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Game that is a homeless/poverty stimulators that is reasonably realistic
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/224417 > I bumped into one, but it was a one button click to get a job > > My ideas, which is based off people I've met.: > > Realistic can go a few ways, prob a good idea is like a difficulty/character selection. > > One character: homeless, addicted to meth, has permanent meth induced schizophrenia. If your character doesn't take a dosage every few hours/days, starts taking pokemonesce poison damage to imitate withdrawal. When taking dosage, every now and then have a big schizophrenia episode and get banned from homeless shelters. Frequently jumped on the streets by hoodlums/homeless. Has 7 kids, 4 in foster care, 3 with exes > > Character 2: mother with 5 kids, works minimum wage full time. Chronically dates domestic abusers. As in, suffers like poison damage when not dating an POS. Sleeps 3 hours a day. Home has severe cockroaches, led paint that damaged kids brains. Been formally evicted, so is on a blacklist from non hood jobs. No family support. > > Character 3: teenage kid of character 1 or 2. Learning disorder gives bad grades. Dropped out of school. Went to a bad school and has bad influence friends. Doesn't believe in working a reg job to earn income, but sells drugs to earn money bc his friends do that. > > Etc > > It's be interesting to actually go from that to the American dream of having reasonable job, having adequate housing as oppose to substandard housing, etc > > If you're wondering, the people irl I'm thinking about never made it further. Character 1 died from fentanyl overdose, character 2 when WGTOW (women gone their own way) but hasn't improved things further. Didn't ask her that that much about how she managed to stop dating POSes. Character 3 ended up in prison for murder. > > I'm not sure what game play would look like. Ex, what would game play look like of going to therapy? Might work best as like a visual novel/point and click.

Lempol. Applying geopol to the Lemmyverse.
Ex each instance gets drawn out as a real country. The axis: Hexbear and that modi instance gets drawn out as north Koreaesque island countries, where they have strong borders and no immigration. Lemmygrad would be next to hexbear, and lemmyml would be touching lemmygrad too. Lemmyml being governed by lemmygrad. all the non authoritarian instances on the west side of the map, but drawn as essentially Singapore city states since ain't anybody on those small instances. Lemmyverse drama is the politics. Not sure how to represent trade or economics however. Army is the trolls they send to other instances

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/219319 > The buildup: US. annexes Baja California seizing it from Mexico. Starts funneling military grade weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Drug cartels form their own little zone and call it a republic. US. accuses Mexico of terrorizing said area. Declares that all Mexicans are fascists/nationalists and invades them. America declares that Latin Spanish is not a real language and that Mexians are not a real ethnicity, being simply European colonists. Trump is mysterious poisoned but survives. President Biden calls for return of “historically American” Ciudad Juarez and Baja California and claims Mexico is a product of the Confederacy. > > Feb 2022: > > Calls for "partial mobilisation of national Guard"... Millions flee to Canada and Cuba. Drafts disproportional high enough of minorities. > > Receiving sweeping support from incel internet communists as anti-imperialist action. c/genBlyat is created. > > Mar: > > Proud Boys shoot their National Guard recruiter for taking away their freedoms > > The USAF can’t fly more than a dozen miles beyond their own lines without getting shot down. A-10s are dropping like flies. Tomahawks land in random suburbs and shopping malls, sometimes failing to detonate. > > April: > > Joe Biden makes vague threats of Nuclear retaliation. > > May; > > M4 Sherman tanks from WW2 and M47 Patton tanks from Korea are being pulled out of museums to be put in to service due to so many m48 Sherman tanks from Korea being destroyed or captured. > > June; > > Mexico hits National Guard armories as far in as NorCal with rockets > > > July; > > Spray paints Ь on all equipment (Ь for Ьig tiddy goth gf) > > Aug; > > Canadian munitions with recent manufacture dates found in Mexican artillery depots. > > Sept; > > Russian today report that US troops continually finding that their body armor has been replaced with rusty sheet steel, their helmets are made of tin and can be punched in like a soda can, and their rations expired years ago. New recruits have to bring their own footwear and are spotted in worn out tennis shoes instead of combat boots. US communications don’t work, so troops steal walkie-talkies from the local Mexican Walmart equivalent to be able to coordinate, but Mexican militia and army can hear everything they’re transmitting. > > Oct; > > Joe Biden throws Lloyd Austin off the roof of the white house. > > Nov; > > > The US acquires loitering munitions from the Philippines.

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