Fiction made for women/girls might have less libertarian values? Which might partially explain why women have more leftish values?
Follow up to I came across an interesting idea, which is the post title. Thoughts? If true, this might say something about why i know way more women with leftish values then men. Ex, romantic movies. 500 days of summer: protagonist isn't special in any way. Vs Avengers movies: literally the protagonists couldn't be more god's chosen hero. my hero academia and a lot of animes and green lantern: you can do anything if you have enough will power, regardless of the system around you. (Pull yourself up by your uwu boot straps)

Western fiction emphasizes libertarian values. Any fiction that emphasizes other values?
A lot of Western fiction goes along the lines of: the world's in danger and since you're God's chosen person, only you can save the world. You don't require that much assistance from anybody else because you pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps Even if it involves a team, it's like a team off like 10 people, that the protagonist had to pull together in some way shape or form due to their personal charisma or something. In real life, to take down the evil dictator or whatever it needs a lot more than 10 people, and since you're not God's chosen person, you could even die. Additionally a lot of Western fiction places big emphasis on money. The protagonist will have access to very expensive equipment frequently. The evil dictator is basically straight out of a psych ward, which I guess is not offend conservatives, but It's rare that the evil dictator is even racist. Like Trump would make a great villain. This is kind of a follow-up to my personal branding question. But basically protagonists have done a great job with personal branding. --- I think it would help our cause a lot if there was fiction that emphasized basically the opposite of what I listed above. And it should go mainstream. Any examples of good fiction? Especially if it's free and visual

Is personal branding a function of capitalism?
cross-posted from: > A lot of people are trying to get some kind of fame online. It could be people trying to imitate their favorite Instagram celebrity. Obviously people would like to be in a similar position as that celebrity. But some people spend a lot of hours per day trying to take really good selfies and probably won't ever get fame or fortune. > > It does strike me as kind of a libertarian kind of thing.

What news orgs do you follow? Do you trust MSM?
I only consume mainstream media, which has been a major part in radicalizing me against capitalism. BBC, the guardian, Al Jazeera, etc It seems like my communist comrades and alt righters dislike MSM. Mainstream media seems to push more for anarchism principles then communist principles, which might be why Communists don't like it? Inb4 someone says MSM supports the status quo. Most of what I hear on MSm is in favor of nearly a revolution.

I'm not saying we should arm the lumen proletariat the way the black Panthers did
Let every dirty, lousy tramp arm himself with a revolver or a knife, and lay in wait on the steps of the palaces of the rich and stab or shoot the owners as they come out. Let us kill them without mercy, and let it be a war of extermination.

The leftwing activism experience needs to be improved
cross-posted from: > Right wing experience: Walk past a right wing protest literally by coincidence, spoke to the demonstrators just for giggles. They wanted to give me a sign to hold, wanted to network. So I networked with them. They invited me to another few protests which I didn't go to. I had some time and went to 1 of their protests. Afterwards they invited me to a house party and I went to that lol. > > Leftwing experience #1: finally found a leftwing group, Which was rather difficult because my city is right wing. Extremely eager to go out and do praxis. My contact there got in touch with me via email. She didn't want to progress from email to call or anything in person. When I asked about irl Praxis she said they didn't need anybody right now (???). The back and forth emails felt like mostly a waste of time. She'd throw in the occasional low-key insults. Eventually revealed that singular they wanted to spend God knows how long "vetting" me before anything further would happen. This was happening at around the same time I met those right wing activists above. > > That leftwing above wouldn't allow me to network with anyone else in their org, extremely strong gate keeping. Judging from a few things she said, I'd only speak to someone in the same manner as her if I thought they were a murderer on the run. > > Eventually i just gave up. > > Leftwing experience #2: > Different City. Networked with my local iww. Gave me the union training over zoom. I didn't have money to pay for their dues, but told the organizer to invite me to protests they go to. Long story short, organizer said they wouldn't invite me for any protests unless I put cash on the table. > > In the 20 years I lived in that City, I never saw or heard anything about that iww. Pretty sure they never did anything besides closed door zoom meetings. > > Tldr: the left wingers I met or either incompetent or douchebags. > > It's literally easier and faster to approach women for dating/sex stuff, at least in my experience, than get lefties to do something. in my country. I'm not a Chad or anything either. > > My suggestions: Drop the gatekeeping bs, actually do shot that isn't zoom meetings or reading books, drop the financial requirements. If the right wing icons didn't spend so much time bashing minorities, I might have believed capitalism works.

People have too much faith in complaining up the hierarchy and hoping something changes
Reminiscing about a bad time where I once complained to HR about prev boss and they did jack all. I later figured HR hired him specifically bc they liked that behavior.

Friend became my boss recently. Friend also became a jerk simultaneously.
The fact that they're in charge and I need the cash went straight to their head. Sucks man.

The article is about a property register data leak in Dubai, where we can learn the names of many people who hide assets over there. Interestingly, most properties were not associated with a name but with offshore corporations (because of course). But in the names revealed in the leaks, we can find Roman Lyabikhov, who is currently a parliamentarian for the Communist Party in Russia. Makes you wonder what these "communists" are really about if you didn't have doubts before ;) ;)

cross-posted from: They're giving away this food/books. They organize leftist events here. The cafe is named after Fred Hampton. Good place, my only criticism is the regular food they serve is expensive. Would be nice to have a poor person menu.

Anyone else feeling discouraged after seeing the elon take over of twitter?
cross-posted from: > Other countries/regions are making progressive strides, but it feels like we're sliding backwards. > > (I still think we should capitalize on this moment and bring way more people to the fediverse.)

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