The last man on Earth hears a knock on the door.

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I’m trying to unpin this since this is fairly old news now. But I cannot. , unpin this if you agree? Also, if you don’t want to unpin, let me know why.

Unable to unpin another mod's sticky

Not sure when this happened. Is this intended? On this sub !


Banner contest for this sub!

Make or find a banner for this sub and win my respect! It’ll also be used as the banner for this sub. …


We now have a privacy chat room on Matrix!

Same rules as here. If you want mod status there, let me know…


Not planned out and mostly directionless, if someone wants to do something cool with it, I’m interested! A ERC20 testnet sounds interesting!

Crash the lemmy buxs market and start the banking crisis

What is the most downvoted post on lemmy?

/ lowest total score …


Lemmy has a bank called LIB

the Lemmy International Bank …


But it’s different than the initial reddit silver in the sense that there is only a limited supply of lemmy bucks in existence, so there is resource scarcity

It’s even less consequential than a Reddit gold, but we’re going to c/hodl (doesn’t exist) til we hit the c/moon (doesn’t exist) then buy a c/lambo (doesn’t exist) and then crash it because !