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The purpose of political commentary shows on network TV is to turn viewers away so that the studio can get the cleaning done
Political commentary talk shows on network TV studios spewing far-left and far-right rhetoric are especially designed to make viewers not listen for that hour. That's when studios do all their cleaning, etc. The studio has to be vacuumed sometime, after all! If this sounds unlikely to you, look at it this way: do YOU know anyone IRL who actually sits down and watches any of those shows? I thought not.

this random search term generator is a tool you can use so that search engines can't profile you as easily

This sounds like a great idea! I’m curious as to why crab apple trees as opposed to another type of fruit tree? Is it faster growing?

I like that this article shows not just the good and not just the bad, but both sides of the story. All too often we see articles saying "caffeine is bad!" and then "No, caffeine is good!"

Do you use any of the StandardNotes apps or just through the browser?
I just use it via browser, but wondered if anyone is using any of its native apps

Do you think that turning off 3rd party cookies is helpful?
Do you turn off 3rd party cookies in your browser, and if not, why not?

ohhhh… that explains a lot. I thought .ml meant Machine Language (and no, I don’t know why I thought that). OK, your clarification makes sense

Utah’s solution to ski traffic snarl? Build the world’s longest gondola
A proposed solution is controversial - learn both sides of the story

Great article. One thing I’d recommend, if you’re being filmed like the person in the TikTok video that the article mentioned, would be to say nothing and film them back. Even just pretend to film them (they don’t know your camera isn’t on!) It covers your face and basically spoils their video by making it super-boring

…with certain personality types of the recipient maybe, but I don’t think it would work on everyone. I certainly would walk away from a romantic partner who did that to me. And of course I wouldn’t do that to my romantic partner. An interesting article for sure! I agree with what it said toward the end: “we might want to arrange an overall cease-and-desist of such tactics”

Instead of a health tax on sugar, why not remove sugar subsidies?
It seems weird that some areas of the US have considered a health tax on sugary drinks and other items containing a lot of sugar, corn syrup, etc. Why not instead remove subsidies on those raw materials instead? Otherwise people's tax dollars are being used twice on the same product

Ransomware was created by big Bitcoin owners purely to prop up the price of bitcoin
The raison d'etre of ransomware isn't to collect a ransom but to push up the value of Bitcoin