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Nuclear power gets all the subsidies...
>Cao et al. also correctly state that renewable sources of energy in Germany have been heavily subsidized. However, **Germany has devoted subsidies to the nuclear industry that more than double those allotted to all renewables put together (3)**.** The United States has provided the nuclear industry with at least 10 times the subsidies devoted to renewables (4)**. Despite these investments, renewables costs are falling fairly quickly, whereas nuclear costs continue to rise (5–7). In India and China, despite late starts on development, electricity production from wind has overtaken nuclear (8). In restructured markets that allow consumers to choose from a variety of energy options, renewables have been shown to be cheaper than nuclear power (9).

Guiding rainfall into landscape can keep landscape more hydrated, and lessen wildfires.

> Gold and certain other precious metals are key ingredients in computer chips, including those used in consumer electronics such as smart phones. But it can be difficult to recover and recycle those metals from electronic waste. Japanese researchers have found that a pigment widely used by artists called Prussian blue can extract gold and platinum-group metals from e-waste much more efficiently than conventional bio-based absorbents, according to a recent paper published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Extractive vs Regenerative Water

Green - An environmentalist community

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