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I’m a stay-at-home father of two young boys in Canada, currently working toward obtaining a diploma in accounting. I’ve lived in 18 different cities in the provinces of Ontario & British Columbia.



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Absolutely create them, but more importantly post to them & where possible, post about them. People often hold back from posting if a community seems vacant, so its important to add new stuff regularly to your community.

.ml = Marxist-Leninist

It’s a pretty far left default instance with minimal/no moderation. It also federated directly with which is constantly spewing pro-Putin conspiracy theories.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fairly leftist myself, but it’s pretty strongly biased, even for me.

I’m definitely not feeling too surprised at his victory, although I had hoped it would go another way (just about any other way).

Given his prior activities & promises, I weep for the damage he’s going to do for the environment and am definitely fighting a bout of doomerism at the thought of 4 more years.

We’ll just have to dig in and work toward changing things for next time.

Solpunk '22 - 26-31 Aug 2022, Denmark
From the event's site: What Is SolPunk?? Solpunk22 is a gathering for anyone interested in creating anything solarpunk with others! Well, what does that actually mean? Is it an un-conference, is it a festival, is it just some punks in a field? We don't know yet, but a wise guess is that punks here are interested in many of the following things: Lowtech and community tech, Energy reduction and renewables, sharing resources, temporary nomadic community, dancing, alternative economy, creating a just future, hackathons, dumpster diving, opensource hardware, software and production, means of care and solidarity, community There was a Solpunk gathering last year, held at the grounds of the Myselium Collective, with workshops about solar panels, scuttlebutt/fediverse, edible wild plants, contact dancing, utopian thinking, dumpster diving, psychedelics, planetary meditations, local alternative history, starlight rave dancing and more and all the connections and meetings happening in between it all. A great opportunity to learn, experience and share. So bring your projects, make a workshop! [Read the flyer](

Awesome. Good to see the federation with Peertube. One step closer.

Wow, that is incredibly stupid. The City of Regina really needs an update…

Each city has its own bylaws, so it varies quite a bit from one place to another. Some cities have had officers promote the use of hoverboards and the like, while others are very militant.

Best give them a call. Here’s the info I found in a quick search via DuckDuckGo:

I have two small kids. I break the spaghetti like this so I don’t have to cut up their plates or clean sauce off the ceiling, again…

It works and it makes it easier to portion on plates & prevent my spouse & I from overheating.

In a couple years, when my kids are bigger, hopefully I can return to cooking without snapping…

3-6 years and the Northlander, connecting Cochrane, Timmins, North Bay through to Toronto will be operational once again. The train was shut down in 2012, and its return with 14 stops will provide a vital transportation artery between Northern & Southern Ontario, while also connecting to the Polar Bear Express, which has a terminus at Moosonee in the Far North. The reinstatement of the Northlander is a great first step in building the necessary transportation infrastructure across Northern Ontario. Hopefully, we'll see further expansion including a Timmins - North Bay - Sudbury - Sault Ste Mare - Timmins loop, and a more frequent connection between the NE & NW communities.

Not quite. CC0 would grant everyone those rights. This line just grants the owners of the instance those rights.

Some of the rights granted make sense, in regards to use on the web. Basically everything except make derivative works (which would be necessary to develop memes) and sublicense (no real reason other than commercial IMO) are basically required for stuff like Lemmy & the Fediverse to, well, share your posts.

However, it should stipulate non-commercial.

Despite previous transportation plans sitting untouched on the shelves of government, yet another task forth is being put together to do the same thing, yet again. As in previous plans & task forces, the focus remains on trucks & highways, ignoring existing rail infrastructure that could be remediated, repaired, and expanded.

Considering the University's ongoing obstinance throughout the bankruptcy proceeding, I would be very surprised if the university even exists in the next 5 years. With the University of Sudbury pushing to become certified, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine now spun off as its own University, and both Cambrian College & College Boreal holding their own, hopefully something can be done for the new school of Architecture that was winning awards prior to the Laurentian debacle.

The Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury is a grassroots group of citizens and community groups who share a vision of Sudbury as a green, healthy and engaged community. Over 1400 people have pledged their support for this vision. The linked URL leads to a list of member organizations that locals can volunteer & get involved with to help make that vision a reality.

Business Improvement Association. They generally organize events and work to promote businesses within specific neighbourhoods (ie Downtown, Sparks Street, Donovan, etc). They aren’t everywhere, but they tend to get funds from municipal & provincial governments to help provide certain events & services in their area. What they do and how they provide their services directly impacts those who live & shop in the neighbourhoods whose businesses they represent.

I’m happy you’ve volunteered to take over. I just started with the fediverse and it’d be sad to have to restart already.

I’m not terribly technical, but I look forward to helping build up the content. If there’s a way I can help, let me know.

Definitely true, but there’s no reason we can’t use something like the Fediverse to do better by each other. Individuals & local communities need to work together to build the world we want to see.

The Canadian, various Provincial & Municipal governments can (and will) provide some basic direction they (or the specific economists/think tanks/lobbyists/etc they consult) think will best move the Canadian economy overall out of recession.

This does not mean they will do anything for individuals. They likely won’t do anything that we, as individuals, directly see.

And we shouldn’t.

In most countries (including Canada), it’s not a government’s job to guide individuals directly. It’s the government’s job to provide general direction at the level & for the areas they are responsible for minding.

The closer the level of government to the individual, the more their actions affect individuals directly. To see how a plan is being implemented (or ignored), look to your neighbourhood BIA & community groups first, then municipal governments & chambers of commerce, and work your way up. The further up you go, the less specific any plans or interventions become.

Inevitably, it has always come down to individuals and their immediate community to create their way forward. The only difference between the past & now, is that we can share our best practices online.