Armchair Socialists
Is a centrist/lib instance?
cross-posted from: > A lot of users there just sit around on high horses looking down at the masses, criticizing them for not doing any praxis. Meanwhile they call their slacktivism the height of revolutionary action, as they intend to overthrow the bourgeoisie from the comfort of their cushy computer/phone. And of course they all cite some reason for why they do no irl praxis. Meanwhile other leftists also have reasons to not do praxis (ex che Guevara), but deal with the reason. > > Not all users!

Unexpectedly, we are met with a response that is somewhere between chilly reticence and downright hostility. What’s going on? From our perspective, we’re offering water to a person who’s self-identified as thirsty, and yet they react as if we were trying to poison their dog! They turn on a dime to defend the same institutions whose lies they were denouncing just moments before. At this point the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from seeing through propaganda and putting puzzle pieces together into a satisfying historical account gets brutally transformed into its exact opposite: a sense of crushing defeat. In response to this bitter experience, many researchers — serious people, with plenty of experience reading and writing, and sometimes even of being published! — lash out. They decide that people have been “brainwashed” beyond the point where they can be reached by words or rational appeal. They “realize” that the masters of propaganda have been far more successful than we first imagined: it turns out we’re not David fighting Goliath, we’re more like an ant facing an asteroid.

Armchair Socialists

    We’re like c/socialism, but while lemmy is largely closeted armchair socialists, we’re overt armchair socialists.

    Downvote anything that will actually help achieve socialism like direct action, meet ups, protests etc. Upvote content that will do bugger all.

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