On June 3, a public letter by Just Peace Advocates and the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute (CFPI) revealed over 200 Canadian charities have been funding Israel with a collective $237.5 million since 2022. This goes against the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)’s charity rules which note that donating money to the military or armed forces of another country is not considered charitable activity. Their letter is addressed to the Canadian government, asking them to enforce more rules on taxpayer-subsidized donations.

The Canadian petition e–4922 deems these donations “Canada’s most important contribution to Palestinian dispossession.” Recent findings have shown that Canadian organizations are receiving tax receipts, or tax-payer subsidized income tax breaks, for their donations to Israeli organizations and armed forces supporting the genocide in occupied Palestinian territories.

  • streetfestival
    19 days ago

    The petition is open from April 10th to August 8th. So far, it’s received over 11,000 signatures. I just signed it. You need to provide an email address (in addition to name, postal code, etc.), which they send a link to, and by clicking that link your signature is added (this is a 1 signature per person safeguard). I looked at the collection/disclosure of personal info briefly. It looks like no info other than #s signed per province/territory will be disclosed and all personal info will be destroyed 6 months after the e-petition closes.

    Link to sign the e-petition: https://www.ourcommons.ca/petitions/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-4922