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“Narrative” doesn’t come from anti-establishment folks like me. Our job is to point to holes in the narrative. Ontology 101.

“Contrarian” is the word you’re looking for.

And yet another problem with antivaxxers - refusal to read unless it fits their narrative.

Sorry, try again.

Antivaxxer arguments are so incredibly sad.

“You are parrotong(sp) what you have been fed by authorities” - Right - they’re authorities because they’re the top relevant medical experts and scientists involved. Reading a twitter thread doesn’t make you an authority. See the difference? What you are doing is parroting (spelling matters) typical antivax conjecture.

What you gave is, as previously mentioned, anecdotes. You could provide a million of them, they’re still anecdotes.

Exposure to the field of statistics? Would you like to talk to the experts involved with VAERS and the like so you can actually get educated about what they find significant?

Yeah, not sure what’s up with that - but take the broken bit and open in a new window (at least desktop firefox here) and it shows the mp4 appropriately.

Which is funny, because it looks like a low-quality gif.

What took 'em so long? heh

Also, gotta love the downvoters - must be antivaxxers hanging around. Gross.

Thanks, appreciated. Updated the backend again today due to another federation issue that was just resolved (had to do with vote counts, so a little less major).

And up to 0.13.2 now as some other federation items needed fixing:


Gotta upvote this, only answer I know of that works and fits the bill.

Reading that article hurt my head, it’s so poorly written and even has glaring factual errors that makes me wonder why this person took on writing a Linux article in the first place.

Linux 2.4 was the stable release, not 2.3.

Proofreading, people!

Updated to 0.13.1 to resolve federation issue

As mentioned in https://lemmy.ca/post/14086 there were some federation issues noticed recently. There was a fairly significant bug resolved in 0.13.0 so we’ve updated to that to ensure as good a service as possible. …

Have updated the backend to 0.13.1 now.

Man, I’m tired today. So that bug was closed and the timeline of that post you noticed was the same time frame.

I need to update our backend here, which I will do once I’m a little more awake, but I expect that very little regarding this issue should be noticed after lemmy.ml updated.

Good questions, to be sure. I presently don’t have any answers for why that would have occurred, but I definitely see that the federation around that post is totally inconsistent - the post on sopuli.xyz has even fewer comments than here: https://sopuli.xyz/post/18413

And now that I’ve had a look at lemmy bugs, I can see why it’s occurring: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1820

Fortunately it’s being worked on!

Also, ensure you’re updated to lemmur 0.6.0 - I had to uninstall it in F-Droid (at 0.5.0) before 0.6.0 would show up. No idea what the deal was there.

All instances? Just lemmy.ca? I see you’re posting from lemmy.ml, so you’d have to describe your situation a little more. Maybe even in a new post relating to the issue, rather than a comment in a post relating to something else entirely.

Huh, this is an area that the documentation seems to be pretty lacking in. When a community isn’t federated, you can get the instance to begin pulling in a community by doing a search for “!community@instance”. So, I think you were close, but you were only asking for a community that didn’t exist here yet.

I searched for !coronavirus@lemmy.ml and it’s subscribable now.

Feel free to play around with that.

Well, I would be loathed to give CF money or data, so since I own domains at a registrar that does “meh, OK” services, if I wasn’t running my own DNS servers I’d just go with them. I would most registrars would provide reasonable DNS services for nothing.

I use Netfirms, btw, but that’s not necessarily a plug for them.

Works as flawlessly as anything, but I’d recommend two systems, you want to have at least 2 DNS servers. If two small VPSes doesn’t make sense for you (you hardly need any resources to run powerDNS or BIND), then I wouldn’t go with that option. Was just curious.

That, and one can’t take their account to another instance easily. A little pain for some, possibly not something some would entertain, either.

I do wish there was nomadic identity in more fediverse software… but I don’t know if there’s a standard around that.

I appreciate that this is occurring… hope they have lots of support!..

We really have far too much tolerance for these douchebags…

I know, pretty lame announcement, but I figured it might be nice to have an announcement post that wasn’t just ‘I updated the lemmy code again today’. …


Somebody please tell me if anyone involved in writing this thing has any understanding of how any online services work?..

Updated lemmy.ca again today

We’re on the new release 0.11.0 now - not sure why the frontend is showing “BE: unknown version”, but we’ll look in to that…

Fulll embedding looks good…


I live in Purple and I'm so annoyed I can't go anywhere

There’s only like 50,000,000 sq km or so available, this is terrible…

Updated the site today

Howdy all, …

Here’s a thing to get out and do/see/enjoy (or stay home and do, too)…

I’ve found the same with butter over the past few years. I hope this gets backed up by other sources, but if true, it sounds like high time for better regulation of this industry - if they can’t make profit from selling a pound of butter for $5 (which most seem to be priced higher than that now), t…

Updated lemmy.ca code today

Howdy! I’ve just updated lemmy.ca from lemmy 0.9.6 to 0.9.7. More info on the changes at: https://lemmy.ca/post/2626

Interior Health is doing a bang-up communications job - we need better.

It destroys me that in the middle of this pandemic, a year in, our government bodies think that they need to control messaging like this to the point of breeding distrust. …

Updating complete! (For the moment)

It looks like the Lemmy devs are releasing fast and furiously, as even when I was updating Lemmy.ca to what was the current version this morning (0.9.5), they released 0.9.6! …

Updated Lemmur builds - 20210112

Howdy all, …