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  • I was active - and I mean ACTIVE - on reddit for well over a decade. When the API fiasco happened, I deleted my mobile apps, and stuck to desktop. When ‘opt out of selling your data’ became impossible, I logged out for good.

    Lemmy is both better and worse than reddit ever was. It will likely never reach the same activity level, but will also not reach the same toxicity.

  • I’m flying out later this week. First big trip since the start of COVID, and the focus of the trip is the wedding of a dear friend.

    Timing and price led us to Air Canada over Westjet this time, but it’s a crapshoot; a day later and we might have booked Westjet, in which case we’d be royally fucked right now.

    I still support the mechanics on this one. Companies will ALWAYS bargain in bad faith, if they have the opportunity; and getting government arbitration has become the latest version of bad faith bargaining.

    This strike may be truly illegal. It will definitely inconvenience a lot of people. It may, over time, lead to the downfall of Westjet (I have cheap headphones here from Canada 3000, Canadian, and a few others - it can happen!).

    I don’t fucking care.

    The mechanics didn’t cause this shitshow, they only chose when to act against the shitshow created by the billionaires. This is the fault of Alexis van Hoensbroech and his board of directors. If you miss a flight or a trip of a lifetime because of the strike, remember that: Ten executives at Westjet who EACH make more annually than a mechanic will see in his lifetime have decided not to let those mechanics keep up with inflation.

  • One thing about it is that there’s a lot more traffic. I used to browse “all” new posts, just in the hopes of seeing something new - a new post or some discussion on…something.

    Lemmy traffic is steadily increasing; and I suspect the community stuff is not growing as quickly. That’s not the only reason, but that’s part of it I’m sure.