limited posts per IP per hour

Apparently 6 posts per IP per hour goes over the limit. However, just changing my Tor circuit enabled me to post my last crosspost. …

I have a, fairly, new instance up with several people examining the moderation tools. …

Hi lemmy; I’ve made a program that will download all the post and images for a lemmy community. It downloads them into a html file. This way users don’t have to worry about losing all their post because they can download the whole community themselves. …

Where can I find docs for Lemmy's API?

The API docs on are actually JavaScript SDK docs, not API docs. I want to build an API client in a different language, not write a JavaScript thing using the SDK, and would prefer not to plumb the JS SDK cod…

What if we had an option to turn link and comment upvotes into micro-donations, even as low as 1 cent, with an option for instance owner to receive a small share to make hosting scalable and sustainable? No middlemen, no data collection, no privacy disclosure, etc. We are all creators here even if w…

discoverability of sublemmies on other servers

I find it tedious to figure out what cool sublemmies on I could be missing. …

Fediverse (activitypub) federation issue

When I boost a post of a Lemmy community account, like: …

Signups for are working again

The domain was included in a spam list, which meant that confirmation emails couldnt be delivered, and signup was impossible. Now the problem is fixed, so if you would like to translate Lemmy into your language, register an account and get started. …

Sorting comments by community

Don’t know if anyone else cares about something like this, but I needed to find a reference I used in a comment a long time ago. I scrolled through several pages before I found it. …

Mauricio Vargas Abogado Colombia

Are there tags in Lemmy?

Can we use tags on title and body fields?..

Internationalization, i18n

Lemmy is localized (l10n), but, can it be internationalized? I mean, people can choose a language and ONLY see the communities of this language (or, maybe, of a “neutral” language… This feature could be useful on countries where more than a language are used, like mine, but also for thematic site…

Accept libre currency donations accept several cryptos. Could libre currency be accepted too? …

How do I upgrade to latest Lemmy UI?

Using Docker, I’ve upgraded Lemmy from 0.13.0 to 0.14.1. How do I upgrade to the latest Lemmy UI?..

I installed Lemmy

I added Lemmy to the list of my self-hosted fediverse services, here’s what I think about it and how I made it more useful in a single-user instance configuration…

Unusual login bug(s)

Trying to log in using my username ____ doesn’t work, it displays this error (this bug has existed since I created the account):


My test community isn't working well

Some time ago I made a test community. The community has “no posts”:

Making 1000 accounts/bots to artificially upvote posts?

Is there anything stopping someone from making 1000 accounts or bots to artificially upvote posts on the Lemmy network? …

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Questions for the early pioneers of Cross-platform Federation

With yesterday’s release of Lemmy v0.14.0 and all of the excitement around federation with Pleroma/Mastodon it makes sense to have a thread just about the federation and what it all means. …

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

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