How can I download subtitles automatically?

I’ve downloaded Star Trek and I would like to download the subtitles for all the episodes automatically instead of downloading them one by one. How can I do that? …


How to find torrents related to a specific one?

Looking for a book I’ve found it in a collection with many books starting by a letter. But if I download it I would like to download also the rest of the letters. How would you search for it? …


Streaming anything with 4 lines of bash

I’m running a similar script, and it’s great. Takes a minute to find less popular films, but broadly works fine…


current state of vpn for torrents

I haveint forgotten’s Favorite apps and services, and in particular his recommendation for torrents VPN (AirVPN, Mullvad, NordVPN, ProtonVPN). …


Is there a torrent search engine with more options than BTDigg?

I would like to use something like btdigg but where I can search with filters like size>1 gb or age<1 year and combine things like that. And also BTDigg only shows results for 100 pages, I would like to go from beginning to end without limits. …


Actually, they are cracking down on account and password sharing. Which is the same thing…


Why is piratebay so bad lately?

I notice it doesn’t seem to be giving me good search results lately…


How do I get around ISP piracy detection?

I’m trying to figure how to get around the ISP piracy detection. (I wanted to pirate Daria to get a specific voiceline for a SRB2Kart Daria mod.) …


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