330 metcalfe has a free book 'library' on the penthouse floor + card based laundry

You’d have to get someone to let you in. It looks like anyone can register a laundry card and use it…

Man threatened elderly muslim woman

The assailant made a racist remark about how he was surprised that I was friends with 2 minorities. (I was hanging out with a few people). He later proceeded to walk down the street (Arlington / Kent, 75 arlington). He walked up to a muslim woman and the following happened: he said: ~"go back to whe…

196 metcalfe. The building does have bed bugs currently.

I see so many people bring couches and stuff home from our curb and I’m always worried about them getting bed bugs…

Please complete the 2021 Census

It is required by law. …

City of Ottawa

Hello World! …


News, events, discussions, and what not from Ottawa, Ontario.

Municipal website:


  1. Be polite and respectful.
  2. Please only post content relevant to the City of Ottawa or to its residents.

Ottawa on the Fediverse:


Ottawa chatrooms:

Please note the following:

* All chatrooms are linked together. If you join one room your messages will be copied to the other platforms.

* Matrix is an open source and potentially distributed chat protocol. The matrix room listed is hosted on, a somewhat centralized hub for a lot of currently public rooms. Though the protocol itself is free, libre and open source, the deployment of the protocol resembles a centralized service. This may be fixed in the future with the deployment of independent servers.

* Be aware that both Telegram and Discord are centralized proprietary platforms and do not necessarily protect your rights nor privacy while simultaneously giving power to corporations.

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