Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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True, but as I said, this can happen with any software sooner or later. Sometimes it can be a shame, but the computer world is like that.

Yes, there are a lot of imageviewer out there, but none of these are feature rich as IrfanView. Through all the years is still without a real alternative, not even Nomacs, whic is the closest and half death.

There is always the possibility of having to migrate to alternatives, either because the manufacturer goes bankrupt, changes the business model or belongs to one of the thousands of obsolete, neglected or abandoned FOSS. My goodness, the number of times that I have changed the software and the OS in the quarter of a century that I use computers, no one is spared from this. Regarding IrfanView, which I took as an example before, it is still in good health, although I have finally replaced it with a FOSS app that is the closest to this viewer, although only partially, Nomacs - Image Lounge, which has the same functions, except for the ability to play multimedia files and some secondary functions, but for this I already have VLC. But as I say, in near future I have to regress to IrfanView, because the Nomacs project seems abandones and the official web has expired.

You can still download it in Sourceforge and Github

It depends, surely you know for example IrfanView, a freeware proprietary sot for decades, without an alternative to match (it’s an app for Windows, but it works without problems on Linux with Wine). For years I have also been using the SSuite, on and offline suite, a product of 2 brothers as a hobby, made with their own money, they earn their money with an electrical installation workshop. The apps are a delight, it even includes its own search engine, Groot, with its own engine, all this private, without ads, without registration and anonymous, put as freeware.

I agree with this, although Windows has many technical advantages. I’m not so much against soft proprietary, but I am against big tech monopolies such as Microsoft, which dominates practically the entire software market. On the other hand, I always hear that Windows is the easiest OS to handle, easier than Linux, which is only true at first glance. Windows allows a huge number of configurations with more than 200 configurable points, but intentionally very hidden and poorly documented, inaccessible to normal users without great computer knowledge, but that allow to turn it into a fast and private OS, eliminating all this garbage. MS tolerates it, because its main income is from its software, generally quite high prices and less from Windows as such, at least not until now. The thing will probably change with Windows 11 in the near future, where the company intends to limit access to third-party software, it is more by appropriating the entire system, avoiding or hindering the installation of another Operating System, rather than under the Windows layer. This is why I think that Windows 10 is going to be the last Windows for somewhat more thoughtful users. In stores here you can see more and more that they sell PCs without OS (with FreeDOS), leaving it to the user’s choice.

There are several things that Windows does well, if it weren’t for the spyware and all the junk that comes by default and that is hard to remove, it would be an excellent OS.

I don’t know, in Windows you can Pop Up these with Winkey+. to insert them anywhere 🤔

But check all with Exodus Privacy


App in F-Droid The app only can check apps from Play Store the other you must check with the online version.

Wine provides its own versions of various Window system DLLs. Wine also has the ability to load native Windows DLLs. Attempting to call into the Windows kernel directly is unsupported. You can supply your own versions of the DLLs, which may be enough for certain Windows games or software, but not all, and rarely better than in Windows itself. What if it is true that games that have versions for Linux, have a better performance than the Windows versions in Windows. But if you use the version of Windows in Linux with Wine, you will see that the performance is far from what it has in Windows itself , or the Linux version directly. Windows applications need Wine libraries to work and Wine cannot replace all of them optimally, so it is questionable that they work with the ‘imitation’ Wine libraries than with the original Windows DLLs, at least not in current complex games , without resorting to the original licensed DLLs.

Yes i’ve used Wine and Play on Linux, but the results are not so good and a lot of games even works with Wine, emulator soft for games with high min sys specs never is a good alternative. In other soft it can be a solution, but better for those wich want or need Windows is to use it in dual boot.

Best source of free CC and GPL HD images (sounds, vectors, videos,music) is Pixabay

To add as search to the browser

Yes, I know that there are more and more games also for Linux (more than for Mac currently), but 80% of the games are exclusively Windows and OpenSource games have only managed to acquire a certain quality in recent years outside of sidescrollers and vintage shooters. Besides, it does not remove the other limitation regarding official administration applications or certain professional software that does not exist in Linux. I know that Linux is superior to Windows in many aspects, but it lacks the broad spectrum of software that Windows has, which also has a broader FOSS catalog than Linux, which is also logical, first because Linux is not a mainstream OS and also with dozens of different distros, not always very compatible with each other. As I said, it doesn’t rain to everyone’s liking, although I hope that one day Linux manages to unseat Windows as the main OS in the market, since its disadvantages compared to Windows are only because of this, not technical, but the manufacturers make software to the most used OS, of course.

Also good for creating own memes or comix

It creates randomly new scenes by clicking on the image

(see also other projects of the author in

Also fine, which may be used to create memes, among others, maybe for fantasy games!/

It’s an editor to recreate realistics middle age paintings, as seen in old documents.

All FOSS and working in the browser.

Ok, the usual problem of legislators who correct a Word document with Tip-Ex

Linux has some lacks as any other OS, because of this depends of the userneeds if you like it or not. For gamers and for some profesionals who need a specific or official soft, Linux certainly sucks. A perfect OS for all user and needs don’t exist.

I’m not conservative nor paranoid or masoquist

  • It does what I want without complicating my life ✔
  • No big tech, if possible FOSS ✔
  • Good PP and TOS ✔(important)
  • Good support, if possible a good community ✔
  • Using with common sense ✔(the most important)

Insults and disrespect in a discussion, only exposes the one who insults, showing his lack of arguments

Vintage Tech
Building with a 3D printer in 1930

Good idea
In South Korea, the solar panels in the middle of the highway have a bicycle path underneath, cyclists are protected from the sun, isolated from traffic.

It's a improved Blender fork, way better to handle and better UI, 100% compatible with Blender files