Welcome to Lemmy, I'm one of the devs and admins for this instance. Being pro-piracy, and allowing torrent magnet links 🏴‍☠️ , is one of the original reasons I started working on lemmy ( even a lot of the better reddit alts refuse to allow magnet links, or be pirate-friendly). One of the best ways to keep the stream alive, is by decentralizing the ways we find and access content. Torrents do this directly for data, but I hope that lemmy, as a federated reddit alternative, can eventually serve as a platform to aggregate, post, and comment on pirated data in a decentralized way. [More info about Lemmy including docs, how federation works, and a good onboarding site.]( Welcome aboard!

Personal collection of Piracy related links
Hello! To start my attempt at not [lurking]( I am posting a link to the collection of links I have from Reddit regarding various Piracy sites. Please keep in mind this is my personal collection. You should ABSOLUTELY vet the links yourself. I am just a guy on the internet, I am not a trusted source. This is not a complete list. This is just the sites I refer to for their specific category. I've omitted a fair bit too since the megathreads / link collections have them already too. If you have other good sources, be sure to share! # General Piracy: -[/r/piracy Megathread]( -[FMHY]( -[Ripped]( -[PiratezParty]( -[Champagne Wiki]( -[DuckLink]( # Games: -[]( - Requires Signup -[GOG games]( -[Zamunda]( Linux Games (LinuzRulez!) - Requires Signup -[/r/PiratedGames Megathread]( -[Fitgirl Repacks]( -[DODI repacks]( -[ElAmigos repacks]( -[OVAgames]( -[Gload]( -[SteamRIP]( -[Torrmininatorr]( - Requires signup -[OnlineFixme]( - Requires signup -[ZLOemu]( # Movies/Series: -[YTS.MX]( -[BabyTorrent]( # Books: -[ShadowLibraries]( -[]( -[]( -[]( -[PDFdrive]( # Software: -[Monkrus]( - Adobe Stuff -[Appnee]( -[Sanet]( (Slow downloads) -[DirtyWarez]( - Requires signup # Private tracker Invites: -[TorrentInvites]( -[OpenTrackers](

New Uploader on Torrentgalaxy says he uses the exact same settings RARBG used for their x265 encodes
For those looking to get RARBG's x265 encodes back, there is a new uploader by the name of INFINITY that is going to start encoding stuff the same way RARBG did, here's his post on the Torrentgalaxy forums , check it out, what do you guys think?

(via reddit) >**Stop Crying, Wipe Your Tears - Introducing…. NQ-RARBG!** > >Hello members of /r/Piracy, > >SlideMovies presents to you NQ-RARBG (Not Quite RARBG). > >The death of RARBG has been truly saddening for all of us. > >We have gathered developers and have started work on a RARBG clone. > >The clone aims to have all the torrents from RARBG (except XXX), and then open registrations, so more people can add torrents. However, this will be under strict moderation to prevent the spread of malware. > >GitHub: > >Link: > >We encourage more and more developers to contribute and help us with our goal. >Thank you, >The SlideMovies Team

EFF: Our Right To Challenge Junk Patents **[ Is Under Threat ](** [@piracy]( By Joe Mullin > The U.S. Patent Office has proposed new rules about who can challenge wrongly granted patents. If the rules become official, they will offer new protections to patent trolls. Challenging patents will become far more onerous, and impossible for some. The new rules could stop organizations like EFF, which [used this process to fight the Personal Audio “podcasting patent”](, from filing patent challenges altogether. > > We need EFF supporters to speak out against this proposal, which is a gift for patent trolls. We’re asking supporters who care about a fair patent system to file comments using the federal government’s public comment system. Your comments don’t need to be long, or use fancy legalese. The important thing is that everyday users and creators of technology get a chance to state their opposition to these rules. Below the button you can see a simple proposed comment you can cut-and-paste; you can also add to it, or write your own. > > > > If you have a personal experience with patent troll attacks, please mention it. Comments are not anonymous and you should use your real name. > > **[TELL USPTO TO WORK FOR THE PUBLIC, NOT PATENT TROLLS](** ---------- **[Read the post by Joe Mullin on ]( [@eff](**

Free Media Heck Yeah Backup
[r/FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH]( over on reddit has an excellent compilation of useful links and guides regarding piracy, that surpasses anything on r/piracy. I took the liberty of creating a Wayback Machine snapshot to preserve that wiki. That list gets updated still from time to time. If anyone has an idea where to host it somewhere safe to keep working on it, let me know, I'll gladly do the footwork.

[r/Torrenting]( [r/trackers](

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I2p in qBitTorrent
Goes anyone have a way to test if torrents are directed through i2p or clearnet in qBitTorrent? Thx

>The popular torrenting site RARBG has unexpectedly shut down due to various challenges. The past two years have been difficult for the team, with some members facing COVID-related complications and others engaged in the war in Europe. Additionally, rising data center costs and inflation made it financially unsustainable. The shutdown is a significant loss, as RARBG was a highly regarded torrenting site known for high-quality uploads. The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War on peer-to-peer file sharing, affordable prices for Russians, and changes in Bulgaria's piracy laws may have also contributed. Ultimately, the closure highlights the complexities and expenses involved in running a torrenting site.

What are your favorite piracy apps on your android box?
What apps do you personally use on your android box? I use a racked version of spotify for adfree streaming, and stremio with some plugins for all tvshows. I used Kodi in the past but it tended to crap out on the box (its a mibox 4K). I would love to get some more apps for pirating content. Local content is usually a hard find.

Looking for User-Friendly Piracy Alternatives
I'm on the lookout for simple piracy alternatives that offer a user-friendly experience with content presentation similar to Stremio + Torrentio. While I've tried various P2P programs like BitTorrent, I've found that their UIs lack the seamless presentation of content that Stremio provides. I'm hoping to discover options that combine ease of use with an appealing interface, allowing for convenient discovery and downloading. If you've come across any piracy platforms that offer a Stremio-like UI, where content is presented in a user-friendly manner, please share your recommendations or experiences. Let's help each other find enjoyable and accessible ways to access our favorite media content!

Seeking Recommendations for Manga Downloading and Reading Software on Linux Desktop
Hey fellow pirates and open-source enthusiasts! I've been a dedicated Linux user for quite some time now and I'm in need of your expertise. I'm searching for software that can handle both manga downloading and organizing, as well as providing a seamless reading experience on my Linux desktop. I prefer having separate programs for downloading and reading manga. If you have any recommendations, whether they're trusted open-source tools or reliable piracy-friendly solutions, I would greatly appreciate your insights and experiences. Thanks in advance for your help!

recommended iptv providers
Are there recommended iptv providers by users?

Looking for a good source for Premium Deezer Arls
r/stillfreedeezerarl is dying slowly. Now I need a new source.

Mullvad will removed port forwarding from their app.

i have gotten forza horizon 5 from but cant seem to play online due to an error that no servers in the region are found (added to steam and it shows spacewars but still cant get into online) (P.S the pic is from google, but i get this error) Also wanna know if there are online fixes for CarXdrift and Asseto Corsa as i wanna play them with my friends thanks for reading

today on WatchMojo, top 10 most idiotic corporate money grabs

Transmission stats

Anti-Piracy Outfit Wipes ACE’s ‘Watch Legally’ Page From Google
> ACE, the world's leading anti-piracy coalition, is facing an unexpected setback after Google removed a page that advises 'pirates' where they can watch content legally. The removal is the result of an erroneous takedown notice from a competing anti-piracy organization, and was likely triggered by an ACE domain name seizure.

Empress has now sent the link to the crack files
It's on her telegram and for the people who didn't download the clean files here's the magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A4349A511DAFAA704C33A25065C34AB980803707&dn=Resident.Evil.4-EMPRESS&

Empress is now cracking re4 and has sent the magnet link for clean files
Here's the link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ee04e7f2d3e379ad055e18ba77b29584df0e8064&dn=Resident.Evil.4.Clean.Files.For.Beta.Testing.7z&

The EU is ready to agree that immediate open access to papers reporting publicly funded research should become the norm, without authors having to pay fees, and that the bloc should support non-profit scholarly publishing models. In a move that could send shockwaves through commercial scholarly publishing, the positions are due to be adopted by the Council of the EU member state governments later this month. Various draft positions on scholarly publishing have been published by the January-June Swedish presidency of the Council in recent months, but with few clues as to how the potentially industry-shaking proposals were being received by fellow member state governments. Now, however, the latest version published on May 4, which retains the most radical aspects of the earlier drafts, has been agreed “at technical level”, ready for research ministers to give it their assent at a meeting on 23 May.

How do I get unlimited cloud storage from microsoft for free? check the pic
A user on telegram group got free storage cloud how do I do that? I asked him but they just ignore me...

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How to turn Audible aa3 files into mp3 files on linux?
I am using Linux rn and I want to convert audible files to mp3, so I can listen to them anytime, is there a way to do this? (preferably locally) Edit: Thank you for your help!

My wife has quite a few audiobooks from audible. Is there a way to download, convert these into DRM free files for totally legitimate reasons?
My wife is paying for audible. I want to be able to share the books she's bought. She generally only buys books we can't otherwise fine, so this may be valuable.

🏴‍☠️ What impact will Italy’s new anti-piracy bill have?
_Note: originally written in Italian, translated into English via DeepL and some manual corrections._ Some people in my country will know this: the new anti-piracy bill** has been **approved** in Italy, and now the doubts we free-sharing enthusiasts have to deal with are many: * When will it actually become law? (I hope not exactly at the time of me writing this post 😰) * How much money must the entertainment lobbies have spent to ensure that the law was passed with complete unanimity? * What **real consequences** will it bring to us **common citizens**? The point that perhaps struck me most about the law (here [the PDF examined by the Commission](, and [the final report]( - perhaps because I own several totally personal online properties, which have zero economic value to me, but unquantifiable sentimental value - is the obligation for ISPs to respond to instant blocking requests. A copyright holder can send a blocking request that, when urgent - think of a live sports match, which is being illegally rebroadcast in real time - must be honoured in no more than 30 minutes by all providers, without any adversarial or formal process: it will be the owner of the blocked website who will then have to have legal proceedings opened to contest the blocking and demand restoration. For unlawful sites, all domain and sub-domain names (DNS), and IP addresses, present and, I have no idea on the basis of what limits, all possible future ones, will be blocked. By 'providers' is meant not only telephony operators, who provide the connection to the Internet, but in general those 'involved in any capacity in the accessibility' of illegal services, and explicit reference is even made to search engines. Search engines do nothing more than return links accompanied by a description, and in fact do not directly provide pirated material: in practice, this law even wants to **punish those who only provide _links_**, not just those who allow downloads. By this logic, the operators of _social networks_, (and I imagine that 'information society' in the text refers precisely to them), and possibly small online communities, will also be held responsible. The **potential for abuse and mistakes** is very high, and indeed, viewed impartially, this move can in any case be summarised as the obligation for ISPs to **build a [mega-firewall](**, for all intents and purposes under the ultimate control of the state, with all the problems that come with that (even accidental ones). Sooner or later there will be an incident of over-blocking, and problems will occur on Web services that have nothing to do with piracy, if they mess around with IPv4 address blocks. In any case, a **big rise in price** will probably be seen **on everyone's Internet bill**, even those who do not consume or share pirated material! Centralising a network that has existed for dozens of years, built from the beginning as decentralised, is not easy, and other states that strive to control information know this well. An example can be made by comparing Russia and China: both states have a certain desire to control political dissent on the Internet, but: * For Russia it's difficult, as it has a more traditional Internet infrastructure, which began to develop as decentralised long before Putin's arrival, when the present government was of a different type. * For China it's easier, because the government in office at the time (the Communist Party, as it is today), understood the potential of the Internet, and made sure that it was developed in a centralised manner from the outset. It is then inevitable that raising now, from nothing, this mega-wall of fire, will entail **substantial costs**, which will however be at the **total expense of all of us consumers**, instead of being at the expense of the billionaire entertainment multinational companies (who will only pay for the unified state platform that will connect rights holders and ISPs). But this last detail, quite rightly, does not matter to our parliamentarians and senators, who, luckily for them, for many and many years have been receiving [€1,200 and €1,650 per year respectively for their telephone expenses](, thanks to those of us, dumbass citizens, who pay taxes. Besides wanting to specifically and unequivocally counteract the 'live broadcasting' of duplicate content - something that is already causing bad vibes among those football fans with a limited budget - apart from the usual content in general (audiovisual, print, or software), the law goes expressly against end users, at least [a certain category]( In fact, fines of up to €5,000 in the event of a repeat offence will be done for those who (as far as I can tell from reading the bill and watching other people's videos and articles) buy subscriptions to pirate paid services, such as the infamous 'pezzotti', the illegal IPTV packages. All in all, despite the initial general fear and alarmism, it seems that the only users who have anything to fear are precisely the latter, because - although it has to be said that I know relatively little about the law, and it is not easy to apply generic text comprehension skills to legal texts, so who knows - the text talks about buying or renting, and not things like downloading at no cost. If, therefore, surfing the Internet to find links to 'crunchy' football matches, with pixels as big as biscuits and a buffering habit, or downloading the tenth film of the week via torrent, or hoarding freely repackaged video games, one can well imagine that things will remain as they are in this respect. On the other hand, those who participate in the sharing of copied content, even with a torrent left in _seeding_, could live decidedly less peaceful moments. In Italy it seems like no individual _seeder_ has ever been prosecuted, nor has their connection ever been blocked, but with the authorisation to block IP addresses the situation risks change, and maybe from now on ISPs will have to stop trashing lawyers' letters; if not the hundreds that arrive every day from the United States, with the audacity of wanting European citizens to respect a law only present in the United States (the DMCA), at least the few annual ones from Italy. Those who fare worse in this whole affair are certainly the members of the 'digital mafia' - as Massimiliano Capitanio, commissioner of AGCOM, calls it - i.e. those who sell pirated premium packages, making a profit: for them, fines of up to €15.5K and imprisonment for up to 3 years. Perhaps, if this new law only targeted them, there would not be much to discuss: they have no passion for sharing, only for money. Perhaps there would not be much of an objection even if, in going against the platforms that make certain links available, one were to consider taking action only against those for-profit companies: Google, Microsoft (with Bing), Facebook, Twitter, and the like. But in Italy we have already had the destruction of TNTVillage, and I don't want the decimation also of all the other online town squares created by people for people - without profit, and indeed often at a loss, both in time and money - just because **someone is bothered by the fact** that the **main feature of the Web** is being used: hypertext links, invented to favour the free and unrestricted sharing of culture and entertainment. --- Let's hope I can keep seeding without a VPN, the State must not put its nose in my Raspberry Pi.

Just wanna brag about my setup. Taking suggestions
Gluetun using ProtonVPN docker, with the following apps running through: Qbittorrent Sonarr/Radarr/Readarr/Prowlarr Jellyseerr Deemix - though I'm having trouble finding good arls lately Slskd Requester - linked to discord

Ripping VHS tapes
I have copyrighted VHS tapes from the 80's (mostly wrestling, music videos, magic instruction) and I would like to find someone in the US with the equipment to properly rip them for the community.

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Where can i pirate manga?
Can someone suggest websites, trackers etc focused on English translated manga? I want to download volumes

John Wick 4, recording from reel
Anybody know a good place to get john wick 4 from a recording of the reel, if anyone knows the name of that method btw that would be nice to know, i think it's called HDTS? but i can't remember

Can someone please link to a DDL site where I can get all of Elvis’ movies in HD format without any premium accounts?
As the title says. I want all the following (I know it's a long list, but I have plenty of space for them): Love Me Tender Loving You Jailhouse Rock King Creole G.I. Blues Flaming Star Wild in the Country Blue Hawaii Follow That Dream Kid Galahad Girls! Girls! Girls! It Happened at the World's Fair Fun in Acapulco Kissin' Cousins Viva Las Vegas Roustabout Girl Happy Tickle Me Harum Scarum Frankie and Johnny Paradise, Hawaiian Style Spinout Easy Come, Easy Go Double Trouble Clambake Stay Away, Joe Speedway Live a Little, Love a Little Charro! Thr Trouble with Girls Change of Habit

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