Do vegetarians have poop that floats more frequently?
"If you eat a high-fiber diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits, you may get floating stools because digesting high-fiber foods releases more air during digestion. This leads to air or gas being trapped in the stool, making it float in the toilet bowl."

Vegetarian tips
cross-posted from: I was speaking to a dietician and she gave me some tips. Said you have to eat a bunch of nuts/legumes (not as much green lentils) to get enough protein, and they also have iron. Most plants have incomplete proteins and we can't get all the amino proteins we need, but nuts/legumes have complete proteins. b12 supplements are a good idea. Iron supplements would be a good idea, but they cause stomach issues. But she said after eating an iron source, which is a lot of green vegetable, have vitamin C (fruit for desert) caus vitamin c helps digest iron. Anything i'm misremembering? Or that i should consider? --- According to Protein from a variety of plant foods eaten during the course of a day supplies all essential amino acids. example, the combination of both whole rice and canned chickpeas has no limiting amino acids, that means that only consuming rice and chickpeas, in these specific quantities of 306g/day and 261g/day respectively, for long periods of time, would not result in any of the essential amino acid deficiency. Vegetarian diets can be low in omega-3 fatty acids (O3FAs) Vegetarians were not found to suffer from iron (Fe) deficiency more than those who ate meat. Usually lower zinc concentration

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