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France is just on example of what western colonialism is doing to Africa. The core problem is that African countries aren’t allowed to develop in a way that benefits them. Any time countries try to assert their sovereignty and put a government that works in the interest of their people, the west overthrows their government, stages coups, funds terrorists, and if all else fails invades these countries.

A lot of the logic in banking systems is written in COBOL. Some of this code dates back to the 70s and the banks just virtualized their old mainframes because nobody really knows what goes on inside the code anymore and it would be a herculean effort to rewrite it.

The article indirectly admits that the exploitation is largely done by western companies like Nestle that operate in Africa.

I imagine if somebody actually contacted Turkey before making the proposal they would’ve found out the stance without embarrassing themselves. As we all know what countries say publicly and what diplomats do behind closed doors are two different things.

I love how westerners keep trying to white wash and rehabilitate literal fascists nowadays.

Watching western media coverage of this has been wild. They’re still trying to use euphemisms like evacuation to describe a bunch of nazis laying down their arms and unconditionally surrendering. It’s amazing that there are still people gullible enough to trust western media when they lie about something as blatant as this.

The fact that nobody actually consulted with Turkey before making all the proclamations clearly demonstrates that NATO leadership are absolute and utter idiots. The fact that people are surprised that Erdogan is doing what Erdogan has a long history of doing is rather hilarious.

It’s worth noting that My Lai massacre wasn’t an isolated incident, it was representative of what US did everywhere in Vietnam. The only difference was that My Lai actually got coverage.

Yeah pretty much, I think US made a huge miscalculation with seizing Russia’s foreign assets. If they’re willing to do it to Russia then they could do it to anyone. Any country that’s not a vassal of the US now knows for a fact that they have to decouple from the western financial system in order to maintain sovereignty. Meanwhile, countries trading with Russia are already figuring out alternatives to SWIFT and as these things get ironed out the role of SWIFT will become greatly diminished.

Yeah, everyone should be moving away from the dollar and SWIFT at this point.

It’s an act of desperation. US desperately needs oil from Venezuela after the blow back from the economic war with Russia, and Maduro made normalization of relations with Cuba a precondition.

I do think Mao adhered to the system described, and it’s quite clear that such a system is necessary to combat capitalism given what the west has done to numerous socialist countries over past century. The criteria of whom is designated as the enemy is quite clear, and Mao has extensive writings on the subject that I would encourage you to read.

Yeah, a friend of mine has family in Cuba, and he’s been tracking excess deaths there to see how their covalent vaccine has fared against the more modern ones. He said excess deaths have basically fallen to zero after they finished vaccinating everybody this last November, and the sixth wave was basically a tiny blip.

There’s been an explosion in use of plastics since the 20h century resulting in stupendous amounts of plastic waste. It also takes time for plastics to get ground up into tiny particles that permeate the environment now.