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and big war is here just on schedule

U.S.-China Tensions Fuel Outflow of Chinese Scientists From U.S. Universities
More than 1,400 U.S.-trained Chinese scientists left U.S. academic or corporate affiliation for a Chinese one in 2021, 22% jump from the previous year; 4 in 10 Chinese scholars in Harvard and MIT consider leaving.

I’ve provided exactly the same kinds of numbers you’ve provided. Keep on trolling there though.

You provided no sources that provide anything other than total numbers of people moving, just like the source I provided you with. Love how you keep trying to argue that this is somehow different. And yes, you absolutely can compare people fleeing fighting with you claiming people are fleeing service. The fact that you don’t understand that really says a lot about you.

So tell me, how many people are fled from Ukraine to avoid conscription and have not returned?

How many out of the 12 million that fled returned, I’m not aware of anyone returning. But I’m sure you’ll provide me with credible sources showing that people are returning to Ukraine to fight. 🤡

Maybe provide these breakdowns yourself first. Show me where you’re breaking down people “fleeing service” in Russia vs people simply leaving the country. You simply provided total numbers of Russians who left, which is around 150k. I provided numbers of Ukrainians who left which is around 12 million.

You’re such an utter 🤡 and you don’t even realize it.

Imagine arguing with a straight face that 10 million people who fled Ukraine are 90% women and children, and then accusing me of being incapable of doing basic math. 🤡

Except you’d be lying, which I suppose is all you do here, if you said that. A quarter of Russian population has very obviously not left Russia. Out of the quarter of the population that left Ukraine, it’s obvious that huge numbers of military aged men left.

The fact that you don’t see just how dumb you sound here is pure gold. If your bullshit could be converted into energy, you could power all of Europe with it. 😂

Over 12 million people left Ukraine, that’s over a quarter of the population.

Seems it’s quite hard to admit being wrong. I totally understand. There’s no arguments left. 😂

People were fleeing conscription in Ukraine. The fact that you keep pretending otherwise is absolutely hilarious. Logic doesn’t even begin to factor into your ravings. Keep trying there little buddy. Can’t wait for you to come up with more bullshit.

The fact that you think you made a good argument there is what makes it so hilarious. It almost feels like you’re spewing bullshit without even realizing it.

It’s both pipelines that got sabotaged, and US is the only country with a clear motive to do that as well as history of such sabotage.

Ah yes, Russia bombed its own bargaining chip playing 4D chess. You are very intelligent.

Biden: “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

Reporter: “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?”

Biden: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”


The narrative these numbers paint is that a tiny percentage of the overall population is leaving Russia. Certainly pales in comparison with the exodus we saw from Ukraine at the start of the war.

Where’s your proof all this is just “normal” and there’s nothing to see?

Where’s my proof of something I never actually said?

Here’s what I literally wrote:

To be sure some people will leave, but this idea that there’s some mass exodus from Russia because of the mobilization that you’re trying to paint has no basis in reality.

I’m not questioning that there are people leaving Russia because of the mobilization. I’m saying that you’re using made up numbers that are unverifiable to paint a narrative.

And filled that with other statistics and information because as I myself said, the number in the story cannot be verified.

No, you filled it with more anecdotal stories to make it sound legitimate. I know you love posting your camera from the Finnish border as some sort of evidence there without providing any actual numbers. Why don’t you post the regular numbers of travellers to and from Finland and then the difference in new travellers instead.