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They don’t hide it well at all, we’ve just been conditioned to see it as normal.

You know a lot of black people defected from the US to the USSR to escape racism and segregation right?


Why did airships die? It’s not actually because of the Hindenburg disaster. It’s because of the fact that helium (or even hydrogen, which is lighter) has very low buoyancy all things considered. So you have to be even more frugal with weight than airplanes, which means the equipment and amenities you can bring is extremely limited, and more importantly, the number of people you can carry, which ensured that the airships of old were far from economical. This is exacerbated when you consider how slow they are. Packing in people like sardines might be acceptable for a 16 hour flight on an airliner, but for a 6 day journey, no. Uncomfortable wouldn’t come close to describing it, it will be terrible for both your physical and mental health, and can even lead to fatal complications like deep vein thrombosis. And this is saying nothing of the weight of the absolute essentials like fuel, water, and food for a multi day journey. The Hindenburg was not exactly luxurious, it had bunk beds for example, but IMO, the amenities it did have, like bedrooms, showers, a promenade, cafeteria, etc would are absolutely be necesaary if you’re on the ship for more than 24 hours, which also exacerbates the weight issue, which was what killed the airship in the first place. It really doesn’t matter what new technology we have, the low buoyancy of helium is a fundamental issue of physics, not something we can engineer our way out of.

Also, we’re running out of helium on Earth. It’s not like hydrogen where there’s an entire ocean’s worth of it here, helium is very rare on terresterial planets, and ours is no exception. It comes mostly from radioactive decay deep in the Earth, which isn’t a lot. It’s also very important for cooling superconductors, like the ones used in life saving MRI machines and in scientific equipment like particle accelerators. Using it in a blimp will inevitably lead to it being vented into the atmosphere, and helium is light enough to float directly into space, might not be the best idea for sustainability.

Also also, I’m not convinced that Zeppelins are actually more efficient per passenger-km than a ship, considering how many people a ship can carry compared to an airship. It’s also easier to use clean fuels like hydrogen (which require heavy pressure-tanks to safely contain, and the molecule itself just has lower energy density than aviation fuel to begin with) when you don’t have such razor thin weight limits. If we want a way to cross the oceans with less of a carbon footprint than a plane, maybe we should look into reviving ocean liners, building or refitting them for maximum efficiency while being liveable, as opposed to a luxury cruise ship. And for land based travel, the train is king for both speed and efficiency.

“Draw seventeen lines all perpendicular to each other”

I feel like it’s more because most encryption schemes also incorporate compression, it has something to do with preventing entropy-based analysis or some other cryptography black magic.

Which is why I’m optimistic! It’s honestly more the West has ruined the entire concept of smart stuff for the world as opposed to an actual doubt on China’s abilities.

China's new supercapacitor tram rolls off production line (2020 article)
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/9c9cf301-e9f7-4898-a5a1-2450c9673ed9.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/e748dc37-bdb2-45b2-ab64-76d9f9adf67f.jpeg)

Homophobic language violates Lemmy.ml rule 1. This is your first warning.

The gender divide, political or otherwise, is another classic tactic by the rich ruling class to ensure we never organise enough to overthrow them. They pit us against ourselves so we don’t attack them. If we’re to have a successful revolution, we must be a united front, not have separate competing movements along arbitrary lines like gender, race, etc.

Fun fact, there are many programs that use the idle time to compute scientific data, BOINC and Folding@Home are the biggest ones. Great way to donate computing power you don’t use to science! (Though this will increase your power consumption)

I see people trying to convince people who use those platforms to switch to mining Cryptos, so I’ll always recommend the exact opposite.

After all the “smart stuff” grifting from the West, I’m still skeptical but also optimistic to see what China will bring.

Reminds me of how after the Fukushima tsunami, 1000 year old markers were discovered on the hills warning to never build houses below them lest they be flooded. Nearly all the destroyed areas were below the markers.

Air conditioning is more energy intensive than heating, but is just as necessary in many places to keep people safe and healthy, especially in the post climate change era (heat stroke is real and real deadly). We need more innovations to make cooling more efficient and morw accessible, but everyone seems to just be focusing on heating and just accepting that the most common cooling methods are really inefficient.

If had a dollar for every building on stilts because they had to fit a massive parking lot under them, I have enough money to build enough public transit to make every car obsolete.

Makes it real easy to turn those troops against their own citizens when they demand liveable conditions.

When the fuck did thanking cars for stopping at the crosswalk become a thing?
No. Fuck you. You don't get gratitude for *not* killing me with your environmental hazard metal death box. It's the absolute bare minimum that's expected of you as a driver. We don't thank our neighbours for not killing us in our sleep whenever we see them in the morning, do we?