cross-posted from: > This is great for moving RISC-V to mainstream. Pine64 makes great hardware.

It even works on Firefox mobile. On android, use NewPipe instead of the YT app, it can play in background and doesn't have ads. Ads are a cancer of the web, will track you and reduce your battery life.

China's new supercapacitor tram rolls off production line (2020 article)
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> The amount of electricity consumed by the largest cryptocurrency networks has decreased by up to 50% as the “crypto winter” continues to eat at the incomes of “miners” and financial contagion spreads further throughout the sector. > > The electricity consumption of the bitcoin network has fallen by a third from its high of 11 June, down to an annualised 131 terawatt-hours a year, according to estimates from the crypto analyst Digiconomist. That still equates to the annual consumption of Argentina, with a single conventional bitcoin transaction using the same amount of electricity that a typical US household would use over 50 days.

> The prolonged slump in Bitcoin is making it more difficult for some miners to repay the up to $4 billion in loans they have backed by their equipment, posing a potential risk to major crypto lenders. > > A growing number of loans are now underwater, according to analysts, as many of the mining rigs lenders accepted as collateral have now halved in value along with the price of the world’s largest digital token. Investment funds were giving large crypto-miners loans to by specialized crypto-mining equipment backed by that same specialized crypto-mining equipment, which happens to lose value exactly when cryptocurrencies themselves lose value. 🍿 🍿 🍿

It's a good thing I ditched GitHub and VSCode!

> The Digital Advertising Act is a bold, promising legislative proposal. It could split apart the most toxic parts of Big Tech to make the internet more competitive, more decentralized, and more respectful of users’ digital human rights, like the right to privacy. As with any complex legislation, the impacts of this bill must be thoroughly explored before it becomes law. But we believe in the methods described in the bill: they have the power to reshape the internet for the better.

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