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  • I think part of the problem is that many of the p2p tech are caught in a tradeoff between giving hosts control of what they host (and therefore there is content that gets lost), and ensuring content availability (risking alienating hosts).

    No way would I participate in a p2p network where I don’t have full control over what I host, for the same reason I won’t use p2p VPNs nor will I host a TOR exit node.
    But then who is going to host the unpopular content?

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    toMemes@lemmy.mlWho needs Skynet
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    Not only the pollution.

    It has triggered an economic race to the bottom for any industry that can incorporate it. Employers will be forced to replace more workers with AI to keep prices competitive. And that is a lot of industries, especially if AI continues its growth.
    The result is a lot of unemployment, which means an economic slowdown due to a lack of discretionary spending, which is a feedback loop.

    There are only 3 outcomes I can imagine:

    1. AI fizzles out. It can’t maintain its advancement enough to impress execs.
    2. An unimaginable wealth disparity and probably a return to something like feudalism.
    3. social revolution where AI is taken out of the hands of owners and placed into the hands of workers. Would require changes that we’d consider radically socialist now, like UBI and strong af social safety nets.

    The second seems more likely than the third, and I consider that more or less a destruction of humanity