Greater Sudbury - Ontario
3-6 years and the Northlander, connecting Cochrane, Timmins, North Bay through to Toronto will be operational once again. The train was shut down in 2012, and its return with 14 stops will provide a vital transportation artery between Northern & Southern Ontario, while also connecting to the Polar Bear Express, which has a terminus at Moosonee in the Far North. The reinstatement of the Northlander is a great first step in building the necessary transportation infrastructure across Northern Ontario. Hopefully, we'll see further expansion including a Timmins - North Bay - Sudbury - Sault Ste Mare - Timmins loop, and a more frequent connection between the NE & NW communities.

Despite previous transportation plans sitting untouched on the shelves of government, yet another task forth is being put together to do the same thing, yet again. As in previous plans & task forces, the focus remains on trucks & highways, ignoring existing rail infrastructure that could be remediated, repaired, and expanded.

Considering the University's ongoing obstinance throughout the bankruptcy proceeding, I would be very surprised if the university even exists in the next 5 years. With the University of Sudbury pushing to become certified, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine now spun off as its own University, and both Cambrian College & College Boreal holding their own, hopefully something can be done for the new school of Architecture that was winning awards prior to the Laurentian debacle.

The Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury is a grassroots group of citizens and community groups who share a vision of Sudbury as a green, healthy and engaged community. Over 1400 people have pledged their support for this vision. The linked URL leads to a list of member organizations that locals can volunteer & get involved with to help make that vision a reality.

Greater Sudbury - Ontario

    Dedicated to news, events & organizations in Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Articles & news affecting Northeastern Ontario as a whole are also welcome.

    Try to keep things positive and help build the community you want to see.

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