Material balances are a method of economic planning where material supplies are accounted for in natural units (as opposed to using monetary accounting) and used to balance the supply of available inputs with targeted outputs. Material balancing involves taking a survey of the available inputs and raw materials in an economy and then using a balance sheet to balance the inputs with output targets specified by industry to achieve a balance between supply and demand. This balance is used to formulate a plan for resource allocation and investment in a national economy.

The cia funded the congress for cultural freedom for cultural propaganda to turn the left against itself.

China releases reports on budgets, national economic and social development plans
BEIJING -- Two reports approved Monday at the first session of the 14th National People's Congress were released in full via Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday. The report on the implementation of the 2022 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2023 draft plan for national economic and social development has three parts: I. Implementation of the 2022 plan for national economic and social development; II. Overall requirements, main objectives and policy orientations for economic and social development in 2023; III. Major tasks for economic and social development in 2023.

China issues white paper on law-based cyberspace governance in new era
BEIJING -- China's State Council Information Office on Thursday released a white paper titled "China's Law-Based Cyberspace Governance in the New Era." The white paper focuses on upholding the rule of law in cyberspace, consolidating the legal system for cyberspace governance, keeping order in a rule-based cyberspace, defending fairness and justice in cyberspace, promoting public awareness and competence in law-based cyberspace governance, and increasing international exchanges and cooperation in law-based cyberspace governance.

China releases amended charter of political advisory body
BEIJING -- The amendment to the charter of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the amended charter were released Saturday via Xinhua News Agency.

Breaking Free of Kindle Unlimited - A Digital Garden
Great study into capitalism, and the need to own the means of production

Ive a new server, intended to discuss socialist ideas and plans for implementation within europe, join away!

Resources about Cybersocialism / Computational Economics?
As a reformed neo-liberal, I recently came across Cockshott's [Towards a New Socialism](, and I have to say I'm absolutely stunned. I never even considered there could be anything other than markets to allocate resource in an at least somewhat efficient manner. I realize that the field has received very little attention, and I am unable to find much other sophisticated research on the topic of computer-optimized central planning or modern takes on the economic calculation problem. Here are the few things I did manage to find: [Economic Calculation in Light of Advances in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence]( [Review of Towards a New Socialism? by W. Paul Cockshott and Allin F. Cottrell]( Does anyone know any other things I can look into?

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