In 2028, large language models (LLMs) will still give confident-sounding-yet-incorrect answers to simple math problems
For example, things like this: ![]( Some models might be able to answer this precise question correctly, but they will still fail at many simple primary-school-level math questions. More examples in [my comment here]( ::: spoiler and one more screenshot here ![]( :::

the good judgement project - for resources on learning how to forecast well
Or do it like a the naughty social media normie that you and cite your horoscope

With rapidly growing costs of housing, companies will start offering housing as a hiring incentive, creating communities similar to the “company towns” of the past. By 2050
And the worst part is that, with so many companies shifting to work-from-home. it will create a culture (especially for early-career workers) that's less "work from home" and more "live at work." You'll be on call 24-hours a day, reachable at all times. And, for early-career workers getting out of college, it won't even seem like a strange transition from college dorms and fraternity/sorority houses to company housing. Not only will this lead to a culture where just living on your own at all is a major achievement, it will create a culture where workers don't own much of their own, because they have little storage space. It also means that leaving or job or (god forbid) getting fired or laid off will also render you homeless almost immediately. Maybe I should shh up before I start giving these companies ideas.

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