What is this, and why does it exist?

If you clicked on a badge and arrived here, this is a short explainer.

When viewing the number of subscribers, users on Lemmy will ONLY see the number of people that subscribed from their instance. This might make a community look empty/dead when it isn’t actually. (Read more here: https://lemmy.ca/post/5674368)

A workaround is to use a badge generated by shields.io, which will show the total subscriber count. This works because it will check the number of subscribers from the community’s home instance, and you can check the numbers yourself by going to that page (ex. click the !communityName@example.com link below the title).

This badge can also be customized to fit the theme of your community!


In order to get this:

copy the following, and swap out the fediverse%40lemmy.world portion with your community and instance:


If you want to link to your community with the button instead of this explainer post, swap out the https://lemmy.ca/post/5635462 link with where you want to go.

Detailed Explanation and Customization

You can put an image markdown inside a link markdown:

  • Regular link: [link_text](LINK_URL) (where link_text might be My Website and LINK_URL might be https://example.com)
  • Image link: ![](IMAGE_URL) (where IMAGE_URL might be https://example.com/hotdog.jpeg
  • All together: [![](IMAGE_URL)](LINK_URL)

Thus, it’s possible to insert a shields.io badge as a link. This badge can be generated here: https://shields.io/badges/lemmy

You can also customize the text, color, logo, and more. For example:

Some tips:

  • try each of these styles and pick one you like: flat (default), flat-square, plastic, for-the-badge, social
  • for logo, you can input lemmy. This will add a little Lemmy icon
  • While you can change this, we recommend Total Subscribers for the labelColor