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  • Yes yes that’s exactly it. You see nipples are sensitive and boobs tend to jiggle and sway around when one moves, it can get very uncomfortable. So a bra reduces friction and accidental brushing against objects and clothing, helps support the weight and yes also helps shape the bosom. All that.

    The original purpose of the bra was to let women move freely without fearing their breasts might pop out of their dresses iirc. But I think women used to wrap their chests with a tight cloth if they had to heavy physical work before bras as we know them today. Take this with a grain of salt, I didn’t fact check any.

  • I’m a 1, a woman if this weighs in your data collection, and the answer is, sometimes but not too often. It really depends on the mood.

    It’s the same with movies really, I can fantasize about a million stories in my mind, heck I can be the protagonist but I still enjoy being unable to predict what’s going to happen even on just purely a visual level, not that porn has very intricate plots.

    What puts me off most of the time is having to go through the search. I’m very picky and having to see the “wrong” type of content in order to find the “right” can really put me off or sometimes bore me.

  • Worry more about your job than your grades. Create a stable source of income, your degree can wait especially if it’s not a traditionally stable profession (medicine, accountant, lawyer, etc).

    Exercise and maintain your strength and flexibility. This is super important, more so than the job. Staying healthy early on will save you a lot of money in doctors appointments by the time you hit your late 20s.

  • Kudos to you for ending the lineage. Yes I totally agree in many cases passive aggression isn’t deliberate, but it can be very harmful to those receiving it anyway. I’ve seen my mother do both. Pointing out the deliberate cases on the spot will also rip off her mask like you say, but in the other cases it’s very hard to make her see it. Cue in gaslighting and denial… Eventually she does come around though but she needs to see the damage to understand she was being aggressive in the first place.

  • My mother was super passive aggressive. I grew up to consider it normal and it took me a while to see ot for what it is. Just like you describe, her style was a friendly demeanor coupled with acid remarks. And the remarks were absolutely on purpose, I know this because she would often tell me how smartly she gave so and so a comeback and so on, and how they felt ashamed but didn’t say anything back at her etc etc.

    I was also on her line of fire sometimes, oh boy. It was so tough to recognise it but once I did I stood up against it. Whenever I see people behaving like that on a regular basis I just try my best not to interact with them.