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What does your file organizer do?

automatically generate a torrent containing those files, share it with all other users with a distributed database and seed it.

No one should want to join a file-sharing network with non-static data, that’s extremely dangerous as it allows other people to put data onto your hard drive. This is why torrents are static data, and ppl use syncthing or seafile with only trusted devices for non-static data.

I don’t think generic file organizers (outside of what the filesystem can already do) are a good idea. What we have are specific types of media content, and apps that work well for organizing and presenting that specific type of media. This is because all of this content has specific tags that are unique to the content. Books have ISBN numbers, movies don’t. Music has ID3 album artist tags, movies don’t.

  • Movies / TV - Jellyfin, Plex
  • Books - Calibre
  • Music - MusicBrainz, different music apps that work with tags

As far as sharing data, torrents already have that problem solved. You don’t really need voting there, because popularity is already indicated by seeder counts.

You can’t do mod actions on moderators higher up than you.

This is very bad. Its the best android email app.

Please google these errors, you likely have ports blocked on your system that’s interfering with docker: https://github.com/docker/compose/issues/6998

Nothing to do with lemmy, but a weirdly configured system.

Smelling nice or even neutral isn’t something to benefit you, its so everyone else doesn’t have to experience disgusting and gross smells in public. Your parents are trying to help you not be rude to them and other people, listen to them.

false, “msg”: "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: myuser@myip: Permission denied

Open up an issue in lemmy-ui if you would.

@humanetech@lemmy.ml hit the nail on the head, that the biggest danger is convincing current fediverse devs to sell out, which due to our small number, and tiny amount of current funding ( most of us get less funding than youtubers ), would be incredibly easy.

Throw a few fediverse devs some high salaries or payoffs, and you could easily tank the fediverse.

The only way to fight this, and to grow the fediverse, is provide more open funding so that we can add more developers and grow these projects.

Every time someone says females I always think of Quark from star trek deep space 9. “Feeeemales”

I think its a local law issue, but also Germany’s laws against piracy / infringement are almost as draconian as the US’s.

Warning: they are Germany-based, and not friendly to anything piracy-related. They removed a few repos of mine, and I had to move elsewhere.

There’s already several native android apps, I just did a release for jerboa.

I’d much rather people use and contribute to native apps rather than have 20 PWA’s each taking up the ram space of an entire browser running on their phones.

I just tried creating an account through the browser, it works fine, says regstration application sent.

I can’t help you with lemmur as I didn’t create it, but I did make !jerboa@lemmy.ml, and everything works there, although you can’t create an account through it yet.

How are you trying to create an account? Through the website? What browser are you using, it should show you exactly what is wrong with your username.

I’m busy, but if someone else works something up I’d be glad to add it.

A few bug fixes: …


Favorite FOSS android app?

Single entries please…


To combat the anti-Semitic brigades over the last few days, we've made it so that new users have to fill out a registration application before they can join here.

This should help us cut down on the trolls. We recommend other instances do the same, because they will likely be targeted also. …