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  • Here, since you don’t seem to actually know what real fascism is: wiki

    What you want (giving you a brief assumption that you’re actually genuine) is a radical overnight change from capitalism to a socialism based economy. Which is respectable, id like that too. Id like our government to actually provide real healthcare and cut out private companies and nationalize everything from water to electricity to ISPs and actually serve the people like governments should.

    But it will. Not. Happen. Overnight. It’s just not realistic in any sense of the word unless you have the ability to bring things into existence from sheer will.

    Even the real fascists on the far-right took DECADES of propaganda and billions upon billions of dollars getting to where they are now

    To bring things as far left as you want is going to take time and effort.

    You want to know how you bring a country left? You vote for the leftist most candidate, with the best shot of winning you can. If all Democrats continuously showed up to vote as much as Republicunts did we wouldn’t be in this mess and we likely would be a lot further left than we are now

    You need to swallow your pride and selfishness and vote left with whoever is on the ballot, then vote D down ticket. If we all voted D consistently, in droves, year after year then the Republican party would fade into irrelevancy.

    When that happens what we now know as the DNC will be the new Republicans and another more left party will take their place. Then we do the same thing, voting ever more left.

    But it’s going to take time, that’s unavoidable, but it certainly doesn’t help with you screaming “fascist” at every single candidate that isn’t perfectly aligned with pure unadulterated socialism.

    You are a living example of the quote “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”

  • Fuck booking.com


    It says the companies, which use screen-scraping software to find and resell tickets, add additional charges and make it difficult for the airline to contact passengers.

    A jury in the District Court of Delaware unanimously found that Booking.com violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse act and that it had induced a third party to access parts of Ryanair’s website without authorisation "with an intent to defraud," the verdict said.

    I really really hope that the “intent to defraud” is the big thing in this case and not “scraping”, id hate for the precedent to be set that site scraping in general is something that should be illegal and give yet another tool to big companies to fuck people ovwr

  • You can cut off the feedings cold turkey, he’s not “starving”, just wants comfort and might be a little peckish at most. This is pretty much the case after they’re 6 months and have achieved a healthy weight. Sub it out with other non-food ways of comforting.

    W/o the night time feeding they’ll probably be encouraged to eat more during the day as well. The first days after the cutoff will be the toughest, just stick to it and youll be fine

  • I’ve seen a lot of your comments around here, you’re just a “boTHSiDeS” MAGAt in a trenchcoat

    I’m not persuading anyone not to vote

    I’m saying you dont have to vote for either POS fascist.

    You literally admitted it in the same sentence, a vote for “neither” is effectively a non-vote and a non-vote is effectively a vote for Trump

    There’s a lot to not like about Biden, but he is NO fascist, not even close. Trump is literally spouting fascist ideals. Last I checked, Biden isnt compiling a list of political enemies to have incarcerated/executed. That’s a literal component of fascism.

  • Not if you DIY. I just finished a project, not only wiring all rooms for Ethernet, but PoE for 10 exterior cameras.

    You can get 500ft Cat 5e boxes off eBay for like ~$20, an extra long 1/2 inch drill bit (for punching through the exterior wall) was like another 20. Most expensive part was probably the metal conduit for the outside runs (I decided to only have 2 or 3 holes to the outside and run the cables in the conduit along the soffit to converge to one of 3 exterior holes for final routing within the house. That was probably 150-250)

    All in all after estimating for secondary costs, like screws, brackets, sealant, a caulk gun, ceiling bracket for ceiling routing indoors etc this project was probably <400, pretty cheap as far as home improvement projects go

  • That’s all understandable, for a startup or young company. But this is Sony a multi-billion dollar electronics company with many MANY released devices and software projects under its belt.

    If they had taken things seriously, invested the proper funding and pulled the appropriate personnel they would have no problems getting something out that can beat RPCS3 in a year tops.

    They tried to just slap something together as (what someone around here commented a while back) a minimum value add product and shove it out the door. Any claims of “It’s just too hard” they try to make is nothing but cover AFAIC now that people are starting to call them out on it