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wtf happened to the quality here. Did I post it like this? I doubt it.

I use liberapay and send some money via IBAN bank transfer

If you have good content many servers will gladly give you more than 5gb of space

The real question is: Why big characters in the libre software culture are not promoting/use it?

Who are you talking about?

Why This Computer Scientist Says All Cryptocurrency Should “Die in a Fire”

UC-Berkeley’s Nicholas Weaver has been studying cryptocurrency for years. He thinks it’s a terrible idea that will end in disaster…


Btw: “Dutch” means from the Netherlands. German or in German “Deutsch” is "from Germany.

At some point that cost-benefit analysis will shift — the benefits of (potentially) having a lot fewer cars on the road or less traffic or not having to pay for a car will outweigh our outrage or discomfort at having no specific person to blame for autonomous car accidents. But it may be a while.

Imagine believing that we will have less cars on the road with self-driving cars. Assuming they drive down the cost of a ride eventually I’d think that everyone and their dog is going to take a car to wherever they go. A nightmare.

Dutch government requires you to use Android or iOS to use digital infrastructure

Dutch digital identity verification system DigiD has announced the phasing out SMS as second factor. That way they require citizens to install a smartphone app in order to use digital services from the government, municipalities, the health sector and others. These applications only work on iOS and…


Hmm, I fear that most right-wing spaces are like this. You could stay here and just not follow any of the more radical subs?

I think all alternatives that don’t harm animals are really cool, but just because it’s a good alternative doesn’t mean people will actually eat it unfortunately. We already have so many really good alternatives and most people just don’t want them.

also corporations suck in general and chrome does too…


Yeah this isn’t the own they think it is. The pressure seems to work already!

Data storage needs some innovation, I agree. It has stopped growing.

Gitea is awesome, you could host one without cloudflare. It’s pretty easy, for example with yunohost