I appreciate that this is occurring... hope they have lots of support!

Here's a thing to get out and do/see/enjoy (or stay home and do, too).

Interior Health is doing a bang-up communications job - we need better.
It destroys me that in the middle of this pandemic, a year in, our government bodies think that they need to control messaging like this to the point of breeding distrust. I really don't want to be distrustful of Interior Health, but when people are reaching out to the media anonymously to try to shed some real light on things - 'whistleblow', if you will - it's a little distressing. I have heard directly from a hospital worker about them having their jobs threatened if they speak publicly. That's not how things should work, and our government bodies need to be held much more accountable for being secretive. I also believe that it should be illegal to fire someone for whistleblowing or speaking to media. If the media gets multiple people complaining about exactly the same thing, they should be able to dig for answers.

What an effective and useful by-law! Ever seen by-law in any of the shopping area parking lots? This would be an easy cash cow for them if they even tried. I'm not sure what kind of peer pressure Sinclair figures will work - See all those other cars in the parking lot that are shut off? They're not having any peer pressure effect on those idlers who can't stand to be uncomfortable for 60 seconds.

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