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I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a dirty bomb on it for the next model year. There has been a shocking lack of mutually assured destruction during road rage these days.

The device, part of a sensor used in mining, is believed to have fallen off the back of a truck while in transit.

Oh yeah, we got this tiny extremely dangerous thing that we need to make absolutely sure doesn’t get lost and kill someone by essentially rotting their bones and organs from the inside out.

I know, let’s just throw it in the bed of the truck!

So they’re not going to complain about China banning YouTube or Facebook or whatever anymore right?

That would be hypocritical. And everyone knows the West is never hypothetical!

Replace socialism with capitalism and this meme becomes accurate.

The US has a higher per capita rate of both food insecurity and extreme poverty than China, Cuba, Vietnam, and the former USSR.


Many more links here: https://dessalines.github.io/essays/capitalism_doesnt_work.html

Vlad the Impaler wants his suitcase back

Hey man, a lot of video games are Turing complete. So it’s not, not a development environment!

Nice try, Elon would never do something like that! The person who pioneered DRM on electric vehicle chargers being pro corporate monopoly? Noooo.

I’m honestly just surprised that people are putting up with their horrible redesigned webclient and app. I use Reddit a lot less than I used to specifically because of Lemmy, pretty much only for more niche tech/programming stuff not yet found on Lemmy, but when I do it’s strictly old.reddit.com and Slide for Reddit.

Being able to only see two or three comments deep in a forum specifically designed around nested comments is unacceptable.

Honestly, with the right extensions, it can do pretty much anything a streaming box or smart TV can do.

Make sure you never connect it to the internet either.

TVs can record snapshots of what’s being displayed on screen and send it for analytics. They’re supposedly only recording a scattering of pixels throughout a screen and trying to match it to those same pixel values at the same positions generated by scenes in known media properties, which would in theory mean they can’t really recreate what is actually on screen or identify any media personal to you that’s not on their media database. (Honestly even that is creepy as fuck.)

But since the code is proprietary, who’s to say they’re not just taking full blown screenshots of literally what’s on screen every now and then? If they sent a full screenshot and compressed it with LZMA or something on the highest compression power, every hour or so and slooowly sent it a few bits at a time over the course of that hour, you’d most likely never notice since it would likely be encrypted with SSL and not be so much data that would be easily discernible from other random network activity from someone who was monitoring their home network traffic. They could totally say it’s simple HTTP requests for software updates or grabbing the latest Netflix listings or whatever. (And even then very few people actually monitor what their devices are sending. Even companies that eventually had scandals where they sending unauthorized analytics frequently and in plaintext, as in you only had to hook it up to Wireshark a single time to realize what they’re doing, still manage to get away with it for years before someone noticed.) Or, the TV could be built with a trigger where it normally doesn’t record your screen, but if you were a person of interest, they could start monitoring you whenever they want by sending a signal to your TV.

And I’m sure if you at any point connect your smart TV to the internet, it’s definitely been caching all those past analytics to send in one burst. So don’t do it.

Honestly, as a former Windows user, I’ve been really enjoying Fedora KDE. KDE because it looks and feels a lot like just a cleaner, de-bullshitted Windows 10 or 11, and Fedora because I think it strikes a good balance between stability, up to date software, and a good delection of default packages and community repositories.

Nope! I’ll be keeping my sudo account on there for when I have to do maintenance on the computer and set up a normal user account for them.

Seriously, have her try KDE! It feels a lot like Windows 11 but honestly a lot better than Windows.

I live with them, and I will be keeping all the remote management stuff open from when it was a server, and will essentially be continuing to manage it along with the rest of my servers.

Similarly, XML bombs exist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billion_laughs_attack

Presumably any markup language that allows recursive variables/definitions is vulrnable to this. Hell some markup languages are full-on Turing complete (Wiki pages for example) and therefore can be used to make honest to god infinite loops or maybe even directly run general purpose malicious code on a server.

I mean, this is California. Tesla capital of the world. That makes it okay right? Riiight?

I mean… c stands for create, x stands for extract. f stands for file. That’s literally what they mean lol.

You can just do xf though, Tar can auto detect compression.

But it’s fine because Iran’s government is definitely without a doubt evil and authoritarian and evil and making their people’s lives hell. And the US is trying to save the people by… making their lives more hell… Yeah that’s right! Gotta oppress the people to save the people from oppression!

Great, now everyone will know how bad my typing is and how often I have to backspace typos!

Except direct energy input into photosynthesis is only one part of the equation with farming. Yes, if you had a certain land area, you can only do so much photosynthesis with the sun. “Coincidentally,” that’s about equal to a single layer of plants on that land area, not that groundbreaking of a conclusion. Then again, open field farming does not come even close to the maximum density of plants that can be energized by the sun. Think about how barren a farm field looks compared to a thick rainforest. Most of the sun’s energy is still hitting the dirt of the farmland, not the plants. So, if you put solar panels on the roof of a vertical farm, even with the losses in energy conversion, you can probably power grow lights for at least several layers of a vertical farm, so it’s not like all the energy needs to be piped in.

But also, consider the other factors in growing large amounts of plant biomass. Fertilizer is one: using chemical fertilizer in an unconfined open field is really bad because it can and will run off and contaminate the ecosystem. Leading to oversaturation of nutrients in the surrounding soil and especially rivers, streams and lakes, causing uncontrolled microbe growth and quite likely collapsing the ecosystem. This happens all the time. Not to mention, nutrients that run off are wasted. So using said fertilizer in a confined system where it can’t easily escape is much better for the environment and much more efficient. Same with pesticides (actually, if you contain your vertical farm well, you really shouldn’t need to use much pesticides or at all), as well as GMO crops, where the biggest concern with them is those genes spreading into the ecosystem.

Second, consider land use change. Conventional farming is the single largest contributor to deforestation, which is one of the major contributors to climate change. So, if you reduce the land area required to grow your crops, yes you get less energy from sunlight to help you along, but get this, that sunlight can then be used to recover forests, which, you know, is important on an existential level.

Finally, a huge amount of energy use associated with farming goes into moving stuff. Moving in fertilizer, water, etc, moving out the grown crops, moving around giant machines to tend to the fields, moving workers as they commute, etc. So if we can increase the density of farming and can move it closer to or even inside of population centers where the food needs to be distributed, it will go a long way toward reducing the energy use for the non-photosynthesis parts.

Energy may be an Achilles Heel for vertical farming, but just like how Achilles was still a powerful warrior despite his heel, vertical farming has many more benefits beyond this one drawback. It’s not like we can only get clean energy from solar. Wind, hydro, geothermal, hell even nuclear. We will have enough clean energy for vertical farming if we play our cards right. As @yogthos@lemmygrad.ml mentions, obviously in an energy crisis this energy requirement isn’t ideal, but do we plan on being in energy crisis forever? I hope not.

That’s only kind of true on a geologic timescale. Even then you’re looking at significant portions of Earth’s life timescales, many many eons. Within a rounding error, pretty much all the water you come in contact with is the same water the dinosaurs came in contact with.

Many times a day. It has almost completely replaced Reddit for me.

Htop. A system monitor shouldn’t be using a significant portion of your system resources. It even supports mouse input from inside the terminal!

Cost has no bearing on environmental impact. Fossil fuels were until very recently the cheapest energy option. Disposable plastic is still by far the cheapest packaging option. Crops grown on the land of previously burned down forests is cheaper than food grown by permaculture or even half responsible land management. I thought after the massive droughts in Europe last summer y’all would take water conservation more seriously.

Six of one, half dozen of the other

“Remember kids: Don’t cross the street unless you, a child with an undeveloped brain and relatively little knowledge for how things work and their consequences, are sure it’s safe!”

How about don’t drive on the fucking street unless you, an adult with hopefully a mature brain and the ability to properly analyze situations using logic, statistics, and science, are sure it’s safe for children?

This is my opinion, not a final decision by the admin team:

It’s pretty clear that this request is politically motivated and this user does not intend to moderate the community in good faith. Therefore, my vote is to deny this request.

You don’t have to dance around the topic, and doing so absolutely do not help your case: the “spammer” being referred to here is clearly @yogthos@lemmy.ml, and I very much do not agree with your assessment of his activity on !europe@lemmy.ml. I do not think his activities constitute spamming, right-wing, or any violation of the rules.

Bruh this is a child murderer. Twice. Forgive me but I don’t particularly care about the well being of people like that.

The Netherlands currently “own” more territory outside of Europe than in it. Guessing that land wasn’t exactly obtained peacefully or the existing people there treated particularly well during the… Acquisition.

Also, a huge number of ongoing geopolitical and socioeconomic problems in places like Southeast Asia and Africa are directly caused by Dutch colonialism. Actually, this is true for literally every European country and their “former” colonies, a fact which they conveniently overlook when talking about human rights in those regions.

Ooh better take them seriously when they consider something a genocide! We’re hearing this from one of the pioneers of genocide here, so if anyone knows what counts as genocide or not, it’s them!

That’s… Not even a good cover story lol. Research really doesn’t need that much of a target material, and the costs of actually doing said research far outweighs the cost of reagents or supplies in all but the most exotic, bleeding edge materials known to man.

The worst thing about this is that she’s being sent from a country with the death penalty to one without.