Rust Programming

> For the last year I’ve been leading the development of rust-minidump, a pure-Rust replacement for the minidump-processing half of google-breakpad. > > Well actually in some sense I finished that work, because Mozilla already deployed it as the crash processing backend for Firefox 6 months ago, it runs in half the time, and seems to be more reliable. (And you know, isn’t a terrifying ball of C++ that parses and evaluates arbitrary input from the internet. We did our best to isolate Breakpad, but still… yikes.)

Distributed metadata database?
I was planning on doing a distributed metadata database. But it seems there isn't a simple way of doing this yet. There is OrbitDB for JavaScript but I haven't seen anything else. For now I've decided I can get started with the application by simply doing a client-server model. I'll follow this guide: [Building a Multithreaded Web Server](, and maybe I'll [place the server behind tor](

Live coding Rust and Matrix. I'm working on a Matrix bot to supply Arnie quotes, but got distracted adding a Redis back end to matrix-rust-sdk. I stream every week on Monday 14:00 London time (currently UTC+1). Join me! Or my Owncast instance at Follow me on mastodon to be reminded about streams, or follow the Owncast instance by clicking Follow at I'm actually away on Monday, so next stream is on 6th June. You can watch the old streams at

Rust Programming
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