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No this is just about the list of blocks.

You need to select undetermined as one of your languages in the settings! Select every language you want to see and undetermined. It’s quite a new setting that’s not fully explained yet.

In the web UI in the very bottom it says Instances, there’s a list with servers your server is connected to and one which servers are blocked.

Damn I am veeery excited!! Do you have an ETA? No pressure though :)

That’s interesting, why do you think so? Don’t they just take the load of a single user?

You are free to learn to program and write a user import routine for lemmy: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy

Maybe the server is too slow atm? Try again in a few hours.

You have to create a new account. But that’s easy ;)

Thank you, that makes sense!

@dessalines@lemmy.ml @nutomic@lemmy.ml this is the scrolling but that I experience frequently. Like at least a couple times per day.

Hey at least it’s not truck simulator ^^

I finally caught it on video, this bug has been bugging me for months. Please comment or whatever if you have seen this too, I think the last time I wrote about it a couple of people had the same thing. Sometimes it's scrolling this fast, sometimes it's way slower. Especially on mobile it's way slower, which is really annoying. Usually I reload the website to stop it, clicking to a different tab doesn't help I think.

tchncs.de hat auch einen Lemmy Server jetzt!!

Are reports on lemmy federated?
If I click report on a post, will this report be sent only to my server admins or the admins of the server that the user is on or the admins of the community that the post was made in?

haha don’t worry, I just thought there was a connection that I didn’t see.

It’s important in capitalism to have a profitable existence. It’s frustrating, but this isn’t nothing.

At the moment almost zero. If it gets very active and you want to enforce rules like no reposting or something like that it could be a tiny bit. Mean users etc will also be managed by the server.

That’s totally fine, but I remember when google users could communicate with XMPP. They captured all the users with better UI, etc, then closed it off.

Okay so they would have to write their own website that supports ActivityPub and is compatible to lemmy :)

Am I posting about my videos too much? Maybe it's time to make a factorio community or a let's play one?

Ich bin ueberrascht, dass so viele Leute kommen, wenn die Apps nicht mehr gehen
Ich hab Reddit nie mit App benutzt und finde es interessant, dass ihr alle da die rote Linie zieht. Mag mir jemand vielleicht die Gruende erklaeren? Ihr scheint ja richtige Prinzipien zu haben da ^^ Edit: Ich hab natuerlich auch immer nur old.reddit.com benutzt.


I mean they already advertise weird hardware on their website.

Otherwise they might have sound technology, I don’t really know. Let’s hope someone that has used nostr will answer in this thread.

We, the users should make sure to stay on lemmy servers that use the open-source lemmy code. If other servers open up, who have closed source code, we should consider blocking them, at a minimum not support them by using their communities.

That will make sure that lemmy servers will keep using the open source code and thus will allow other people to spin up new servers.

Well, not tracking the mouse and displaying one bajillion ads with protection against adblock, canvassing etc does save quite a lot of resources.

After all, most of lemmy is just text! We don’t have videos hosted on lemmy yet though, and honestly maybe we should never, because it’s a huge strain on the servers.

Stand 15:22h haben die Cops die solidarischen Menschen vor der Dimitroff-Wache gekesselt, da sie das Zusammenkommen als politische Versammlung werten, die nach wie vor unter die Verbotsverfügung fällt.

Pressing the search button in the top should capture the curser to the search field
I always start typing and then realize that I still need to click in the search field.

Wow that looks really great! Want to make some more icons??

Weil es sich hier verhaelt und aussieht wie Reddit!

Expanded reach for users as posts are sent to all participants in subscribed relays

Is that true? Makes sense that if I subscribe it would also send, but for some reason I always thought it was just drawing in content.

I don’t think that this contradicts my statement.

Many people end up on tiny servers or spin up their own server and wonder why there is nothing or only a tiny amount of content in the federated timeline. If you already expected this, good.

It’s hard to be on a mastodon server alone, if you don’t have an established follower base. Keep interacting people and follow plenty, some will like you as well and follow back :)

Über Mastodon kannst du nach einer Community suchen, sie wird dann als Gruppe angezeigt und wenn du ihr folgst boostet sie jeden Post und Kommentar in deine Timeline. Nur nützlich in wenigen Fällen IMO. Kommentieren kannst du aber unter Posts von Mastodon aus, ohne Probleme. Glaube Posten geht auch, weiss aber nicht genau wie.

Es gibt noch neuere Apps. Für Android heißt jerboa und für iOS mlem, musste mal nach suchen hier, glaube mlem ist noch testflight.

I am not exactly sure, but I believe that an image file is hosted on the server of the person that posts the image!

So no, your server would only host the pictures that you and your users post, others might land in cache but can be cleaned.

Also, most fediverse software isn’t designed to be used by a single person. If you had a couple more users there then everything would be way more populated!

No, your not shouting into the void. It gets shown to your followers and to their servers (in the public timeline). If your toot is boosted it will show up on all the servers that it needs to to be shown to the people that follow the account that boosted your toot.

Mastodon basically works on a need to know basis. If I follow someone, my server will be sent all their toots, boosts etc.

This is because it’s impossible to have all activity on mastodon on a single server. Even the huge ones don’t get all toots!

You need a domain as well. Not much storage space is needed, 50gb is plenty.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/1139361 > [source](https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2023/05/22/climate/colorado-river-water.html)

consider starting to post, if you where a lurker or commenter on reddit
I never post much on reddit, I go there for entertainment etc. When I came here in 2021 I saw the content drought and started posting links to stuff, mostly what I had found on reddit. I don't know if that's the best way to do it, but at least there is _something_ to look at here. Now the situation has gotten better, but I already see it slowing down a bit, or conversation mostly revolving around reddit and the API situation (or this post, lol). Please consider posting random or interesting shit, memes, whatnot. Don't feel pressure about the quality of the posts, the voting system generally takes care of that and I think that there is no shame in posting something that doesn't take off. Tl;dr: If nobody posts, nobody can comment or lurk

feedback: language settings with the new update
I really like the indicator on posts, it rounds the language feature and looks nice. I think the disclaimer in the settings >Warning: If you deselect Undetermined, you will not see most content. is perfect as well. Two questions: - why is this disclaimer shown when I create a post? > Warning: If you deselect Undetermined, you will not see most content. Maybe this is meant to say this: > Warning: If you deselect Undetermined, most people will not see your post. - I post in English and German and it is a little bit annoying that I always have to choose a language when posting. What about another setting, where you choose your default post language? You would have to choose a language that isn't undetermined which then will be preselected in the drop down menu when posting/commenting. This would make it so much easier for me. Would that be hard to implement? Or clutter the settings too much?

People posting to nature and gardening community makes me so happy
even though I have nothing to contribute

I am out of words. Not surprised, but it's such a low. Imagine promoting anything this hateful, or even anything made by [matt walsh](https://nitter.at/MattWalshBlog)... https://nitter.at/elonmusk/status/1664609193230204929#m

Immer nur ich ich ich

wtf Edit: Apparently this is satire or an art project

Hallo an die Neuen :)
Wie gehts wie stehts, hat es lange gedauert bis ihr approved wurdet? Ich nutze feddit meist um in den englischsprachigen Communities zu schreiben, aber hier ist natuerlich auch content immer willkommen :)

Ich gehe jetzt schlafen, der andere admin ist auch nicht online
also werden eure Accounts wohl erst in 8 Stunden oder so freigeschaltet, sorry :3

Do you use reddit mostly through the app or web?
Because I only use web, on mobile and desktop. I can't live without adblock.

What do you think of antinatalism?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antinatalism I think it's stupid and worrying that their ideas are gaining traction. I am not opposed to people not having children or representing themselves as a block, but the idea that having kids is bad is just plain dumb. My own experience in life makes it reek a lot like mental health issues in those who are antinatalists.