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IMO KDE Plasma is more Windows-like than Cinnamon.

I’ve heard of wearing specialised types of compression stockings to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (which, yes, there have been documented cases of gamers dying of that), but allowing your legs to breathe?

The whole point of the fediverse is that there is no “right” or “default” server.

If you think “Lemmy.ml” is misleading people into thinking that the server is official, what about “Lemmy.ca”? Or “Lemmy.pt”? There are plenty of instances that follow the same format. Same with mastodon.social, run by the devs, and the countless other mastodon.* domains.

Peertube has a massive neo Nazi problem because all the far rights that got banned from YouTube moved there. People have been complaining about that for ages.

Yes. Unambiguously yes. The current laws on self driving cars is very clear that the driver must always be looking at the road, must always be assessing whether the car is driving safely, and must be ready to take control of the car at any time.

I’m not defending Tesla here, I hate them as much as the next guy, but to say that the driver was not responsible for this is ridiculous.

We could start with a clone of /r/learnprogramming and expand from there. It’s probably unrealistic to think we’ll be able to launch a full fledged programming instance right off the bat.

This did get me thinking from a computer security perspective: I guess in theory you could do stuff like using unicode special characters in place of the alphabet, putting invisible unicode control characters between each letter, or making a custom font that makes non-letter characters look like letters, but at that point why are you not just spending your effort actually writing your own paper? And it’s also likely that Turnitin would be able to detect that and if not check the paper, at least alert the professor that something is up.

Cheating on an academic work is such a sleazy thing to do that if you feel the need to do it, you shouldn’t be in academia.

Interesting how the UK screams human rights violation on the extremely harsh drug laws in Asian countries, when they were the actual cause of those laws being so harsh with their opium campaign that ruined entire societies.

They also never actually relinquished their claim on Hong Kong, as seen in 2020.

“That one time”

Understatement of the millenium. They fucked up entire generations of people and their effects still ring out today.

Don’t plagerize? All it’s doing is looking for parts of your paper where the text matches other works.

This is why I wish FPGAs were cheaper and more widely used in consumer hardware. Got a new codec? Just load up a hardware decoder for it!

So kind of like GPLv3 where you get a free license to the patent as long as you obey the license terms and carry out your responsibilities to open source that it outlines?

In general fakes getting better, tech evolves but counter-measures to spot fakes also evolve which is a natural process.

Deepfakes often use a type of AI called a Generational Adversarial Network (GAN). Oversimplified: When you want to make a deepfake, you create two sets of AIs, one set to create deepfakes and one to detect them. They are pitted against each other and only the best at either are used to derive new versions of each type. This means both the generation and detection methods get better as the system runtime increases and the deepfake becomes more convincing, though usually the AIs are only tuned to that one specific instance, so of you set out to create a deepfake that merges hypothetical people Jack and Jill, they can only make deepfakes of Jack and Jill, and not Romeo and Juliet. For Romeo and Juliet, you would have to start the process all over again.

Keep on mind that all the creating new versions of the AIs stuff is automated, so you can churn out convincing deepfakes of tons of people with very little human intervention. This is part of the concern with deepfakes: any script kiddie can make them. It’s not limited to big budget Hollywood studios or governments.

The use of GANs also raises concerns about how exactly you develop a detector for deepfakes if you’re external to the process of creating them.

Hell yeah! I have a 80 GB folder of pictures, PDFs and diagrams, sorted by topic!

I like to think that they wouldn’t dare. The vast majority of their users care a lot about open source and privacy. The instant KDE starts doing this, someone will fork their codebase and cut out the ads module. If they go proprietary, their community developers will move on to forks, like what happened with MySql and OpenOffice.

Eventually, everyone will get sick of the US’s shit and realize just what the US is. Even longtime US allies are starting to see this.