cross-posted from: > Or more like "Getting Over It developer philosophizes over the concept of speedrunning accompanied by a 1 Minute 24 second world record speedrun of his game, illustrating his point."

cross-posted from: For those of us who's into them awful video game movies of the 90's. > On May 15th 2019, the Super Mario Bros. The Move Archive discovered a tape containing an extended rough cut of the 1993 cult film - Super Mario Bros. > > This version is about 15 minutes longer than the theatrical cut, including new and extended scenes that expand the story and character arcs.

I Will Be Beta-Testing Diablo 4
I was one of the lucky few to be chosen for closed end-game beta-testing for Diablo 4. I will be testing it with a Playstation 5 starting in November. Because of all the strict NDAs (Non-disclosure Agreements) there will be very little that I'll be able to share online about the game.

All forms of game discussion go here, from video gaming, to card games, to tabletop gaming.

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