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  • Ten?

    Gonna be a tossup, because I was listening to two in heavy rotation on casette. The first was a couple of years old at that point, Alabama’s Mountain Music. Still a great album.

    The other was essentially brand new, Joan Jett’s Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth, again on cassette.

    My parents had the Alabama on vinyl, which got worn the hell out by the time I got the tape. The Joan Jett wasn’t something they had gotten for themselves until after I bought it with birthday money at the same time as the Alabama tape. Then they got it on vinyl.

    I still listen to both albums in their entirety here and there, and have multiple songs from each in multiple playlists.

    I think, at the time, I probably favored GROAMY (what a horrible initialism lol) a bit most of the time, but it would have been a narrow margin. As full albums I favor Mountain Music now, it’s just more consistently good songs across the album. Not that Jett’s album has any stinkers, it doesn’t; it’s just that Alabama really nailed every track.

    And yes, I’m fucking old lol

  • Assuming no underlying health conditions, damn near anything you can buy that’s labelled for human ingestion is fine occasionally. Even stuff like caffeine that’s somewhat addictive, if you actually make it an occasional thing, it isn’t a big deal. Hell, if you have the sense to keep it to very rare occasions, tobacco isn’t anything to worry about, even when smoked. It isn’t good for you, but if it’s a thing where you only have a cigar on your birthday, it’s not doing anything your body can’t handle.

    A monthly dose of energy drink? Well, it means your tastebuds are shot already, but that’s different issue lol. It won’t mess up your heart, digestion, or anything else as long as you don’t have an issue that would indicate otherwise.

  • Supposedly, the lemmynsfw.com instance has a few decent amateur C/s. I know you said you were aware, just adding it for anyone else looking.

    I can verify that I’ve seen some pop up over the last few months, since I block the porn/nudes based C/s from there as they appear on my all feed so the other ones aren’t blocked. There’s a few heavy posters, and plenty of sporadic ones that pop up on my alt account since I never got around to blocking anything there, but I don’t use it often.

    Mastodon has almost too much NSFW content tbh. It makes scrolling an “everything” feed cumbersome. I have seen a lot of self generated nsfw stuff there before I got my account curated well enough to avoid the full federated feeds.

  • being real though, cows are about dang dumb lol.

    They can be sweet, but holy crap, the kind of messes they get themselves into is absurd. I once helped my cousin with a cow that had gotten her head stuck in the fork of a tree. She was upset and trying to get to some tall grass the whole time.

    She could have just walked around the tree. Like, the next nearest tree was ten feet away, but she just couldn’t get past seeing the seeds of the grass through the fork.

    We get her loose, and she tries to stick her head back through.

    We guide her around, mostly by pushing her in the right direction, and she just starts eating like nothing had happened.

    I will say that she was also the sweetest cow I ever met. Loved getting scratched and brushed, so she’d come trotting over any time she saw a sucker familiar human and just butt them with her head until I the sucker the person complied. She would reward you with licks.

    So, yeah, grass pupper lol.