True engineering run: you build the thing and leave it to nature to devoure P.S. Streamer char run requires you to stand in one place till end of the wave

New to me too, not that I have an xbox, but sounds like another avenue for peeps to get to play Metroid Prime :D

Nice vid in body of the article as well

Any games similar to Fallout?
Just starting to play Fallout (Well Tales Of Two Wasteland mod to be precise), want to play more games that has post-apocalyptic setting. It's a plus if it DRM-Free (so like if it on GOG or but Steam games will also do.

Simple elo formula?
cross-posted from: > The regular elo formula is complicated. > > The most basic elo formula is win = 1 points, draw = 0, lose = -1. Which is a little too basic. > > I looked around and couldn't find a 'medium difficulty' elo formula. Anyone have a medium difficulty proposal? > > Regular elo formula: > > `The Elo rating system embodies this by using a formula that changes a player's rating by adding K(S-E) to his rating each time. K is a constant that is the same for all players; the higher it is, the more easily your rating changes. S is the score of the player in a match (+1 for a win, 0 for a loss). E is the expected score of the player in the match. Against a weak player, it is close to 1 since you expect a strong player to beat a weak player most of the time. Conversely, against a stronger player, it is close to 0. You can calculate E using the formula E_A = 1/(1+10(R_B-R_A/400)), where E_A is the expect score of player A with rating R_A when faced with player B with rating R_B. `

Which is IMHO a reasonable question, no matter how you think about Steam otherwise.

Silent Hill 2, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XVI and Bloodborne.

One of the best parts of gaming is gaming with friends, but often this requires everyone involved to have the same expensive piece of hardware. Almost everyone has a computer with a browser already, though, so if you’d like to play online with friends who don’t have the same gaming machine as you, they can play along now simply by opening a web browser thanks to this project called Qwantify. There are a few requirements to get this to work, though. At least one person needs to have a computer with a GPU to run the docker container that hosts the game, but once that’s done anyone with a browser can connect to it and play. The entire project is open source as well, and since it’s currently a very young project there is only support for AMD and Intel GPUs but it does have a fairly intuitive user interface as well as some other features like allowing for various gaming peripherals and supporting streaming gameplay to Twitch and YouTube. I'm not yet seeing any videos yet showing how it is actually setup and working. Their GitHib project page does have the instructions though on how to set up the Docker container to get going. See #technology #opensource #gaming #qwantify

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