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“Its a horrific situation,” said Siri Martinsen, chief executive of Noah, an animal rights group that is challenging Norway’s wolf hunts in its courts. “Norway’s wolf management is out of control and they are just shooting wolves because some people don’t like them. It is outrageous to hold a specie…

For more than 99 percent of our history as humans, we lived close to nature. We lived in the open. The first house with a roof appeared only 5,000 years ago…


From our sub’s discord,


BFS has a good reputation, website in German but it is easy to understand. …

Vancouver, Canada introduces C$0.25 fee for disposable cups... but the food vendor gets to keep that money, no strings attached.

Basically, they’ve just increased corporate profit margins. While disincentivizing companies from accepting reusable containers because then they would make less money. Brilliant…

PARIS, Jan 12 (Reuters) - France’s Flamanville 3 reactor will cost 300 million euros more than forecast and fuel loading is being pushed back by up to six months, EDF (EDF.PA) said on Wednesday, in the latest setback for a project already running more than a decade late. …

Green - An environmentalist community

    This is the place to discuss environmentalism, preservation, direct action and anything related to it!


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