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Nice. I wanted to vote for the Rhinoseros Party but they didn’t have a candidate in my riding this time. Also no communists or MLs ran in my riding this time either.

Most are but we have FPTP.

I whole heartedly agree with you but that doesn’t happen in corporations, at least in my experience. My sample size is small.

I didn’t realize the catholic church wasn’t taxed.

Yes, please. Also the rest of Canada.

Where have my frozen peaches gone?


But in all seriousness, I can understand a priest trying their best to showcase whatever good that may have come from residential schools and the “good intentions” of them. But they should be within in the context and to discuss if the Church was able to accomplish its “goal” and what that “goal” was. **cough** **cough** cultural genocide **cough** **cough**. Its important to understand what the reasons were and more importantly what the outcome and consequences were. For a group, that more likely than not, would say that good intension paves the road to hell when refering to communism sure do like to turn a blind eye to it when their side’s doing it.

But apperantly “the great reset” is only a communist thing. /s

He refuses to be anti-capitalist. Even though that’s the only logical conclusion he can’t say that capitalism is the problem because he “can’t be political”. Instead, he says they have a poor business model and rely on donations. The real problem is requireing a business model. He can’t question the fact of having a business model and making money in the first place because you need that to survive under capitalism and that is an accepted as a “default axiom”. That’s “the trashcan of ideology”.

It’s the same for matrix and signal. They’re both conpanies, but people say “that’s ok” or “there’s no problem”. But they don’t realize that is the problem.

I didn’t like matrix because of the company behind it and crypto connections. I was battered before and slowly started to accept it. Thankfully, I see more people who share my view and I’ll continue continue to try to push for XMPP.

u/gokette you should crosspost this to c/ontario

Here’s the website where you can find information on the stay-at-home order. There is also a note of extention along with the original declaration. You should check here for future updates, to confirm with news sources.



Not more evil government lockdown!

Why don’t the so-called “freedom loving conservatives” prevent Ford acting like tyrannical Trudeau.



For real now. I’m surprised he is extending it given his record of flip flopping. Must either be real bad or other people are kinda forcing him to heed advice.

Yes, the “great reset”.

Where you own nothing and rent everthing from the communists. You think that communists oppose rent and SaaS? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. They’re comming for your toothbrush.


Here’s a compilation of sources on the idea fron the World Economic Forum and commentary on the root of the hysteria from someone who’s not a nutjob. (Link: https://justinhonse.medium.com/does-the-great-reset-really-mean-ill-own-nothing-79ec55b98809)

Praise be to the invisible hand of the free market.

This is good. Professional accountability is important to both the profession and the public.

Thank for explaining your thought process. I perticularily like point #3 about still freely distrubuting derived works even if others are selling it comercialy and with SA people can still be directed to you, I haven’t considered that myself.

For point #2, I can definately see where you’re coming from. I always saw NC licences as “I want this to be anti-commercial” rather than “pay me royalties”, but that’s just my bias and I didn’t think of it differently until you pointed it out, thank you for that and I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m totally on board with you on the problem with so-called “intelectual property”. Thank you for sharing how you’re takling the problem. I definately appreciate it.

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Ottawa’s part of the fediverse…

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