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anyone who isn’t heavily offended by leftist posters is welcome to join

similar to the internet, crypto has made alot of things faster and more digital. some good and some bad.

.30 - .50 ($) per lb is my target rate for food but it can vary

depends on if the post is:

  1. important
  2. good

3) unrelated

mixed feelings.
bad just because opt-in becomes the expected norm.

Three years ago, the company walked away from a Defense Department project after employees objected to it. Now the company is working on a new proposal for the Pentagon …

  1. flatpak flatseal
  2. this guide
  3. firejail
  4. VM

add it to the THICC’tionary

the post is dated 2017. maybe there were more difficulties at that time.


RUSTFLAGS — A space-separated list of custom flags to pass to all compiler invocations that Cargo performs. In contrast with cargo rustc, this is useful for passing a flag to all compiler instances. See build.rustflags for some more ways to set flags. This string is split by whitespace. …

Energy prices have risen sharply worldwide, causing power crunches in large economies like China and India. …

From June 2020 to August 2021, 7-Eleven conducted surveys that required customers to fill out information on tablets with built-in cameras. These tablets, which were installed in 700 stores, captured customers’ facial images at two points during the survey-taking process – when the individual first…

you could just scrape all your subscribed reddits and then combine them all yourself.
that’s a pretty good solution.

no special reason.
i think i want to stick with gentoo but also want to have a virtual environment to mess around in.
hardened openbsd is another option but linux probably has more packages.

i am now considering running this in qemu.
thanks for the tip!

it’s an alternative.

not a great one.
the results aren’t that great.
and i caught them trying to track my clicks.

i think it slows down the network. better to use something else.


twitter has more radicals than every other site combined. which is weird because it’s corporatized as fuck.

modern problems require modern solutions

ionice manpage

prioritize disk performance for commands that involve files…

Contents VPNs…


Look before you paste from a website to terminal

Malicious code’s color is set to that of the background, it’s font size is set to 0, it is moved away from rest of the code and it is made un-selectable…