Joke Conspiracies
The purpose of political commentary shows on network TV is to turn viewers away so that the studio can get the cleaning done
Political commentary talk shows on network TV studios spewing far-left and far-right rhetoric are especially designed to make viewers not listen for that hour. That's when studios do all their cleaning, etc. The studio has to be vacuumed sometime, after all! If this sounds unlikely to you, look at it this way: do YOU know anyone IRL who actually sits down and watches any of those shows? I thought not.

Ransomware was created by big Bitcoin owners purely to prop up the price of bitcoin
The raison d'etre of ransomware isn't to collect a ransom but to push up the value of Bitcoin

For the most part, all the major BH accts only post on BH. Your move libs

Joke Conspiracies
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    Not for serious conspiracies that anyone actually takes seriously. Ex it should be basically jokes, like birds aren’t real

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