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New community: Mythical Numbers - for crossposting content that has special numbers (ex 69, 88, 13, 34) in it that you stumbled across
cross-posted from: > Ideally stumbled across by accident, ideally not set up on purpose. > > Ex someone shares a chinese military demo and there happens to be a block of 69 soldiers standing in the frame. If it was 88 soldiers, it would have been on purpose given 88 is a lucky in china. > > Inspired by the '11' sub that is the same idea but is only for the number 11.

New community: predictions - for posting your predictions of what will come!
cross-posted from: > > > Could be fictions, non fiction, technology, politics, election results etc

cross-posted from: > I have created the community [/c/answered](/c/ > > If you run into an interesting question online for which a good answer was provided, this is the place to share it! > > The point of this community is to aggregate interesting questions that have been answered from all over the internet (like stackexchange, reddit, quora, etc). You can copy the questions into the post body and the best answer(s) into the comments. > > Other users may then address the answers directly by replying to the comments, or add their own answer to the question as a new independent comment. > > As of now, there is no constraint on the topics. Any answered question is fine! > > I have already made an example post, but I don't know how to create a relative hyperlink that would send you to the post in your instance. So just check it out in the community ;)

New community: Today I Watched/Listened to
cross-posted from: > Share what you're watching/listening to! > > Any platform is fine

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