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Reddit also now has a lot of “features” I don’t want and hope Lemmy never gets. As for the wiki system though, that might be an interesting addition.

It’s already better than Reddit. If someone doesn’t want to use it, that’s their problem, not mine…

If you think the West is bad at explaining things, wait until you see eastern explanations…

As long as they fight against Russia that’s OK, otherwise it’s not OK

You’re one to talk about gaslighting.

Please you are the one supporting Russia’s fascist leadership. Putin is a right-wing nationalist to his core.

Ukraine’s history of getting fucked by Russia is well known. Ukraine is fighting for its future, not to go back to being Moscow’s bitсh. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine proves why NATO is needed.

Next war? There is a war right now and Russia started it.

What is this and why does it look like MS-DOS?

Depends on the use case. I used to think nano was stupid too until I tried to use it for real, and I realized that it is among the best designed editors I’ve ever used. Yes, it is more simple and don’t offer all the functionality of vim. It might be able to do a couple things vim can’t, but I would have to double check on that. (Like emacs, nano can re-wrap hard-wrapped text to a specific width, which I’m not sure is easy to do in vim.)

For certain edits or tasks, vim might end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

I guess so lol. I still use it when it’s the right tool for the job

Swedish Egg Coffee

Has anyone dared to try this?..