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outerheaven sheds light on who it bans with an 'imposter among us' guide
https://outerheaven.club cant find OP One of the easiest ways to strengthen a community against attacks is to shine a spotlight on the behaviors shown by people attempting to sabotage it. This is done by labor organizers in real life to strengthen a group of workers against union busting, for instance. The term often used for this is “inoculation”. Similar to being vaccinated once you are aware of an attacker, the effectiveness of their behavior decreases. So comrades, what patterns have you noticed in wreckers, trolls, and feds? Comment in the thread and I’ll update this post to include your feedback. Terminology Troll Standard internet bog person. Not particularly clever or inventive. 4chan-tier. Nothing in their brain but slurs. Wrecker Typically fixated on the site, repeat and/or sustained activity. (Eg Pumpkin Spice Flintstone guy). Might be a reference to an old USSR term for saboteurs in the party? Fed Rare (?). Tries to encourage illegal behavior. Bad at it. Often doing it just to see who corrects them and in what ways. Patterns I’ve noticed General new account with slightly “off takes” that gradually becomes increasingly aggressive “just asking questions” “innocently” brings up incredibly specific past struggle sessions tries to position obvious shitposts as sincerely held opinions that somehow reflect poorly on the site (eg “everyone loves hunter biden”) attempts to take other user’s sentences out of context and spin it into an argument Wrecker Types Fresh Accounts without History (FAWH) These are accounts created in the last few weeks with little to no activity FAWHs indicate ban avoidance, shell propaganda accounts, and/or a desire to hide a pointed agenda. Identify and counter this by checking post histories. Defrosted FAWHs These accounts behave similarly to FAWHs but show a much older registration date combined with long periods of low activity, reflecting history editing or dormancy. They will occasionally only have comments at or around the time of struggle sessions. Identify and counter this behavior by checking post histories. Drive-by Accounts These accounts post bigoted or inflammatory comments in active threads then delete/edit their comments a day or two after the submission dies to obscure the pattern of their activity. This is hard to spot unless you check back in with your suspected trolls or seek them out by reviewing. If you catch them in the act it’s hugely indicative of subversive intent. Identify and negate this by monitoring suspected trolls for post deletion and reporting before they are deleted. Also quoting especially aggressive replies so they can’t edit it away.

Bitwarden joins sopuli. Runs away after ~12 hours due to rumors of a red tide
sopuli.xyz/c/bitwarden - sub was disposed off --- The full quote after he removed the community: Apologies friends, we had to remove the Bitwarden instance for the time being, to review the flood of responses coming in to us from the community regarding information about the purpose behind Lemmy via the creators. That’s all he said. In the beginning he seemed quite excited to join Lemmy. That excitement soon turned to horror.

Goosefetish sacrificed to the lemmygrad blood god
There was a 200+ incantations across 2 threads ([1]( https://lemmy.ml/post/417095) and [2](https://lemmy.ml/post/418487?scrollToComments=true)) in asklemmy. Historians are torn on the exact date the catrina-stalagmite rapture began, but popular consensus considers this event to be the start. The ritual began with The Pope of Banishment catr-stag crying: "Comrades! I comment for the algorithm, may more of us see this insanity and come to our aid!" This marked the first on record brigading on the Lemmyverse. Legions of catr-stag's loyal lemmygrad followers emerged from the shadows and surrounded Goose. They began chanting incantations. Goose was never seen again and his body was never found. His epitaph reads: "Friend to all You're a friend to everyone you meet. Friends and family come first to you, and you're always there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Your legacy is defined by the lives you've affected." He was succeeded by a wife, 3 children and 2 ducks. A public memorial service will follow.

More like c/WorldWar amirite. Usually lemmygrad vs the world

NXL@lemmy.ml runs into lemmygrad guns blazing - gets banned.
Have y’all considered the “communists” in power are manipulating the peasants just like the “capitalists” in power do to their wage slaves?

An exploration of the Lemmy instances
national geographic look at lemmy instances

Users need an option to block instances - the catalina-stalinator rapture event continue
But much more civil since they retreated back to lemmygrad after being given a ban for 5 days but not their adoraphobia alt

Beehaw defederates from lemmygrad
When did the lemmygrad defederation happen? Chris Remington mod A couple of days ago. alyaza about aug 10, mostly motivated by their lack of moderation/lack of compatibility with our values but also because we’re trying to figure out why our server is using so much more space than it should be (because if we don’t figure it out soon our hosting costs will need to double). one of the presumptions is who we federate with has something to do with it and lemmygrad was the biggest place we federated with, but we don’t really have overlap with their userbase so it doesn’t make very much sense to assume any additional load they might be adding.

FediLore + Fedirama

    Chronicle the life and tale of the fediverse (+ matrix)

    Largely a sublemmy about capturing drama, from fediverse spanning drama to just lemmy drama.

    Includes lore like how a instance got it’s name, how an instance got defederated, how an admin got doxxed, fedihistory etc

    Rules: include a snippet something about what your post is about, ex flame war.

    Tags: fediverse news, lemmy news

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