

If they don’t provide build instructions, you may be on your own.

It is not necessarily building from source. It’s a compressed tarball, that’s all.

That’s a gzipped tarball (a compressed archive, like a zip), that’s all. It doesn’t determine anything about what’s contained inside of it.

On modern distributions a “tar xvf <filename.tar.gz>” should unpack it.

Check to see if one of the extracted files is a README or INSTALL file of some sort. If there’s just a binary there to run, then that might be all that was included.

Couldn’t agree more. They’ve shown their true colours more than once now - but the deportation thing was deplorable - and I will be switching to a fork very soon.

But, my personal switching from Audacity to something else is only meaningful to me. I think Muse Group should be shunned to the point where they can only support Ultimate Guitar.

Have run live streaming a few times, works great. What kind of footage are you wanting to see?

It’s interesting to see that Reddit’s comment was that they didn’t send the litigation threats.

I hope… i really really hope that it’s the possible conversion from Celcius + rounding issue as explained in an update to the article.

Howdy, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance recently to give you a decent response.

In all honesty, I think if you look at the state of communications in Canada with even the tiniest bit of a critical eye, you should be able to see the mess the CRTC has created.

Who are the Canadian TV outlets? Bell and Rogers (tiny bit of Shaw) - oh yes, the CBC, representing greater Toronto with zeal.

Who are the Canadian Radio outlets? Do you know of any outside of college radio that aren’t owned by a corporation that’s had to glom a pile of media together to maintain some semblance of a reasonable business?

Look at our disaster of a cellular service industry.

Look at our disaster of internet service.

Tell me, have you ever swung the AM or FM radio dials outside of the few major markets in Canada? Do you hear anything but static now? If it’s a dying medium, why does the CRTC still regulate it like it needs to preserve that precious bandwidth for someone who desperately needs to make a buck off of it? Even if that weren’t the issue, the small players that do try and run a legitimate business on the air have been entangled in so much pointless red tape they’ve been nearly all squished out of existence. Not because they couldn’t sell enough if things were sane, but because they couldn’t keep people around who need to continually fight the bureaucracy to try and help keep their business alive.

Why aren’t the airwaves much busier these days? Any Joe in any small town should be able to put up a community radio station if they want to… and yet… static. (And as I write this, I know of one small town radio station nearby that bucked this trend and I would love to talk to them about it sometime: http://www.thebear931.com/ - I’m definitely aware that what I’m saying isn’t absolute, not at all)

For fun, you could do a search for something like “crtc denies small radio”

Tell me - is the CRTC serving Canadians well by wrapping up a small town volunteer radio station in such a brutally densely stupid pack of regulations? https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2020/2020-334.htm?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=site&utm_campaign=clks

They may well have sorted through the red tape and been able to move forward, but oh my good lord - as that ruling notes, there’s all of 3 other radio stations in Whitehorse and they want this one to produce news, not play pop-ish radio and drag people in to their studios from wherever to make the content really local (regardless of whether ‘local’ in that area has a geographic span of a few thousand square KMs or not). Why? Why waste everyone’s time with this? Yes, they need to regulate appropriately, but this isn’t it, it’s just stifling.

I could go on and on (unfortunately, heh!) about it all, they need a massive overhaul of the regulations before there truly is nothing but static out there (and bills like C-10 will just begin to shift all their nonsense on to the Internet, which will be nothing but harmful).

Hey, that’s cool that someone formatted them for the lemmy docs… I think I’ll have to get in there and try and push some updates. Heh, I also see mention of things like “respective authors” with no authors mentioned. I’ll try and get some changes merged soon.

I did have a good chuckle over this one.

It looks like we have a subscribe to lemmy.ml’s /c/emacs here: https://lemmy.ca/community/2935 - maybe that was you?

Looks like that sub is quiet as well. Feel free to post and get it rolling again!

Hey @twopi@lemmy.ca I’m sorry I missed this post along the way. You know, I think I’m going to go check on whether one can get notifications on posts from various communities or not, and if not, file an enhancement request. There’s definitely some I’d like lemmy.ca to be a little more active about telling me about.

At any rate - regarding federation - the lemmy software at this point doesn’t pull in old posts from a community. When someone on lemmy.ca subscribes to a community on lemmy.ml, then federation starts from that moment and that’s all the timeline that lemmy.ca will know about. I think this is something that should get enhanced over time - I can understand not wanting to flood an instance with history on busy communities, but I can see that issue being remedied in other ways (either trickling old posts in over time or adding in federated search, etc)

So, with /c/embedded_prog - there’s been no activity on lemmy.ml for 3 months, and I suspect the subscription here would have been after the last activity. So, if you post something to it, it should work and federate over to lemmy.ml. Any new activity on any of the old posts on lemmy.ml should federate those posts and comments over here.

Friendica has forums which do what you’re suggesting. They are somewhat interoperable with other parts of the fediverse, but hey, it’s easy enough to run a friendica instance.

Apparently after I moved lemmy.ca to another server I forgot to move the resources tarball to the right place, so it’s been a 404 for a bit.

Today I updated the contents with an update guide and there’s been several edits to the original setup text.

So, the tarball link works again as of today, but it’s been updated to it’s second version. I will endeavour to get this stuff in to a wiki soon.

I totally understand what you’re saying, and as far as the reaction goes, are you referring to the article, or my comment?

The scope of this article and the reaction has everything to do with them blowing the protections for user generated content. My comment is based on the notion that there isn’t a reaction big enough until they get it through their heads that they absolutely have to rework the legislation to make the protections clear for users.

That said, they’re also walking fine lines of distinction on things - I can appreciate them regulating large business and doing what they’re supposed to do, however:

  • You’ll note that they’re including “podcasts” as “professional” productions. That’s dicey to define it that way, considering some will be, some won’t. Will they clarify that they’re only going to regulate commercial entities?

  • Your comments regarding the CRTC are duly noted as to their stated purpose. However, they’ve been nothing short of a massive failure for Canadians, allowing for the mess of unified “media” companies, blocking legitimate, 100% Canadian access to our airwaves, allowing theft of content from distributors, etc. The list goes on and on and aside from enforcing “Cancon” on the few radio & TV broadcasters we have, they’ve done a great job of completely messing things up for years. I would agree with the stated purpose of the CRTC, but what we’re provided has been an abomination.

Somebody please tell me if anyone involved in writing this thing has any understanding of how any online services work?..

Thanks… it looks like they’re plugging away at it.

Updated lemmy.ca again today

We’re on the new release 0.11.0 now - not sure why the frontend is showing “BE: unknown version”, but we’ll look in to that…

Fulll embedding looks good…


I live in Purple and I'm so annoyed I can't go anywhere

There’s only like 50,000,000 sq km or so available, this is terrible…

Updated the site today

Howdy all, …

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I’ve found the same with butter over the past few years. I hope this gets backed up by other sources, but if true, it sounds like high time for better regulation of this industry - if they can’t make profit from selling a pound of butter for $5 (which most seem to be priced higher than that now), t…

Updated lemmy.ca code today

Howdy! I’ve just updated lemmy.ca from lemmy 0.9.6 to 0.9.7. More info on the changes at: https://lemmy.ca/post/2626

Interior Health is doing a bang-up communications job - we need better.

It destroys me that in the middle of this pandemic, a year in, our government bodies think that they need to control messaging like this to the point of breeding distrust. …

Updating complete! (For the moment)

It looks like the Lemmy devs are releasing fast and furiously, as even when I was updating Lemmy.ca to what was the current version this morning (0.9.5), they released 0.9.6! …

Updated Lemmur builds - 20210112

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Hmm, I’m posting this as it only came up after I was looking for more on the crap the CPC had on their website yesterday. …


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Testing from lemmur, will have to try and share something in…


Happy Holidays!

Howdy all! …


Hi all, …


Happy Holidays!

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Hi all, …