Looking up a friend on my Facebook friend list is like Russian roulette - half the time they have deleted me as a friend
Specifically people I met a long time ago or people i haven't spoken to as much Overall Facebook's a very dramatic social media. The fact that people's faces r on it calms a bunch of people down. But still, lots of of toxicity in the DMs It's a pretty trashy social media that emphasizes the advantages of being antisocial

I don't like being in positions of power. It makes people act too different.
THat drax quote about beautiful people applies here pretty well.

Step 1 Go to a right wing rally. Step 2 bring an American flag with you. Step 3 use it as a prayer rug. Step 4 profit
There was a video of a guy doing this and the maga crowd lost their minds more. In reality it sounds like something a patriotic American Muslim might do in seriousness. Not that I know anything about Islam

Westners spend a lot of time trying to invent away to avoid human contact, and we've failed every time so far. I wonder if this applies to collectivist countries too?
Example, video games being sort of "perfect" male pastime. Like think about how common it is to have a female lead who is wearing something a lot more provocative than what you'd see in the mall.

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