No Stupid Questions

Looking for subreddits where people are making fun of the rich and making fun of the middleclass
cross-posted from: > Not sure if those exists

what drugs do libertarians do?
Since they talk about 100% productivity, prob stims. Sedatives/tranquilizers to sleep afterwards? Antidepressants? Since feeling emotions and being a human machine sounds depressing.

To type in letters with accents, i’m suppose to use a ‘compose’ key. My keyboard doesnt have a compose key. Any easy solutions that isnt like copying and pasting the letter from wikipedia?
cross-posted from: > Changing keyboard layouts also sounds annoying considering it's not like i'm entering accents everyday > > On windows it was like ctrl + alt + numpad 1 + . for accents or something, no compose key required

What’s the name of this theory?
cross-posted from: > R-selection is like having 1000 offsprings, whereas k-selection is like having only 1. > > I heard a variation applied to humans in a psychology textbook about how abused humans are more likely to have more kids than unabused and cannot find the name of this theory

Anyone know of an app that can repeat missed sms/calls from 1 contact that uses very little/no ram?
Repeating a missed notification like 30 mins later. Presently I'm just openings up my phone manually to check for missed notification

Is it possible to copy and paste from other apps to cryptpad?
cross-posted from: > How do i copy paste? It wont allow me to copy paste from other apps into cryptpad

What do I need to buy to have a “respectable” bed?
Mattress Box spring? Is it necessary? Bed frame Pillows Blankets Sheets

Where do I buy velcro straps from that won’t keep ripping in half?
cross-posted from: > The dollar store velcro is very low quality and only sown together with a few strings and keeps ripping

CMV: woke chess. Black or white should move first?
cross-posted from: > I'm partially memeing bc i get that it's a game from like 3000 yrs ago, but its a very easy modification. > > Is there a reason why this isn't done? Or changing the colors to something else? (Blue vs red, which seems to be video game standard)

Why don’t skaters go to see doctors?
Nursing an injury and found instructions on a skater site. The skater site said: "i know you won't go to a dr since you're a skater" Why don't they go to drs? I don't go to drs due to being poor.

No Stupid Questions
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