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Pastebin] how to look depressed
look like you're a little less than high functioning: like if you have a tie, then mess it up to look like you couldn't make it done and just left it there. The shirt is also should a bit dirty and wrinkled to signify that you tried to look good but couldn't make yourself iron/clean stuff

Pasta] historical reference dates
2019 - 2022, creepa restrictions 2019 - 2020, lock tik 2020 - George Floyd protests 2016 - Trump victory 2014 - chimera defeat 2012 - Mayan 1986 Chernobyl ? 2003 Sadam Hussein v Kuwaiti liberation war 2001 - 9/11 2000 1997 - Soviet Union collapse 1920s - Prohibition 1914 - 1918, - ww1 1945 - ww2 1960s - Vietnam war 1957 - folhyuna war 1812 - 1814, - folpandessio war 1899 - boer war 2, japan v Russia

[Pasta] No doubt. It’s good to know you’re not alone. Know that Alex and I are on your side. This sucks for sure, but we are both proud of the hard work you’ve done getting to where you are now.
No doubt. It's good to know you're not alone. Know that Alex and I are on your side. This sucks for sure, but we are both proud of the hard work you've done getting to where you are now. You've leveraged your giftings for the benefit of others and the community, and it's a shame the justice system doesn't see that. Happy to call you a friend and I hope you know we want to help you the best ways we can both now and in the future

wearing; sooxo, soounderwear, soosokoy, soopano, codkooto soobestie v Measuring kato v surgical pufo - 3 v pufo extender v n95 - 2 v suit; blazer, soopano, tie, sooxo, soobelo, soobestie v loovoko glako systane v katmulo v methacarbamol v loohana sanitizer v b12 v naproxen v quetia v tiwoglako v loovteeo + loovteeo paste v anoobiso v ear plugs, tweezer v peta battery, charger, microusb, usbC v luminette, clips, gretca glasses v antiperspirant v yabglako v ace v domperidone v migraine glako v retainer v sooammo v loovoko pufo v headphones v alfo V kungnama vitwaspo V bungee victreebelo V wjsno

You are an apologist for the genocidal regime of USA that loves to manufacture colour revolutions in countries to ensure their global hegemonic dictatorship, and to ensure using media, military, NED f
You are an apologist for the genocidal regime of USA that loves to manufacture colour revolutions in countries to ensure their global hegemonic dictatorship, and to ensure using media, military, NED funded fake NGOs and funded terrorist groups around the world, that any country has trouble maintaining sovereignty. If that is your only existential purpose, you can safely parrot with other parrots at Reddit and Twitter.

How to fit my stories in with a friend who talks to much?
When I talk, she lets me talk, but she doesn't leave much of an opening and I have trouble shoe horning my stories in.~~___~~ Tell them to be quiet and let you speak. I had this problem with my brother. He would talk and talk and talk and talk and then, when he asked me a question, I'd answer for a few seconds only for him to interrupt and talk and talk and talk again. He did this for years up until about six months ago when I just told him "can you please let me talk?" explicity and, almost immediately, he started controlling himself more. I rarely have this problem with him anymore. Moral of the story is that people don't actually have any fucking clue what's going on in your head, you have to tell them (even if you feel like they shouldn't have to be told).

Sleeping pills
Doxepin Seroquel. Ambien Used to take mirtazapine (antidepressants but it also made me fall asleep hella fast). Now I'm waiting for melatonin pills to arriveI'm on hydroxyzine and seroquel for unrelated reasons but they knock my ass out. I'm no longer taking anything for sleep. But 50-75 mg of diphenhydramine used to knock me on my ass. Amitriptyline. Sleep is an off label use but makes me drowsy and helps me stay asleep.Hydroxyzine all the way. It's basically prescription strength Benadryl, knocks me out for at least a solid 6 hours. I was originally prescribed it for anxiety (take it when symptoms/panic begin to set in similar to a benzo) but as my anxiety levels have decreased over the last year or so, I use it almost exclusively to induce sleep.

[pastebin] Hotwire is a travel website that offers airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and va
cross-posted from: > I havent yet figured out why their prices are so cheap, but it seems to be a legit company. Prices are somehow 20% cheaper

[pastebin] How to hangout with high risk of bed bugs ppl
Like someone with a known bedbug infestation safe distance from the individual's belongings; 2m; overall distancing 1.5m; grass or similar 3m; textured straight line (ex bench)

[pastebin] Reasons wars happen
- A group in a nation calls for help and another nation joins in to help them. Can be a military (martines during punic war) or an 'ethnicity being genocided' (russo-ukraine) - You're a dictator and you're running a risk of being overthrown, so you start a war bc if you win you'll be popular (falkan war, japan v russia) - Economic gain (japan ww2 to get natural resources) - religious difference? (crusades) - Being excessively taxed by a foreign power? (american revolution) - Widespread poverty, wealth, dictatorship (russian revolution - basically civil war, french rev), massive differences in culture/economy within a country (american civil war, south wanting slaves + to succeed, north not + wanting to maintain union)

You assumed I don’t know how to do my job I am aware what needs to be done I just asked if it’s an option for me to go I find this group chat unprofessional Eric has my cell if anyone needs to contact me.

[OC] Lemmy’s silent watchdog
Found on c/all I just want to say that, as myself having been Lemmy’s silent watchdog, I am happy to see you stand up to all this stuff before it (amongst the ongoing admin ruckus) starts spiralling out of hand. I have experience with the chans and darknet underbellies of the internet, so I can lend advice from my experience whenever needed. (I do not care about any mod or admin powers.) I want to see this thing grow.

Jan 6, Happy Ins-erection Day my slutty little PATRIOTS
I ate macdonald at Target today. Three of my lungs collapsed as I got carbon monoxide poisoning from eating shit. A brave patriot wearing an Affliction shirt, a MAGA hat, and sweet wrap around sunglasses saved me by giving me CPR. I thanked him and asked if he was a doctor and he said "who needs doctors when we have our fellow Americans, the ones who are here legally I mean." I hugged him and threw my fries on the ground. The Star Spangled Banner played on the speaker system as everyone in the threw down their insulin needles on the ground, chanting "down with communism!" God, Jesus, and all the angels looked down upon us from Heaven and clapped and all of our diabetes was cured

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