Mobilize the homeless

Speaking from experience here. They have enough time. Most of them are completely politically uninvolved, but the ones who do know about politics are very frequently conservative, so i’m not entirely sure how to go about this. …

A huge portion of the general public has no real understanding of even the most basic left concepts

Aside from like public roads and firestations, leftism really does seem confined to like students and hippies. Like at work I informally surveyed customers about jeff bezos. Like 50% of them have never even heard of the guy. One of them at least didn’t even know who elon musk is. …

American teachers and nurses don't have a union?

Cause that’s what it sounds like, but that’s real crazy…

In a socialist world, would jobs still have probation periods?

At least for me, finding work is hard and knowing i could be easily fired for the first 6 months is stressful…

Antonio Gramsci on socialism and New Year’s Day…


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