I honestly don't entirely understand what's going on here but I hate it nonetheless

why i dont use linkedin but also why i should to support my international capitalist

Does anyone else spend their days off doing not much? And feel bad about it?
On my days off I don't want to rush and try to like jam so many things in. Also I feel like I'm tired from my days of working. It does make me feel bad though, that on my days off I haven't done much. Not being productive eniugh. Criticize by my inner capitalist/#hustlegang nonsense.

Do you know when you're gonna be paid?
I do for my jobs that pay me daily. But for the ones that are suppose to pay every 2 weeks or so, i have no idea. My coworkers talk about the pay days that happen once/2 weeks. I assume they're still in the pay check to pay check situation so they particularly pay attention? I guess i'll try to figure out when i'm suppose to get paid so i can see if my boss is shorting me since someone else here said they were being short changed.

Enraged by how Starbucks Corporate has decided to stymie unionizing attempts, I printed these off to hang on the door of all our local stores. Under the cover of darkness, I’m giving the employees tomorrow morning off. x-post

My workplace is like a ranked league of legends match: some staff toxic af. Any advice? Haven't been told to kys in person in a long time.
cross-posted from: > Specifically management chirping me in staff only log books meant to keep track of shipments. I played a match of LOL today and only then noticed how similar my ingame team and managements chirps are. > > Most of the staff here are excons, so I figure this is some prison culture thing? Boss boss doesn't give a hoot. I'm also not interested in asking authorities for help - NEVER has worked out for me. I can eventually switch jobs, but not rn. > > But people regularly play LOL despite it being so toxic and they don't mute them. I just mute ppl in league but there isn't a mute button irl. How do they mentally do it? It's either I figure out how to cope or have to go for counseling.

Pay stubs are too hard to understand, help me figure out if i'm being underpaid
I've been looking at my 2 pay stubs for a while and called HR and it looks like for both pay stubs i'm only being paid for HALF of the hours that i worked. Otherwise calculating the pay i was hired at vs what i'm being paid, it looks like i'm being paid literally ~40% less. Instead of 41600$ (before taxes) i'm only seeing 26000$ (before taxes) Is my income tax and whatnot suppose to equal ~40%? Canada Also shout out to the boss for trying to have me not sign in on the timesheet once

how to respond to: "if you don't like the job then find a new job"?
Capitalists say this justification to justify the status quo as "voluntary participation"

  1. We’re trying to improving working conditions and pay.

  2. We’re trying to reduce the numbers of hours a person has to work.

  3. We talk about the end of paid work being mandatory for survival.


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