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For some reason when I go to this post on the main instance, lemmy.ml, (Link: https://lemmy.ml/post/108780) I see the responses by others while if I stay on the instance my account is on, lemm.ca, (Link: https://lemmy.ca/post/27171) I don’t see the comments or likes. This is with the website not the mobile app. I’m not sure what’s happening.

Anyway, thank you u/nlfx. I wish I could like your comment.

Do you want to hold some sort of lemmy wide contest for a new Coat of Arms?

What are the dev boards in the sublemmy’s picture?
This is probably meta, but I'd like to know what are the boards in the picture in the banner of the sublemmy?

To my knowledge, replacing the Monarch is far easier than most probably believe.

Most people like Queen Elizabeth II but don’t like the next few royals. And when the monarch dies, Parliament decides who will succeed. I think it would be possible to have Parliament to never pass legislation to confirm a new Monarch or maybe, I’m not sure about this, to vest itself and the GG with the authority of the crown. Though this has to be vetted and OK with those who rely on the institution of the Crown.

It’ll be interesting for sure. It’ll be the first time the Canadian Parliament will be choosing its own head of state after the repatriation of the Constitution.

Thanks for the answer.

I wasn’t aware that Telus ships traffic through the states. I wonder if other ISPs do that as well. Could I have a source for this? It’d be interesting to read on. When I was trying to find something about this I only get links to Telus’s international website.

It looks like you’re using Hyper Expert (Link: https://www.hyperexpert.com/). How have they been? Is there a reason why you chose Hyper Expert?

I have a few websites myself so I’m always wondering if I could have gone with a different host. Though I guess Lemmy is different as it is a social media website.

When I first saw the title of the post I was like “Oh, boy.” But when I read your post I completely agree with it.

I disagree with the other commentators here. There is a difference between asking for a donation and saying to a person “If you give me this amount of money I’ll give it to. Otherwise, no.” This difference is clearly seen in people distributing LibreOffice. On the Microsoft Windows Store LibreOffice is sold here (Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/p/libreoffice-vanilla-71/9mwjq9tx63f9#activetab=pivot:overviewtab) by allotropia software GmbH (Link: https://www.allotropia.de/). It is pretty expensive, not nearly as expensive as MS office but definitely more than zero. Apparently allotropia software GmbH does work on LibreOffice but the software is freely distributed on libreoffice.org yet that information is not present.

I fully agree with the opinion of “Free Software” being “Free as in free access not free as in free beer” rather than “Free as in free speech not free as in free beer”.

FSF and GNU is very American and Propertarian of this. It’s part of their ideology and is something I think needs be rethought about. It’s something a more internationalist focus can bring attention towards.

Where is lemmy.ca hosted?
Just as the title asks, where is lemmy.ca hosted? I have flagfox installed on my firefox. It tells me that lemmy.ca is hosted in Washington state. Link: https://iplookup.flagfox.net/?ip= I'd like to know if this is accurate. Ideally I'd like to have the data be hosted in Canada and hence under Canadian law as opposed to US law. I'd also be interested in hearing other opinions on this.

Nice. I wanted to vote for the Rhinoseros Party but they didn’t have a candidate in my riding this time. Also no communists or MLs ran in my riding this time either.

Most are but we have FPTP.

I whole heartedly agree with you but that doesn’t happen in corporations, at least in my experience. My sample size is small.

I didn’t realize the catholic church wasn’t taxed.

Where have my frozen peaches gone?


But in all seriousness, I can understand a priest trying their best to showcase whatever good that may have come from residential schools and the “good intentions” of them. But they should be within in the context and to discuss if the Church was able to accomplish its “goal” and what that “goal” was. **cough** **cough** cultural genocide **cough** **cough**. Its important to understand what the reasons were and more importantly what the outcome and consequences were. For a group, that more likely than not, would say that good intension paves the road to hell when refering to communism sure do like to turn a blind eye to it when their side’s doing it.

But apperantly “the great reset” is only a communist thing. /s

He refuses to be anti-capitalist. Even though that’s the only logical conclusion he can’t say that capitalism is the problem because he “can’t be political”. Instead, he says they have a poor business model and rely on donations. The real problem is requireing a business model. He can’t question the fact of having a business model and making money in the first place because you need that to survive under capitalism and that is an accepted as a “default axiom”. That’s “the trashcan of ideology”.

It’s the same for matrix and signal. They’re both conpanies, but people say “that’s ok” or “there’s no problem”. But they don’t realize that is the problem.

I didn’t like matrix because of the company behind it and crypto connections. I was battered before and slowly started to accept it. Thankfully, I see more people who share my view and I’ll continue continue to try to push for XMPP.

u/gokette you should crosspost this to c/ontario

Here’s the website where you can find information on the stay-at-home order. There is also a note of extention along with the original declaration. You should check here for future updates, to confirm with news sources.



Not more evil government lockdown!

Why don’t the so-called “freedom loving conservatives” prevent Ford acting like tyrannical Trudeau.



For real now. I’m surprised he is extending it given his record of flip flopping. Must either be real bad or other people are kinda forcing him to heed advice.

Yes, the “great reset”.

Where you own nothing and rent everthing from the communists. You think that communists oppose rent and SaaS? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. They’re comming for your toothbrush.


Here’s a compilation of sources on the idea fron the World Economic Forum and commentary on the root of the hysteria from someone who’s not a nutjob. (Link: https://justinhonse.medium.com/does-the-great-reset-really-mean-ill-own-nothing-79ec55b98809)

This is good. Professional accountability is important to both the profession and the public.

Thank for explaining your thought process. I perticularily like point #3 about still freely distrubuting derived works even if others are selling it comercialy and with SA people can still be directed to you, I haven’t considered that myself.

For point #2, I can definately see where you’re coming from. I always saw NC licences as “I want this to be anti-commercial” rather than “pay me royalties”, but that’s just my bias and I didn’t think of it differently until you pointed it out, thank you for that and I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m totally on board with you on the problem with so-called “intelectual property”. Thank you for sharing how you’re takling the problem. I definately appreciate it.

It’s not just O’Toole. A few years a ago the headline was O’Reily and then Doug. It’s the Conservative Party now. It’ll be better to convince family, friends and neighbours. The tories don’t care about humans, only power. So the goal should be to deny them power as oposed to reforming them.

Why isn’t “based in a tax haven” enough? Why does it also have to be “linked to China” (please read that in Trump’s voice) for it to ilicit a response?


But, I want something more permanent. Unforerunately, during the early neoliberal period a bunch our stuff was privatized. Also when the crown corporations existed labour tensions still existed. I would like to see this stuff as being part of our constitution and make it unconstitutional to privatize it and have worker management as part of the organization as opposed to having management appointed by parliamentary comittee to avoid politicaly charged appointments.

It looks good. It needs to include operating costs though.

“Experts” are called “experts” for a reason, well at least some of them. What I mean by that is that they are professionals who have dedivoted their lives, yet people decide to listen to business “experts” (here I use air quotes for the perpose of deminishing the word) rather than trained professionals who are mentioned in headlines as “experts” due to the word having fewer characters.

Obviously talking with hindsight here, if only other people held the same position, we would’ve not been decimated by the 3rd wave.

How does federation on lemmy work?
I cannot see posts from lemmy.ml. I only see a few but not a lot. When I go to [https://lemmy.ca/community/2573](https://lemmy.ca/community/2573), for example I don't see any posts however when I go to [https://lemmy.ml/c/embedded_prog](https://lemmy.ml/c/embedded_prog), while not logged in because I don't have an account on [lemmy.ml](lemmy.ml), I see posts. Is it just me or is it an effect of federation?

https://liberapay.com/ It’s like Patreon, but community funded and not owned by a for-profit corporation. Instead, it’s a non-profit based in France and does not take any cuts of any donations and relies on people donating to the project on the platform itself.

Also, why CC-BY-SA instead of CC-BY-NC-SA? If you’re not selling them and publish under a commercial friendly license you open yourself to commercial exploitation where other entities can sell your work on the market without compensating you. The Creative Common’s Non-Commercial license does not restrict any specific licenses you may draw up with clients.

Since you’re a cooperative, have you looked into the Peer Productions License?

Thanks for writing a substantive and humorous reply.

A few things to clarify: The 4 years comes from the American context where most elections take place every 4 years. In Canada with amendments to the Canada Elections Act Parliament can sit up to 5 years. So I guess we should do calculations with 5 instead?

Also, the reason it was a minus and not a plus is because you’re not “getting used to a developed brain” but rather be given the opportunity to influence the world you’ll be in by the time you’re that age.

Driving is a skill, and like any skill it’s best to learn it while young; kind of like riding a bike except with a 2 tonne metal object. Voting, while should be taken seriously, is not a skill in the same way. So that’s my distinction.

I get what you’re saying about every election being a referendum, but I was mainly thinking about referendum questions such as Quebec/Scotland/Catalonia independence and European Union membership, stuff like that.

Now on to the rest. I like how you brought up a bunch of important things such as scientific discrimination/racism, and it’s very much a warranted fear. I would stand clear of any individual testing. Furthermore, I think the number was made over a large population and as such is an average of sorts. I’d rather take it from there to have some level of abstraction and not get too personal. You’re probably right with the different levels of maturity found among any age group, but again I’d rather rely on averages. It is also important to be careful because as you noted science has been used to discriminate against people we now find abhorrent. To be honest the rationale for excluding potential younger voters is based in the same traditions. The only real thing I can say is that the “development” is compared to an abstract “full development” based on averages.

The thing I’m most interested is setting the custom. By having high school students participate in elections it more likely will set up the habit of voting that currently is. My only counter would be that a national holiday would be more effective at this.

I like your comments and hope you provide more insight into my position. Sorry for my response not being as funny as yours.

Please complete the 2021 Census
It is required by law. It directs government policy and investment. It'll help everyone if everyone fills out the questionaire.

You know what? I didn’t even consider that possibility. I was thinking for the community to be hosted on a Canadian domain by Canadians. Your suggestion, in opinion, is very interesting and since it is a separate instance, a more comprehensive moderation policies could be made. Nice. I do hope however, that interaction with and visibility within other Canadian parts of the fediverse are set as, at least near, top priorities.

Thanks for being patient and providing a detailed response.

I was referring to the backlash in general. I also think the article and your comment were a bit too negative. However, reading this comment shows me that there is always more nuance and things I don’t know, which is good.

I hope that they only restrict the regulations to commercial entities, however again it depends on the wording. I should also note that the point of the legislative branch is to pass legislation. The legislation can be struck down or upheld in the Supreme Court. Our version of rights is different from the U.S. and our Supreme Court is not as partisan, at least not overtly. I think that’s where the distinction will be made. If the legislation is too broad the courts will enforce only the section and interpretation that upholds rights for people or struck down. I can see there is a bunch of grey areas. Personally, the line I would draw is if the poster is a person or if it is a legal commercial entity. There are sole proprietor ships, however those legal constructs are not distinct from the person it is just a way for people to produce goods and services commercially. That is also a grey area and an area of discussion, should they be included or not? I would say any and all commercial activity should be regulated, and personal activity shouldn’t. So in the case of podcasts, we already know that big corporate entities do that and small commercial entities exist as well. Those, in my opinion, should be regulated. There could also be sole proprietors that do that as well. That I can understand to be a grey area, there are a lot of “small and independent creators”. In all cases when you have a reduced barrier to entry, especially compared to radio and TV, regulation will be more invasive. What type of “podcast” should not count as being out of the scope of regulation? Should one where no one is being paid be regulated? What about frequency? If you post once a month count? I can see how invasive it is; however, we are also decreasing the barrier for people to produce content. The technology changes and so should the regulation, even it increases its reach. There is also the problem of enforcement which I can’t see how it could be done.

As in regard to the terrible record of CRTC, I can see how terrible it can be. Could you provide some sources for that, I don’t mean it as a gotcha just so that I can understand the institution better. I want more Canadian content to be available, but I understand the current layout, if it is not working, needs to be fixed. I think that our current setup as a liberal democracy, I mean our current representative setup, is not equipped to hold such institutions accountable. We are living in a different age compared to when the Constitution Act was still known as the British North America Act. For that I can see how regulation can be and done ineffectively. In my opinion, there should be new institutions that are better suited should be made. An idea, we have school trustees that oversee the school boards, could we elect trustees that oversee regulatory bodies, especially ones concerning nontechnical matters? I can understand the frustration with the CRTC, but I hope we could try to improve it or replace it. At this point I think, like all regulators, it can be corrupted.

We should just abolish private banks.

Legal tender is issued by the state and subject to democratic oversight, then so should the financial instruments. It could be set independently by having a highly regulated and federated set of financial co-operatives.

I have put my thoughts in a comment under a different post here https://lemmy.ca/post/6393.

If you don’t agree, that’s fine, just see it as steelmaning the opponent’s arguments. I’d like to hear a response to what I wrote and currently think.

Happy International Workers' Day. Also known May Day.

Ottawa’s part of the fediverse.

Ottawa's part of the fediverse.

City of Ottawa
Hello World! The first post is just a link to the municipal website for the City of Ottawa.