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  • Called out in parliament, maybe, but not by anyone inclined to vote for him. I’ve never met a Conservative voter who thinks critically when it comes to voting (and I’ve met several with advanced degrees). Policy and performance don’t matter; they vote for ‘their team’ and based on beliefs - not evidence - that ‘conservatives are good with money’ and similar swill. It’s more like being a sports fan or a religious devotee than a rational elector, ime

  • It’d be nice if a feature like this got fast-tracked, because I see this a notable limitation to the Lemmy platform. As an instance, growing in size and maintaining an identity/brand butt heads. Ideally, you’d host whatever people want to contribute that is legal and cool, but you might also want to highlight certain content. “Local - hosted” and “Local - favourites” feeds, or something like that, might work

  • Thank you, you’ve been very generous with your time and I don’t want to take any more of it up. I tried cache clearing, private window, computer restart. I have one non-lemmy.ca account (lemmynsfw.com). I can view lemmy.ca communities fine from my nsfw account and there are no issues in general, but directly using lemmy.ca and using my lemmy.ca account no longer work (as described above). This stuff is beyond my comprehension but if it’s only affecting me (which it seems to be based on the lack of other reports) than it’s hardly an problem for the instance

  • I can’t select a different feed or select sort options on community/feed pages or posts

    I use the web version on FireFox. I’ve been experiencing these issues for about 12 hours (some time following the upgrade to 0.19.4). It doesn’t matter if I’m signed in or not - Lemmy.ca is pretty unusable. I’m not experiencing this with other instances. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    I was going to create a post about this, but I can’t post either. As soon as my cursor leaves the title or body fields, the text in those fields disappears