Anti Landlords

cross-posted from: > Let's have fun laughing at all the arguments landlords use to justify their parasitical existence. Timestamps below. Sources in the pinned comment as always.

Why shipping container homes are overrated
cross-posted from: > I'll still take one. My place is smaller than a shipping container any who.

"we have less affordable housing due to nimby groups"
From the John Oliver video here

Why isn't there a mainstream "all landlords are bastards" or something similar?
In the west I get that we simp for landlords, but I've never even heard of like a Cuban anti landlord movement or ussr or whatnot.

cross-posted from: > Housing is a human right.

Contrary to what you'll hear ppl telling you, having a slumlord or landlord isn't a perk
Lots of conservatives tell me that having a landlord alleviates me of responsibilities bc landlord has to fix my unit. Now that I know more about construction, if I did as bad of a job as them at repairs, I'd be fired. On top of refusing to do many repairs forcing me to do my own repairs. Even though I pay them, multiple landlords are belligerent (swearing at me, threats), which i'd 10000% be fired for at my jobs. Not to mention half of them don't give notice before coming into my room for 'repairs' (not even something to repair, just an excuse)

Post anything rental / housing crisis related / just complain about your slumlord/landlord


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