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Request for /c/hamradio modship
I am getting interested in ham radio and I noticed that the Lemmy community was deleted. Could it be recreated with me as the initial mod?

Are there admins/mods from different time zones?
Following the recent waves of trolls, I think it would be good to have admins/mods in different time zones to be able to react as soon as possible. I know it's not easy to set up but I think it's necessary. Maybe it is already the case but then there is a problem of reactivity. Again, I know it is not simple, I am just stating facts.

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Antisemitic post and spam
Today I noticed dozen of antisemitic posts and a lot of microdosing posts that look like spam (not completely sure but looks like it) on the "homepage". I think this is concerning, since this can easily bring unwanted attention to Lemmy and could be used against it (and it is really disturbing to see). I report every post, but I don't know how much effective my actions are. Do you think this problem can be solved?

Request to remove c/antivax
Communities that promote misleading information and conspiracy theories should be not allowed. PS I propose to add this rule to lemmy.ml rules

If you're not aware, you can paste an image from clipboard into the URL field.
Glad I tried. It would be nice if images federated as image attachments and not just a lemmy link, tho

Does Lemmy have a stance on anti-vaccine or election denialism?
I've been seeing some concerning trends whereby anti-vaxx posts are defended as "free speech" and a growing number of users with "Trump Won" sentiments. Is there going to be a stance taken on this? Or are we going to lose this community, like so many others, to propaganda and hatred?

We've added wolfballs.com to our blocklist.
Based on concerns from both the admin team and most users here, the lemmy.ml admin team decided to add wolfballs.com to our blocklist. There is just too much reactionary content that breaks almost all the rules we have here. It's natural for open instances like this one to develop blocklists organically, and so far we've only felt it necessary to block 2 instances. If there's any concerns about other instances that we should keep an eye on, let us know.

Is it an intended 'feature' of lemmy to restrict users ability to make comments when blocked by OP?
so this CHEF-KOCH guy banned and deleted my comments from his community. I messaged to ask why and he blocked me from messaging him. He recently made a post in /c/linux and i am unable to comment on the post of any of the comments to the post. Is this intended by the devs? It seems like it only functions to hinder discussion. Say this dude just started posting all over the place in different topics and such, they could effectively block anyone they don't agree with which would just kill any actual discussion on any of these posts. It seems incredibly backwards when he is not the admin of those communities. Who is he to say who gets to comment there?

Is Lemmy.ml going to update with the new federation release?! I'm super stoked to merge with my Mastodon account.

What is lemmy.ml?
Recently there seems to be some of misunderstanding what the lemmy.ml instance is about, especially from newer users. Lemmy.ml has always been a niche site, and it will most likely stay this way. We don't have any intentions to turn it into a mainstream instance, or set a goal of getting as many users as possible. Our goal is simple: make an instance that people like to use. I would say that we have been successful in this, but obviously it is impossible to satisfy everyone. The reason for this is that @dessalines and I are paid to develop Lemmy, while donations from lemmy.ml users only make up a negligible part of our income. Besides, having more users would force us to spend more time moderating, and less time for development. Lemmy works quite differently from big tech sites like Reddit in this regard: while they get more money with each extra user through advertising, for us it is the opposite. So we would much rather have a smaller, non-toxic, and friendly userbase, than a large one. Part of the problem might be that lemmy.ml is described as "flagship instance", which can certainly be interpreted to mean "mainstream" or "general purpose". I struggle to come up with a better, more accurate description. If you can think of one, please comment here. If you dont like the way lemmy.ml works, thats okay. Federation exists exactly to solve that problem, let different groups have their own instances, with their own rules and political views. You can see the list of existing instances, and instructions for setting up a new one on [join-lemmy.org](https://join-lemmy.org/). In particular, I would like to see someone (or a group of people) create a mainstream, or liberal instance. That should help to avoid further drama, and avoid attempts to turn lemmy.ml into something that it is not. @dessalines and I would certainly be willing to help with any technical problems that such an instance runs into, and include it on [join-lemmy.org](https://join-lemmy.org/) (just like any other instance that meets the code of conduct).

Anything about the lemmy.ml instance and its moderation.

For discussion about the Lemmy software project, go to !lemmy@lemmy.ml.

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